Albert Ezerzer: Is he the Actor from Lucifer?

Albert Ezerzer may not be a household name, but he played a crucial role in one of the most popular legal dramas on television, “Suits.” Known for his behind-the-scenes impact, Albert was regarded by the cast and crew as an essential part of the show’s family. As a cherished colleague, his sudden passing left a palpable void among those who worked with him.

His dedication to his work, coupled with the warmth he brought on set, had stars like Meghan Markle and Gabriel Macht sharing fond memories of him. Although his time on-screen was limited, his off-screen role was significant.

The transport team and the drivers are often unsung heroes in the entertainment industry, but in the case of Albert, the cast took a moment to honor his contribution through a heartfelt tribute, ensuring his memory lived on.

Key Takeaways

  • Albert Ezerzer was integral to the “Suits” production, deeply esteemed by the cast and crew
  • The tribute on “Suits” highlights the affection and respect he garnered on set
  • His legacy is remembered through the stories shared by colleagues and the show’s tribute

Life and Career of Albert Ezerzer

In my quest to understand the noteworthy life of Albert Ezerzer, I’ve discovered that his journey from his early beginnings to making a mark in film and television was both profound and centered around his role as a driver in the transportation department.

Early Life and Background

I learned that Albert Ezerzer was born on January 31, 1959. While details about his family background, parents, siblings, and education are not widely known, what’s clear is that he held American nationality and was of African-American ethnicity. His personal life remains somewhat of a mystery, but it’s evident that his formative years led to a unique path in the Hollywood industry.

Career in Film and Television

Throughout his career, Albert Ezerzer wasn’t an actor, but he indeed became a vital member behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. He wasn’t credited on-screen like Jennifer Beals or Shirley MacLaine, yet his contributions were integral to many productions. For instance, Albert is linked to works such as “Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning” and “Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming”, to name a few.

Fun fact: He very closely resembles DB Woodside, the famous actor from the TV show Lucifer.

Contribution to Transportation

Albert wasn’t just any driver; he was a driver within the transportation department of Hollywood sets, specifically known as a production driver.

He maintained the smooth operation of transportation, ensuring that cast and crew, like those on the much-loved TV series “Suits” created by Aaron Korsh, could get to their destinations safely and on time.

Albert was far more than a former automobile driver; he was a backbone in the logistics that keep Hollywood running.

His passing was felt by many, reflecting his impact and the personal bonds he had formed, such as the relationship with DB Woodside on the set of “Suits”. His work empowered people to create stories we love, and his life, though ended prematurely, was an illustration of dedication in motion.

Tribute and Legacy

When I first heard about the tribute to Albert Ezerzer, it reminded me of the important individuals who work tirelessly behind the camera. Albert’s story is not just about his untimely departure but also the undeniable mark he left on those he worked with in the entertainment industry.

Albert’s Passing

I remember the wave of sadness that hit when I learned about Albert’s passing from an aortic aneurysm rupture. It’s a type of heart problem that’s as sudden as it is devastating.

The obituary notice likely mentioned this cardiac issue, which took the life of someone who was loved by his peers and family, though I haven’t come across specific details about his obituary.


In remembrance of Albert, the outpouring of tributes was truly heartwarming. For instance, a tweet posted by Aaron Korsh, the creator of Suits, showed just how much Albert meant to the cast and crew.

His passing was felt deeply by his colleagues, including D.B. Woodside and other notable figures who may not have worked directly with him but understood the impact of such a loss.

Impact on Peers

The impact on Albert’s peers can’t be overstated. He wasn’t just another name in the credits; he was a part of a larger family. When season 4 of Suits aired, the full-screen tribute that closed an episode marked a rare moment where the industry recognized a cherished behind-the-scenes figure.

Although there isn’t a public record of Albert Ezerzer’s net worth or salary, it’s clear that his value wasn’t in monetary terms but in the respect and memories he left behind. His absence left a void in the hearts of many who knew him, much more poignant than any entry on IMDbPro could reflect.

Written by Alexander