Could The Vikings Be Set To Win Their First Ever Super Bowl?

The question of who will win the Super Bowl is something that a lot of people ask themselves all throughout the year. During Playoff season, that question gets asked even more frequently than ever. We are now in that season as the Wild Card games are scheduled to be played later today (1/6/18). This means that people are asking the question about who will win the Super Bowl. Today, we take a look at a prediction from

The Wild Card games are set to have four teams that are big favorites over the teams they are playing. The Chiefs, Saints, Rams, and Jaguars are all more than touchdown favorites to win their games against the Titans, Panthers, Falcons, and Bills respectively. Of course, there could be an upset in that bunch, but the prediction from CBS has said that they believe that all of the favorites are going to go home winners.

If this is to come to pass, the match-ups that we will see in the next round of the playoffs will be as follows: Patriots vs Chiefs, Jaguars vs Steelers, Eagles vs Saints, and Vikings vs Rams. Those would all pose perhaps more interesting contests. We know for example that the Chiefs beat the Patriots in the first week of the regular season. The Jaguars also handled the Steelers easily in their earlier meet up in the season. However, both of those teams would very likely be considered underdogs.

CBS Sports has your AFC and NFC Championships as contests between the Patriots and Steelers, and the Saints vs the Vikings. These are contests that would definitely be interesting to see, but we just don’t know if that is how things are going to play out.

Your Super Bowl matchup according to this prediction is the Patriots and the Vikings. That is something that would square up a dynasty team (the Patriots) vs a team that has never won a Super Bowl in its history (the Vikings). If that were the matchup, you can bet that a lot of people would be pulling for the Vikings to make the upset happen. Perhaps that is why CBS Sports has the Vikings winning the first ever Super Bowl this year in their prediction.

It is going to be an interesting playoffs season no matter how this ends up turning out. There are just so many potential outcomes that could all pose an interesting dynamic for the playoffs.

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