Sarah Vivan – Radio Personality Famous for Her Relationship with Lil Wayne

Sarah Vivan, born on August 17, 1987, in Cincinnati, Ohio, has carved a niche for herself as a respected radio personality and media figure. With a biracial Vietnamese and white background, she carries a mix of cultures and experiences that lend a unique charm to her work. Sarah, notably, is also the mother of American rapper Lil Wayne’s son, lending her a certain prominence in celebrity circles.

Vivan gained fame through her work in radio, with notable stints at Streetz 94.5 and iHeartMedia. Over the years, Sarah’s career expanded beyond the radio waves, leading her to become an online personality for Sirius XM since 2015. As a dedicated mother of two children, Sarah Vivan strikingly balances her professional life while embracing her role as a loving and caring parent.

While her relationship with Lil Wayne may have initially thrust her into the spotlight, Vivan has since emerged as a successful radio personality in her own right. Her engaging presence and dedication to her craft have earned her a loyal fanbase, as evidenced by her significant following on social media platforms like Instagram. With a strong work ethic and an unyielding passion for the world of radio broadcasting, Sarah Vivan continues to make a lasting impact in her chosen field.

Early Life


Sarah Vivan was born on August 17, 1987, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America. With a mixed ethnicity of biracial Vietnamese and white, she grew up in a diverse cultural environment. Her family consists of her parents, Jammie Ballew and Christina Tran, along with her two sisters, Elisabeth and Jayde Mauldin.

In pursuing her education, Sarah decided to attend the University of Cincinnati. While her specific field of study remains undisclosed, she managed to gain knowledge and experience that would contribute to her career later on.

Career Beginnings

In her early days, Sarah’s career path took an unexpected turn when she was compelled to become a radio personality by one of her friends. This decision led her to work with prominent companies such as Streetz 94.5 and iHeartMedia Inc. The exposure she received through these platforms helped pave the way for her success, with her unique voice and engaging personality captivating the audience.

Overall, Sarah Vivan’s early life, education, and initial career steps shaped her into the successful radio personality and public figure she is today.


Radio Personality

Sarah Vivan started her radio career after a friend suggested she try her luck in the industry. Initially, she didn’t want to become a radio personality and had interests in fashion and styling. However, Vivan took a chance on radio and eventually became a successful radio host.


In September 2012, Vivan joined iHeartMedia as a programming assistant. While working for this major organization, she gained valuable experience that helped her advance in her radio career.

On-Air Personality

Sarah Vivan became recognized as an American radio host working for Streetz 94.5, a popular radio station in Atlanta. Being an on-air personality in the music industry, she has interacted with several celebrities, such as DJ Drama and Don Cannon. Vivan’s unique insights often position her to discuss and share opinions on various industry-related topics.

Programming Assistant

Before joining iHeartMedia, Sarah Vivan worked as an intern at Clear Channel Outdoor Global for about eight months. This experience provided her with an understanding of radio and television broadcasting technology and allowed her to grow in her chosen field. In addition to her radio personality work, she brought her skills and expertise as a programming assistant to iHeartMedia.

Throughout her career, Sarah Vivan has made significant contributions to the radio industry, including her work with female rappers and her involvement in Atlanta’s vibrant music scene. At Streetz 94.5 and iHeartMedia, she continues to make her mark and enrich the world of radio broadcasting.

Social Media Profile


Sarah Vivan is quite popular on Instagram, where she goes by the username @sarahvivan. As of October 5, 2023, she has amassed 112,000 followers on the platform, engaging with her audience through her 126 posts. Her posts typically showcase her personal life as well as her experiences, and she occasionally posts images from her radio career.


In addition to Instagram, Sarah Vivan has an active presence on Twitter, using the handle @SarahViVan. On this platform, she regularly shares her thoughts, insights, and updates from her personal and professional life. She also engages with her followers and shares content from other Twitter users. Sarah’s following on Twitter contributes further to her social media presence.

Personal Life


Sarah Vivan is a radio personality, primarily known for her work at Sirius XM since 2015. She gained further recognition for her past relationship with American rapper and entrepreneur Lil Wayne. Although Sarah is not currently married, she has been involved in some notable relationships. In particular, she was formerly engaged to Lil Wayne in 2007. However, their engagement was short-lived, and the couple separated in 2008. As of now, Sarah Vivan has kept her dating life fairly private.


Sarah Vivan is a proud and devoted mother to her two children. Her daughter, Essence Vivan, was born in 2005, and her son, Dwayne Michael Carter III, was born in 2008. Essence’s father is Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, whose name is not publicly known. Sarah’s son, on the other hand, is the result of her past relationship with Lil Wayne.

Aside from her own children, Sarah also shares a connection with rapper Lil Wayne’s other children, such as Neal Carter, whose mother is singer Nivea. Altogether, Sarah’s life as a mother and her warm relationships with her children demonstrate her commitment to her family, even amidst her professional career in the media industry.

Financial Status

Net Worth

Sarah Vivan, an American radio personality, has gained a significant part of her net worth through her work in the media industry. She is known for her work on radio stations such as Streetz 94.5 and iHeartMedia Inc. Although her exact net worth is not disclosed, it can be assumed that it has increased through her successful career as a radio personality.


As a radio personality, Sarah Vivan’s salary is likely to be influenced by her years of experience in the industry and the popularity of the radio stations where she has worked. While precise details of her salary are not publicly available, it is fair to assume that her income as a radio host at renowned media establishments such as iHeartMedia and Streetz 94.5 contributes significantly to her overall financial status.

Physical Attributes

Height and Weight

Sarah Vivan has a voluptuous body shape, which adds to her stunning appearance. While her exact height and weight are unknown, she is known for having an attractive and well-proportioned figure.


In addition to her natural beauty, Sarah Vivan embraces body art and has inked her body with various tattoos. These tattoos not only exhibit her unique style but also reflect her individual personality and interests.

Body Measurements

Despite the absence of specific measurements for Sarah Vivan, it is evident that she has an appealing physique and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Her body shape, along with stunning black eyes and luscious black hair (which she has styled in platinum blonde at times), contribute to her overall captivating appearance.

Affiliations and Engagements


Sarah Vivan is a well-known radio personality who has had the opportunity to interact with various celebrities in her career. Working with Streetz 94.5 FM and iHeartMedia, she has interviewed notable figures such as Kevin Hart, Drake, and more. As an experienced radio host, Sarah Vivan presents a confident and knowledgeable presence, maintaining a neutral tone while conducting interviews and discussing topics on her shows.


In addition to her radio career, Sarah Vivan is also involved in the world of sports. As a goalkeeper trainer for Inter Atlanta FC, a prominent soccer club, she demonstrates her dedication and passion for sports. The club represents a diverse community with players from various backgrounds, including her own mixed ethnicity of Vietnamese and White American. Being a part of the Inter Atlanta FC team showcases Sarah Vivan’s versatile talents and commitment to both her professional and personal life.

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