Who is Liable for My Stairway Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident on a staircase can significantly interrupt your life by causing serious injuries. You need to know the liable person/s for the accident so that you can get your rightful compensation. The person responsible for taking care of the stairs is most likely the liable party. Consequently, it is vital to know things that make such a person liable.

Broken or missing handrails

Most stairs are designed in a way that they have handrails to provide you with stability while walking up or down. These handrails can be broken or missing because of various reasons. If the handrails are the primary components that have caused your accident, the person responsible for ensuring they are in good condition is liable. 

Such a person can be the property owner, manager, or any other employee who has been given the duty of keeping the handrails in good condition. You only need to show that the person responsible knew about the broken or missing handrails but did not take the necessary actions to ensure they are repaired or replaced.

Poor lighting

Many people also slip and fall on stairways because of poor lighting, especially at night or enclosed spaces. You might have missed a step because you could not see clearly, and this means that the person responsible for lighting in the building is liable. 

The responsibility of lighting is mostly given to managers. But the person most likely to be liable for such an accident is the owner of the business. The reason behind this is that the manager only implements the instructions given by the owner. The manager might have even notified the owner about the poor lighting, but the owner did not take action.

Obstructions on steps such as cords or boxes

It is also common to find different kinds of debris on stairways. Such debris is usually left by employees who work on the premises. If you are involved in an accident caused by such debris, the person who carelessly left clatter and the building owner are liable. 

The main reason why the owner of the premises is involved is that the business’s insurance is in their name. Consequently, you can file a lawsuit against the employee for being careless and against the owner to be compensated by the insurance cover taken on the business.

Poorly constructed stairway

Certain regulations stipulate how stairs should be constructed in different kinds of buildings. Some building owners fail to follow these regulations, and this can easily result in a slip and fall accident on the stairs. The person liable for such an accident is the owner of the building. The main reason behind this is that it is their responsibility to ensure the stairs are constructed properly.

After being involved in a stairway slip and fall accident, you should document details of the accident, seek medical care, notify the building manager, and contact a lawyer. These steps will make your lawsuit stronger since you will have the necessary evidence. A lawyer shall also help you with representation and legal advice on the appropriate measures to take. Therefore, you can make your stairways slip and fall lawsuit more credible by working with a reliable attorney.

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