Annette Sinclair: A Comprehensive Look at Her Life and Career

Real Name:Annette Maria Szymanski
Birthday:August 24, 1983
Net Worth$2 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Ex-wife of Bob Seger

Annette Sinclair is a talented American actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With a career spanning multiple decades, she has showcased her acting prowess in various movies and television shows. Sinclair’s captivating on-screen presence and dedication to her craft have contributed to her success in the competitive world of Hollywood.

Sinclair is best known for her roles in films such as “Thief of Hearts,” “Lunatics: A Love Story,” and “The Job.” In addition to her work in film, she has also made a mark in television with her appearances in popular TV shows. Despite her achievements in the entertainment industry, Annette also gained attention for her tumultuous personal life, particularly her one-year marriage to renowned singer-songwriter Bob Seger in 1987. Today, Annette Sinclair continues to be a respected figure in the acting world while maintaining a more private, low-key lifestyle.

Early Life and Career

Acting Beginnings

Annette Sinclair, born Annette Maria Szymanski, is an American actress who gained popularity in the 1980s. Her early life remains a bit of a mystery, as little information about her upbringing, education, or family background has been made public. What is known about Annette is that she was born in the United States of America and began her acting career in California.

In 1983, Sinclair got her first taste of success when she landed a role in the television show “Matt Houston.” She portrayed the character Marcia in an episode titled “Butterfly” and carried the momentum from this role into her growing filmography.

Television Roles

Annette Sinclair’s career continued to blossom through the mid-1980s, with notable roles in popular TV shows and films. In 1984, she made a splash with her appearance in the film “Thief of Hearts”. Additionally, she appeared in “Hide and Go Shriek” and “Instant Karma,” which further established her presence in the Hollywood scene. As Sinclair continued to work in television and film, her dedication and talent became evident to both fans and critics alike.

Significant Works


Annette Sinclair is known for her work in various movies, playing a range of characters. Some of her most notable roles include her appearances in Thief of Hearts (1984), a romantic thriller where she showcases her acting skills. In Hide and Go Shriek (1988), a horror film, she delivers a chilling performance. Annette also took part in Lunatics: A Love Story (1991), a romantic comedy where her talent for storytelling is evident. In the comedy film Instant Karma (1990), she displays her ability to entertain and make viewers laugh. Lastly, Weekend Pass (1984) is another comedy in which Annette stars, demonstrating her versatility as an actress.

TV Series

Annette Sinclair has made several appearances on TV as well. Her acting debut was in the series Matt Houston (1983) in which she played the role of Marcia. Additionally, Annette starred in a popular sitcom, Full House (1989), where she further showcased her acting abilities. In both of these TV series, her work helped her gain more recognition in the industry.

Soap Opera Contributions

Speaking of television, Annette also contributed to the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. Although her role in the show is not well-known, her participation demonstrates her presence in diverse genres, from drama series to soap operas. This further highlights her talent and range as an actress.

Personal Life

Marriage with Bob Seger

Annette Sinclair is an American actress who gained much of her recognition through her marriage to popular American musician, Bob Seger, also known as Robert Clark Seger. The couple got married on November 8, 1987. Their relationship was a significant aspect of Annette’s personal life, as it introduced her to the fame that came with being the spouse of a well-known musician.

Divorce and Aftermath

Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived, and they ended up getting divorced only a year later, in 1988. The reasons behind their divorce remain unclear, but it had a substantial impact on Annette’s life, as she decided to lead a low-key and private life away from the media spotlight.

Family Connections

Annette Sinclair does not have any children with Bob Seger. However, it is worth mentioning that Bob Seger has two children from another marriage – a son named Christopher Cole Seger and a daughter named Samantha Char Seger. As of now, Annette Sinclair’s family connections seem to be limited, and she has chosen to keep her personal life and relationships private.

