Allscrabblewords is a word unscramble tool and word generator, word solver, and finder for any anagram-based game. You can use it to play all anagram based games, and gain some advantage when playing with friends.

Scrabble is a popular word game. In it, two to four players score points by placing tiles, each with a single letter, onto a game board divided into a 15 x 15 grid of squares. The goal is to make tiles that form words in a crossword fashion. Read left to right in rows or downward in columns, and the person with the most points wins the board game. You earn points by making a single word.

The name is a trademark of Mattel in most of the world, except in the United States and Canada, where it is a trademark of Hasbro.

The Scrabble board game is sold in 121 countries in the world, available in more than 30 languages. So far, more than 150 million sets have been sold worldwide. According to some statistics, nearly one-third of Americans own a Scrabble set at home.

So, you can say the word game is quite popular. And this word unscrambler contains nearly all of the Scrabble dictionary words.

What is it?

The domain is a website where you can find words you can later use for playing Scrabble with friends and family. You can also use it to practice against the computer and get ready for a real-time Scrabble words. There are more than 4,000 Scrabble clubs in the world.

It is a popular game. But because you cannot possibly know or remember all words in the language you play it, be it the English language, Spanish language, French language, Italian language, Chinese language, or any other, websites like allscrabblewords help you.

Why should you use it?

We said before that Scrabble is played in more than 30 different languages around the world. Now, this particular online scrabble word finder doesn’t have them all.

It works in three different languages, English, French, and Italian. But hey, English is considered the language of the world, because it is one language spoken and understood by the majority of the population in almost every region in the world. In fact, out of nearly 7.8 billion inhabitants on Earth, more than 1.35 billion speak English.

Then, there are more than 300 million people around the world who speak French. Italian is spoken as a mother tongue in 13 countries in the world. It is an official language in Italy, but also in Switzerland.

So, you can say these three languages cover quite a lot of the world population.

How to use it?

The first thing you need to do after you visit the website is select the language you want to use. As we said, there are three unscrambled languages available, English, French, and Italian.

On the homepage, you get options like consonant-only words, vowel-only words, 7-letter words, and text twist solver.

If you choose consonant or vowel-only words, you enter the letters, and you get all words with those letters. The same principle works for 7 letter words. You can also list all the words by starting letter.

Speaking of Text Twist Finder, it is an anagram solver that works for games like Text Twist, Super Text Twist, Jumble, and other anagram word games like Scrabble and Words With Friends.

This scrabble word finder tool will help you beat games and pass levels in text twist using 6 letters, or 7 letters in Super Text Twist. All you have to do is enter the 6 or 7 letters, and the tool will solve and unscramble the letters and give you the words you need to beat the level.

If you click on 7 letters words, you will get all the words you can imagine.

Scrolling the website

If you want to get specific, you can always look for popular letters to unscramble and words starting with a specific letter. There are options for every letter in the English language, including valid words with J, words with K, words with W, words with Z, words with U, and so on.

Or you can use the word generator tool to find unscrambled words that end with something specific and difficult to scrabble. For example, there are unscrambled words that end with ed, ing, en, s, er, est, ian, ize, ise, fy, ly, ful, ible, hood, ness, less, ism, ment, and so on.

No matter what you choose, the allscrabblewords website will give you plenty of options. We suggest practicing on the website before you join a Scrabble night with your friends.

Just bear in mind, that in the same way you can use the website for help, others can use it as well. So, in the end, it comes down to who prepared better for the Scrabble game. Enjoy it and have fun.

Alternatives to

Another website that can be helpful for winning Scrabble is This site is similar to allscrabblewords in that you can enter whichever words you have to work with and let the tool unscramble the letters to generate a list of valid scrabble words. In addition, you can select if the word has to start with, end with, or contain letters in order, which can help with trying to do better with double and triple-letter tiles in your next game.