Top 10 Tips When Shopping The CBD Marketplace

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD has taken the health and supplement marketplace by storm. This cannabinoid is one of over 100 that are a part of the cannabis plant family. What makes CBD unique is its non-intoxicating profile, meaning that CBD consumers can use CBD without having to worry about the unwanted psychoactive side effects. CBD has been legal federally since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. With more and more people turning to CBD we wanted to go ahead and highlight some tips when browsing the marketplace to help ensure you get the right CBD product the first time around. Here’s a list of the best places to buy CBD seeds.

1. Hemp Source

This is arguably the most important. You always want to make sure you go with brands that use hemp that is grown and extracted in the USA. Hemp farmers in the USA oftentimes use soil that is pure and not contaminated. When using brands that use hemp sourced internationally you run the risk of having pesticides and heavy metals in your CBD products.

2. Laboratory Testing

All CBD products at this point should be third party laboratory tested to help ensure purity and potency. These lab results should be done by ISO-accredited labs and should have batch numbers which can be linked to a specific product batch to help ensure “what is on the label, is what is in the bottle”. A good example of this is, which has PDF lab results for each of its products for customers to download.

3. Traceability

We always urge consumers to go with brands that have traceability seed to sale. This helps ensure that the hemp plants are pure and potent and allows sellers to trace hemp plants back to a specific batch of raw oil used in production.

4. Education

Knowledge is power. You want to partner with brands that put the time and effort to educate consumers. The CBD marketplace is still relatively new and there is very much still an education gap that must be filled. A good place to look and see if a company is doing their part is in the blog portion.

5. Extraction Method

Extraction is almost as important as the hemp itself. You want to look for brands that use safe and effective extraction methods. The industry standard is Co2 extraction, while we urge consumers to stay away from butane and ethanol extraction. If you want to know how it is extracted carefully by Co2 you can read more here.

6. Customer Service

This attribute is a kicker, how easy is it to reach a customer service team member? Is the companies customer support located in the USA and able to answer intricate questions about CBD and how to use it? A lot of times the quality of customer service oftentimes will determine how good the quality of the product is and vice versa.

7. Reviews

Customer reviews can tell you a lot about a company and how it conducts business. You want to look for reviews that can not be manipulated or hidden, so google reviews is a good start, also looking for reviews done by industry websites can be beneficial as well. As a last resort you can also view the reviews on the companies website, however please keep in mind that these can be manipulated and harmful (but sometimes truthful reviews) can easily be hidden.

8. Ingredients

CBD products go beyond just the CBD that is used. You also have to be aware of the ingredients in the products to ensure that they are up to par and are not harmful or counterproductive to your health and wellness goals. Keep an eye out for sugar levels, artificial colors and other binders and fillers.

9. THC-Level

To ensure that you are in compliance with all federal and state guidelines we strongly urge you to look at the level of THC in the products being used. You want to make sure that no products are over 0.3%. This is especially important when using CBD flower and smokable hemp, where the THC levels can rise overtime.

10. Product Types

CBD is not a one size fits all model and different products will be more effective for different issues. For example when dealing with internal issues we urge consumers to use products that are consumed internally such as a CBD oil tincture or CBD edible. If you are dealing with external issues such as joint pain or arthritis you should look for CBD topicals such as a CBD stick or CBD massage oil.

Did you know that your four legged friend can also benefit from CBD use? Yes, Dogs, Cats, and Horses all naturally have an endocannabinoids system that can process CBD. We would recommend CBD treats for dogs and CBD oil tinctures for cats and horses.

We hope this article is helpful in your search for the right CBD products meant for you! If you are looking for CBD in South Dakota look no further than GoGreen Hemp!

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