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Grant Gustin – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs, Flash TV Show Assets & Personal Life

Real Name:Thomas Grant Gustin
Birthday:January 14, 1990
Net Worth:$5 million
Height:183 cm
Occupation:American Actor, Singer

Have you seen Grant Gustin on TV? You might have missed him. After all, he goes in a Flash. Grant Gustin is a talented young actor. His most famous role is portraying Barry Allen in the Flash TV series.

We know television actors earn a lot of money lately. But how much does Grant earn? Let’s take a look.

Career Ups and Downs

Born Thomas Grant Gustin in 1990 in Norfolk, Virginia, Grant started tap dancing at a young age. His father is a professor in college, and his mother is a pediatric nurse. He got raised in Norfolk with two siblings.

At the age of five years, he watched American musical comedy movies. That inspired him to start tap dancing. Even at a young age, he was a fan of acting. He often acted out movie scenes with his siblings.

Grant went to Granby High School. During his second year, he wanted to start his acting career. He enrolled in the Governor’s School for Arts program in Norfolk for musical theatre. During the time, he often went to New York with his parents to watch musicals. He loved them and dreamed of playing in a musical one day.

For that purpose, the young star attended the BFA Music Theatre Program at Elon University in North Carolina. He gained valuable experience in musical theatre. But in his early 20s, he shifted the focus to primetime television.

Grant got his first role as Campbell Price on the 90210 reboot. At the same time, he got offered a role in Fox’s popular musical comedy series, Glee. So, he moved to Los Angeles. Grant auditioned for the role of a tap dancer, but he didn’t get that one. Thankfully, the producer of Glee did not forget him. Instead, he gave him a chance at another role. Gustin performed a duet with his Glee co-star, Naya Rivera.

After several guest appearances in television series, he got offered the role of Barry Allen. In 2013, the CW superhero drama Arrow introduced his character. The premiere of the Flash TV series, with Barry, the mild-mannered forensic scientist, followed in the fall of 2014.

Net Worth and Salary

Grant Gustin’s cash flow is more than $5 million. He earns most of that thanks to his Flash salary. He commands a hefty paycheck. According to some sources, he earns $100,000 per episode. And with an average of 23 episodes per season, that is $2.3 million per year.

Besides his full-time work on The Flash, Grant makes appearances on other shows and crossover events within the Arrowverse. He appeared on Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Grant’s salary ranks near the top compared to other Arrowverse actors. Stephen Amell had the highest salary. He got paid $125,000 per episode and got a significant raise for the last season of Arrow.

Grant Gustin achieved his $5 million fortune before turning 30-years. And with a few seasons of Flash to follow, his wealth will go up.

Awards and Achievements

Grant Gustin is a brilliant actor. For his performance, he received a few nominations and awards. Here is a quick list of his awards.

  • Teen Choice Award for Choice TV: Breakout Star in 2015
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Action in 2017 and 2018

Flash TV Show Assets

How do Grant Gustin assets compare to other Flash actors? Here is a quick breakthrough of other actors on the show and their estimated assets. It is fair to mention some of them are more experienced actors with a long resume.

Tom Cavanagh played a variety of roles in the Flash TV series. He was the main villain in Season 1. His fortune is $4 million.

Jesse L. Martin plays the father figure, Joe West. He is the adoptive father of Barry Allen and treats him like his own. Jesse got famous thanks to his role in Law & Order. Today, his fortune is more than $10 million.

Danielle Panabaker is another series regular. If you grew up watching Disney Channel, you knew her before the Flash. In the TV series, she portrays Caitlin Snow, a bioengineer. Her fortune is $3 million.

Candice Patton portrays Iris West, the love interest of the Flash. She started her career in the early 2000s after winning a contest to play the role of Robin in the Young and Restless show. Since then, she appeared as a guest actor in other shows. Her fortune is $2 million.

Carlos Valdes and his Cisco Ramon character provide brains and comedic relief in the Flash. The witty sense of humor of the actor is on full display in the show. Same as Grant, he often crossovers to other shows of the Arrowverse. Carlos’s fortune is $1 million.

Personal Life

Grant Gustin was in a relationship with Hannah Douglas. She is a dancer and a model. The two met before shooting Glee. They dated for a few years before breaking up due to personal differences. Now, he is married to Andrea LA Thoma. They got engaged in 2017.

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