Bob Seger’s Career

Musician’s Background

Bob Seger is a retired American singer, songwriter, and musician known for his impressive contributions to the world of rock and roll music. Born on May 6, 1945, Seger began his career as a locally successful artist in the Detroit area, performing and recording with bands such as Bob Seger and the Last Heard and the Bob Seger System in the 1960s. As a gifted singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist, his talents led him to break through on the music scene with his first album, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, released in 1969.

Notable Achievements

Throughout his career, Bob Seger has made significant contributions to the music industry with a number of widely acclaimed songs and albums. Below is a list of some of his most notable achievements:

  • Turn the Page: One of his early hits, this song featured on the 1976 live album Live Bullet and has since become a classic.
  • Night Moves: Seger’s timeless song from his 1976 album of the same name, which helped skyrocket his career in the mainstream music scene.
  • Old Time Rock and Roll: Released in 1979, this track from the album Stranger in Town is still considered one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time.
  • Against the Wind: As the title track from his 1980 album, this song showcases Seger’s remarkable songwriting skills and solidified his place as a leading artist in the rock genre.
  • Face the Promise: Released in 2006, this album marked Seger’s return to the music scene after an 11-year hiatus and continued to showcase his talent as a singer-songwriter.

Throughout his career, Bob Seger has sold over 75 million albums, making him one of the best-selling American artists of all time. His success can be attributed to his distinctive voice, storytelling prowess, and genuine love for the craft of music.

Financial Aspects

Annette Sinclair’s Net Worth

Annette Sinclair has not only made a name for herself in the entertainment industry but also in the financial field. Although her exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, it has been estimated to be around $2 million. This wealth comes from her various endeavors, such as her appearances in films like Thief of Hearts (1984) and Hide and Go Shriek (1988), as well as her work as a financial advisor.

Annette’s career in the financial sector began in 2012, and she has since gained recognition for her expertise in financial planning and her ability to assist clients with Centrelink and tax dealings. Her extensive experience in the industry, along with her qualifications like a Diploma in Financial Services, contributes significantly to her net worth.

Bob Seger’s Net Worth

While Annette Sinclair’s wealth is commendable, her ex-husband, legendary American musician Bob Seger, has amassed a staggering net worth of around $45 million. The majority of his wealth is attributed to his successful music career.

As a prominent singer, songwriter, and producer, Seger was the brains behind numerous hit songs such as Turn the Page and Against the Wind. His career spans over five decades, and he has sold over 75 million records worldwide, as certified by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Discography Achievements Number
Studio Albums 18
Live Albums 2
Compilation Albums 5

In summary, Annette Sinclair has made a substantial fortune from her acting and financial advising careers. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Bob Seger, has accumulated a significant net worth from his long-lasting and successful career in the music industry.

Later Life

Career Developments

During her later career, Annette Sinclair starred in a variety of movies and television shows. She appeared in Days of Our Lives, Finder of Lost Loves and Full House. Annette’s breakthrough performance came in 1988 with the movie Hide and Go Shriek, where she played the character Kim Down. Since then, she has appeared in movies such as Listen to Me (1989), Instant Karma (1990), Lunatics: A Love Story (1991), and The Job (2009). However, she has not been active in the entertainment industry since 2009.

Current Endeavors

Annette has been living a low-key life away from the media spotlight, focusing on her personal life. After her divorce from famous rock singer Bob Seger in 1988, she remains unmarried and doesn’t have any known children. On the other hand, Bob Seger remarried in 1993 to Juanita Dorricott, and they have two children together. As a resident of Michigan, Annette still maintains connections to the region, but her specific endeavors remain relatively private.

Annette Sinclair’s later life has seen her taking a step back from the entertainment industry, with her career spanning various movies and television shows. Although she has been less active professionally in recent years, her personal life and ties to Michigan continue to provide context to her life story. Maintaining a low-key lifestyle, Annette Sinclair’s current endeavors demonstrate a shift from her earlier fame while continuing to be an interesting subject in the public sphere.

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