The Making of A Star: Aidan Torres

“An old soul living his dream from a young age.” These words perfectly encapsulate the essence of the actor, Aidan Torres.


From a tender age, Aidan Torres exhibited an unusual love for the performing arts. He displayed a knack for captivating audiences with his natural charm and talent. It was this passion that led him to realize his dream of acting on television and in movies.

Journey Into Acting

Stepping into the world of acting was not a mere whim for Aidan. His journey began when he could barely walk and talk. His love for picking up a mic to sing, rap, or dance always drew in a crowd, signaling his innate talent for the performance arts.

Major Works

Aidan has amassed impressive credits in his budding career. He has worked on several big film and television projects like Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney + and Queer As Folk on Peacock. His versatility is evident as he has also worked on commercials, voice-overs, and music videos.

A Breakthrough Role: A Jester’s Tale

One of Aidan’s most significant projects that brought him into the limelight was A Jester’s Tale. In this project, Aidan was transformed into a hologram. As an ardent video gamer, this was an exciting endeavor for him.

The Sundance Film Festival

A Jester’s Tale made its debut at The Sundance film festival, marking Aidan’s entry into one of the most prestigious platforms for filmmakers. It was a proud moment for him as he became the first child actor to have his hologram debuted at Sundance. The project was also named one of the 35 best apps of 2019 by Forbes.

Note: Aidan Torres is known for his roles in Hocus Pocus 2 (2022), Queer as Folk (2022), and A Jester’s Tale (2019).

Aidan’s Interests

Apart from acting, Aidan harbors interests in several other areas. He enjoys gaming, singing, baking, and creating art. This multi-faceted personality adds to his charm and appeal as an actor.

Personality Traits

Aidan is known for his kind and loving ‘old soul’ personality. He has a deep love for the environment and an intolerance for injustices. These traits make him a well-rounded individual, both on and off the screen.

Contact Information

For serious work inquiries, Aidan can be contacted through his manager or agents.


Aidan Torres is a rising star who continues to shine in his chosen field. His work and dedication deserve appreciation and recognition.


Aidan Torres is not just an actor, but an artist who enjoys expressing his creativity through various avenues. His journey in the world of acting is just beginning, and we can expect to see much more from this talented young individual. His story serves as an inspiration for young aspiring actors worldwide.

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