4 Of The Highest Paying Careers In 2022

Deciding on what career path to follow can be challenging. Most of us will know someone who’s studied hard through higher education, only to struggle at the end with trying to find a job in their chosen field. The job market is very competitive and it can be hard to choose a career based on what you love weighed against earning potential. We all dream of earning big bucks, but it can be hard to determine exactly how to do that, especially when many employers won’t reveal how much they intend to pay you until after you’ve gone through a rigorous interview process.  There are jobs in a multitude of sectors, many of which come with attractive perks and high salaries, but what are these roles? Here are our four picks of the highest paying in careers in 2022.

Medical professionals

Medical professionals such as consultants, surgeons, and anaesthetists are among the highest paid employees in the UK, Europe, and USA. Often, universities and colleges form strong links with hospitals and practices, meaning that medical professional graduates are more likely to secure employment afterwards. Generally speaking, you’ll usually need around five years at university, followed by relevant training and experience. Some estimates say that medical professionals can earn well over £1,200 per week. However, if you want to pursue a career in the medical profession, it’s wise that you get yourself decent insurance cover. As in any job, mistakes and oversights can happen, but in the medical field, these can be extremely costly. Visit for more advice and information.

Investment bankers

Working as part of a financial organisation or on their own, an investment banker helps to facilitate capital funding either by investing in government organisations or in corporations. They might also offer these organisations financial advice. Investment banking is among the highest-paid professions in the finance industry, with the average starting salary often at least £30,000. This can rise to £50,000 in three years, with the most experienced investment bankers often earning a base salary of £150,000. On top of that, they’ll also earn bonuses, commission, and other financial rewards, such as sharing of profits.

Chief executive officers

Commonly referred to as a CEO, a chief executive officer is the head of an organisation and often coordinates all the company’s financial activities. Responsible for ensuring their organisation meets its financial and marketing strategies, the CEO usually reports to a board of directors. A CEO must be very organised and be able to make important, often ruthless, decisions to make sure their company operates to the highest standard and meets all its financial obligations. Other CEO duties might include managing business operations, appointing senior management and department heads, approving contracts, analysing industry competitors, and many more. Due to their high responsibilities, CEOs tend to earn large salaries, especially if they work for a national or international company. They might also earn bonuses and stock operations on top of their regular salary.

Air traffic controllers

With a high responsibility for safety weighing on them, it’s no surprise that a fully qualified air traffic controller will earn a big salary. While the entry-level pay is generally average, once fully qualified, an air traffic controller in the UK can expect to earn over £50,000 a year. Generally, you don’t really need a degree to enter this profession, but you’ll ideally be a responsible individual with strong leadership skills who’s able to keep calm in stressful situations. Once accepted into a trainee position, you’ll have to undergo extensive training and examinations before you start earning big money.


Deciding on a career that you enjoy and that’s well paid is hard. These are our four picks of the best-paid roles in 2022.

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