One County In Pennsylvania Is Fighting Hair To Fight Cancer

In Wayne County Pennsylvania, Mick’s is a barbershop that has always existed to serve the county and to serve those conducting fundraisers. On a particular day last year, Mick’s donated all haircut money to a boy with cancer. Additionally, most people who got their haircut that day did it to help the boy who lost all his hair. These individuals left the barbershop bald, but they went with a smile. The barber that day was Mick Frigoletto.

A year later, it’s a different story. Mick Frigoletto is now the one who has cancer. She began battling cancer almost a year ago and is almost finished with her treatments. Due to her medical situation, Mick was forced to cut all her hair off. However, this turned into a fundraiser where people were able to give money to watch this take place. Moreover, several of Mick’s friends also cut their hair to help Mick with her fight against cancer. Mick left the chair feeling like a new woman and with a bucket filled with money to help with her medical expenses.

In addition to several of Mick’s friends getting their hair cut off, Mick was surprised by two women from the community who are also battling cancer. These women sat beside Mick and got their hair cut off, too. After the haircuts, the women with cancer hugged each other and shed a few tears together.

After the cut, during an interview with a news team, Mick Frigoletto stated that she feels great about her hair being cut. As a woman, she described how she had to constantly take care of her hair and never leave the house without looking in the mirror. She now describes herself as being free to go wherever she wants without worrying about the style of her hair.

Mick told the news team that she plans to hold an event like this every year, even after she beats her battle with cancer. She also stated that she is going to provide free haircuts to any person who must remove their hair due to cancer.

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