The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Have Its roots In the Success of Boston Sports

The participation of Maia and Alex in the competition for the ice dance sport in the Olympics in Pyeongchang is propelled by the desire to make a name for themselves in the history of Boston sports at the podium. Although ice dance entails elegant movement and calmness, the siblings have tried to harmonize it with the other known sports which are more physical. Alex Shibutani draws a lot of inspiration from the Red Sox, World Series winners, as well as in the mental strength of the Patriots. The Celtics determination even after losing Gordon Hayward to injury challenges the two siblings to have a positive mindset from a negative setback.

The siblings reside and workout in Canton. Their parents met as students in Harvard. Alex feels his career was engineered by him winning a national junior competition. This also propelled by the Red Sox when they won the 2004 world series. The siblings have incorporated video training sessions to help them be better professionals. The sessions enable them to eradicate minor technical problems and also studying the opposition. Many of the people who practice ice dancing do it for fun. The Shibutani siblings mix their professional skills to achieve both entertainment and the competitive aspect of the sport.

Through their self-belief, the siblings have grown to great lengths. They have mastered many technical moves to enable them to score maximum points in the sport. They have even made sure that they know the criteria that the judges use to award points in the sport. With this in mind, they portray calmness and extreme flexibility when in play. Distress may be experienced in both the teams and the dance event. Due to the team event rules, the US has to alternate the limited program with the free skate in two categories. This occurs in the individual sections of both women and men. Consequently, the Shibutanis have to skate again and again in the dance event.

Some skaters go into the ice with the primary objective of performing the sport flawlessly and outperforming their completion. Others go skating and make the sport to newbies or those who are not very familiar with the sports look like more of an art than athletic sport. The Shibutanis have also made a commitment to make the sport interesting to watch for the fans. Although their skill and prowess are unquestionable, they skate to win and sometimes it can be transfixing to watch them train.

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