Annabella Stoermer Coleman – How Much Do You Know About Zendaya’s Sister?

Real Name:Annabella Stoermer Coleman
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Half-sister of Zendaya

Zendaya is one of the most famous young actresses in Hollywood. She has been rising up the ranks since appearing in Spider-Man. But how much do you know about her family? For example, about her older sister Annabella Stoermer Coleman? The two have a nice relationship.

The former Disney child star has been tabloid fodder. And thanks to her popularity, her family has been in the spotlight as well.

Fun fact: Because of the dissimilar facial characteristics, many think one of the two sisters is adopted. But that is not true. In the Coleman family, Annabella Coleman is among the younger members of the five siblings. Her family includes Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, KatiannaStoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman, and Austin Stoermer Coleman.

Who is her famous sister?

We have to start the article about Annabella Stoermer Coleman with her celebrity sister, Zendaya. Born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman in September 1996, she is an American actress and singer. Despite being a young actress, she has already won Primetime Emmy Award two times and made it on Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World. She is professionally known by the mononym Zendaya.

The young actress was born in Oakland, California, to her parents Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer. Both her parents are teachers, with her father being African-American, while her mother has German and Scottish ancestry.

Her real name derives from the Shona name Tendai, meaning “to give thanks”. As a young child, she attended Fruitvale Elementary School where her mother taught for two decades.

Living and studying close to the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California, she grew as a performer. Her mother worked a summer job there as a house manager. Zendaya would help seat patrons and sell fundraising tickets.

She would then attend Oakland School for the Arts. Despite being a student, she was already getting roles in area theaters.

Yet, Zendaya began her professional career working as a fashion model for Macy’s, Old Navy, and Mervyns. She was even featured in an iCarly toys ad.

Then, she would join Disney, where she performed the song Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson for her audition.

In 2011, she released the song Swag it Out, a promotional independent single. Her first movie role came in Frenemies in 2012, a Disney Channel original movie. She recorded songs for all Disney movies she was part of. Her self-titled debut album was released in September 2013.

But it wasn’t until she joined the cast of Spider-Man that her popularity grew. She made her feature film debut as Michelle in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That was her entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and judging by the look of it, she will stay part of the MCU for a while.

Zendaya and her Spider-Man partner Tom Holland will play the roles for at least three more movies. She also joined the Dune franchise, portraying Chani alongside Timothee Chalamet.

Quick Bio

Now let’s go back to Zendaya’s older sister, Annabella Stoermer Coleman. The two have a decent relationship. But how much do you know about Annabelle Stoermer Coleman?

With the rise of the popularity of Zendaya, people are showing more and more interest in her sister. Born in Oakland, California, she is the daughter of Kazembe Coleman and another woman. Zendaya is the only biological child of Kazembe and Claire. The exact birth date of Annabella is unknown. Some sources say it is 1996, while others claim it is 1999. Given that Zendaya was born in 1996 and she is the youngest in the family, it is safe to assume Annabella was born before.

Same as Zendaya, Annabella grew up in a family of teachers. School was quite important to her. Her stepmother, Claire Stoermer, was a teacher who also worked as the house manager for the California Shakespeare Theater.

Annabella is part of a big family that also includes three sisters and two brothers. Despite living in a big family, her parents have provided enough love, care, and affection. They have taught all of them the value of a family.

We assume she finished high school in Oakland, but there is no information about her university background.

Is One Of The Two Sisters Adopted?

Annabella is Zendaya’s half-sister. But she was not adopted. There is a lot of misconception about the relationship between the two. The myth arises from Zendaya’s facial traits, which differ from those of her sisters.

But that is because Zendaya is the only biological child of Kazembe and Claire. Her mother is a white woman of German and Scottish origin. She is the mother of the Euphoria actress. On the other hand, Annabella and the other Coleman siblings were born from the first marriage of Kazembe.

That would mean that Zendaya and Annabella are not from the same womb, but they do share the same father. Zendaya is the younger sister.

The Coleman Family

Kazembe Coleman had five children from his first marriage and one from his second. Annabella is part of a large family, with five other siblings. Those include Julien Coleman, Kaylee Coleman, Austin Coleman, Katianna Coleman, and Zendaya Coleman.

The first-born son of the family is Julian Stoermer Coleman, also known as EZ. He prefers to have a private life, and there is not much info about him in the media. Zendaya is the most famous one. Being a celebrity, Zendaya often has to talk about her private life, including her relationship with American actor Tom Holland.

There were reports in 2016 that Kazembe and his wife Claire are no longer living together. In February 2020, Kazembe posted a photo on Instagram with an unidentified woman leaning against him.


Is she on social media?

Unlike her father and famous sister, Annabella remains away from social media. As far as her personal life is concerned, she has made it clear she wants to remain private. Annabella doesn’t want to be the subject of rumors, or the center of attention. There are no social media accounts in her name.

On the other hand, her father and sister are quite active on Instagram. For example, Zendaya has a profile with more than 163 million followers. There, she often posts about her family.

Net Worth

How much is Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s net worth? Well, as with most things with Zendaya’s half-sister, it remains a mystery. There is no info about her professional career, earnings, salary, or net worth.

We do know that her younger sister is a millionaire. Zendaya has a net worth of more than $20 million. In the past few years, she made more than $2.5 million per year.

Zendaya owns a home in Los Angeles and a condo in Brooklyn.

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