Pop Culture and Donations for a Good Cause

Cherry Bomb Toys, located in Victoria, have been working hard behind the scenes with the founders and operators of the company, B Woodward, and Candice. Together, they have been preparing to stage the popular Capital City Comic Con which will be held sometime in March. Together, they have two healthy children, which is a blessing, especially in the past.

Their youngest son, who is only 2-1/2, had quite the start to life because of unforeseen eye issues. During his brief stay at Victoria General Hospital, he was cared for by the friendly and helpful medical staff in the neonatal intensive care unit, more commonly known as the NICU. He did make a full recovery during his short stay, and the people who work in the NICU department have made quite the impact on both Candice and B Woodward.

While they were in the hospital, they began to talk about the ward needing to raise money, which turned the conversation to the events that Cherry Bomb Toys often hosted and how they could give back to the hospital.

With this idea in mind, Cherry Bomb Toys donated the proceeds from the Nerdy Days of Christmas, which is a craft fair in the area in Market Square, to the Victoria Hospital’s Foundation with the decision to direct it to the NICU.

Wednesday brought about the word that the Woodwards would be passing along the foundation’s take this year, which equaled around $4,000 because of things like refreshment sales, silent auctions, and admissions. Overall, the total amount donated equaled more than $8,700.

Since the family has felt blessed because of the hospital and the staff, they felt the need to give back in a big way. Kids are the future, and it is important to have a strong future. Not to mention, it is always great to have a friendly staff when working with children who are sick or have special needs.

Through the unique craft fair, which specializes in things like nerdy crafts and pop culture, they are right up Cherry Bomb Toy’s alley. In fact, these are just the things that the toy company creates for people everywhere. The proceeds from the Comic-Con in Capital City is expected to happen between March 16 and March 18, located at the Victoria Conference Centre. The Woodwards want to give back to a place that has benefited them so much in the past, which is why their proceeds from the upcoming event will be donated to the hospital as a way to say “thanks.”

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