Bad News For New York Stock Exchange | Tensions Between North Korea And The United States Flare

Anyone who has kept even one eye on worldwide news media headlines over the past few months understand tensions between North Korea and the United States are worrisomely taut.

Although President Donald Trump’s allusion to North Korea tensions in his first State of the Union address certainly didn’t initialize friction between the two nations, it surely didn’t resolve active tensions.

The State of the Union address included Trump’s mention of the United States “waging a campaign of maximum pressure” on North Korea in hopes of deterring Kim Jong Un and company from waging a nuclear war on the United States, or any nation, for that matter.

President Donald Trump’s Advisors Can’t Come Together With An Agreement On How To Handle The Situation

A report published by The New York Times claims that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis expressed grave concern over how aggressive the President and others in the United States government were treating the situation with North Korea. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster hopes to talk issues out of the way diplomatically, though he believes North Korea isn’t genuine in being open to dialogue between the two countries.

While war is never an ideal outcome of any tensions, advisors generally believe being prepared to go to war is essential for mitigating strikes if North Korea strikes first.

However, North Korea may also believe the United States wants to attack first. It’s safe to say that everyone wants humanity to get along, thought conflict is as integral to human behavior as is breathing.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Slumps 600 Points In Two Weeks

The New York Stock Exchange is experiencing the worst financial week in two years, at least in the United States’ financial markets.

Tech and energy companies with public stock available on the NYSE and other exchanges are expected to report losses, or stagnation, at best, in quarterly financial reports coming up right around the proverbial corner.

Another factor weighing into investors’ minds is the fact that inflation may pick up in no time. Together, the two concerns fostered a Dow Jones industrial average plummet in excess of 650 points in the past 14 calendar days.

The Standard & Poor 500 stock index, featuring the 500 best public companies in terms of historic performance, potential, and reputation, experienced its biggest drop since September 2016, on February 2nd, 2018.

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