4 Office Supplies that Should Never Run Out of Stock

Running out of office supplies is one of the most frustrating things to happen in a workplace. When someone brings this up, you might think they are just complaining about not getting their favorite pen or paper clip, but there are many more serious consequences that can come from running low on these staples. The following post will discuss four office supplies that should never run out of stock and why it’s important to be prepared for when these items do inevitably run out.

#1 Pens

When thinking about office supplies that should never run out of stock, the first thing most people think of is pens. Pens are used to writing and signing documents, which means everyone needs them to do their job effectively. When they aren’t readily available, it can cause many issues and significantly slow down the workflow.

Pens also tend to be very small objects; this makes them easy to lose or steal if an excess amount is lying around your workplace unattended. This only adds the risk of running out even more because now you have fewer pens than you did before! It’s essential to realize what tasks require pen usage, so you know how many extra ones need stocking up on just in case someone does decide to take some without asking.

#2 Copier paper

Copier paper is another office supply that should never run out of stock. This is because there will always be forms and documents that need copying, which means the copiers will constantly be in use. If you don’t have any spare paper ready to go at all times, then employees won’t be able to complete their work effectively because they’ll spend half a day trying to track down some more copy paper instead of getting the actual task-related job done!

#3 Envelopes

Office envelopes are used to send out papers, applications, and other important documents. When you don’t have enough on hand at all times, it’s easy for the person who needs them to get frustrated or start looking into purchasing their own supply of envelopes. If your business doesn’t use a lot of paper invoices that need sending out, then this might not be an issue.

However, if you rely heavily on using physical copies of forms instead of emailing them back and forth among employees like many companies choose to nowadays (in an attempt to cut down costs), then making sure there is always plenty around can help save time when someone needs one ASAP!

#4 Staples and paperclips

It’s easy for staples or paperclips to run out of stock, especially during the time when everyone needs them most. Employees can get frustrated very easily if they’re in need of one and don’t have any extra on hand; this could lead to complaints about your office supply management because no one wants to admit their mistake!

This is another scenario where it might not be an issue if you use a lot less paper than other companies (or none at all), but if you do require employees to submit physical copies, then making sure there are always some available will definitely come in handy when someone forgets theirs at home/forgets that they were even low until now and doesn’t want anyone else knowing how forgetful they really are!

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