The President of South Korea Welcomes Talks with Kim Jong Un

The president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in said that he was more than willing to hold one on one talks on the stability of the entire Korean peninsula with the North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un. This was in a press statement to newsrooms in Seoul on Wednesday. However, the South Korean president said that the talks would only be held if Pyongyang agreed to meet certain conditions. The offer of diplomacy by President Moon with his counterpart in North Korea came only days after Pyongyang opened a communication line through the 38th parallel on a border village on its side which allowed diplomats from both countries to discuss for the first time in two years. The last time these two countries had a formal conversation was in December of 2015.

The president of South Korea told journalists in Seoul that any bilateral talks between the two countries should be more than a meeting for the sake of bringing a showcase of the fake renewed relationship between the two nations to the world. Moon said that for the talks to be fruitful, the two countries in the Korean peninsula must commit themselves to a certain level of success in bringing the stalemate and tensions to an end. He said that he was willing to sit down with Kim Jong Un on condition that Pyongyang would offer a guarantee to the South Koreans that they were committed to cultivating a lasting peace between the two neighboring nations.

Both North and South Korea agreed to send a delegation to the forthcoming winter Olympics in the city of Pyeongchang after the summit that was held in the peaceful village of Panmunjom which is located along the demilitarized zone. The two nations made a bilateral agreement to hold talks that would ease the military tension that has rocked since the Korean War which ended by an armistice in 1953. There was also another proposal by Seoul of a family member’s reunion who was permanently separated after Korean was divide by the 38th parallel to the communist North and the Capitalist south in 1953. Seoul suggested that the family reunion should be held during the Lunar New year in the coming month of February when the Winter Olympics was still going on. The South Korean president also extended his gratitude to the president of the United States Donald trump for allowing the North and the South to hold the cross-border talks on Tuesday.

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