Netflix and Amazon Thrive in the Streaming Landscape

The course has been set. Streaming soon becomes the future of entertainment. The days of broadcast and cable television shall soon come to an end. Netflix and Amazon currently sit at the top of the proverbial mountain right now. Both entities produce streaming content that subscribers embrace with enthusiasm. Various competitors to Netflix and Amazon’s streaming empire appear to be emerging on the horizon. At present, it doesn’t seem like any competitor has what it takes to knock either off the top spot. Of course, all that can change in the future.

YouTube Red, for example, captured audience’s attention by tapping into pop culture nostalgia with the Karate Kid spinoff series Cobra Kai. The positive buzz around Cobra Kai surely drew in a number of subscribers to the platform. The numbers aren’t likely anywhere near where they would have to be to present a serious challenge to Netflix or Amazon. Netflix’s library of original content includes several Marvel Studios’ projects and favorites such as Narcos and Stranger Things. Amazon created Man in the High Castle. Soon, Amazon launches a Lord of the Rings series.

Disney wants to get into the streaming game, which could bring about serious competition. Netflix, however, stalked out the streaming marketplace first. Luring customers away from Netflix would be tough. Yes, subscribing to more than one streaming service remains an option. Not everyone has the budget to do so though. Would subscribers happy with Netflix and Amazon Prime be lured away easily? “Doubtfully” would be the appropriate answer. Netflix’s amazing selection of original programming truly has led to the company establishing significant loyalty.

Both Netflix and Amazon’s subscriber rolls continue to rise. Even those who otherwise wouldn’t delve into high-tech things such as online streaming now rethink their entertainment viewing habits. The quality and hipness of the programming airing on Netflix and Amazon definitely attract viewers.

In time, signing up for a streaming subscription won’t even be about choice. Streaming will soon dominant home entertainment. The DVD and Blu-ray world knows this full well. Sales of the disks aren’t what they used to be. So, cable and TV aren’t the only entities falling as streaming gains in popularity.

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