Aubrey Jene: Where is She Now?

Aubrey Jene is an American actress who gained recognition for her role as Laurie Chester in the 1980s movie Summer Rental (1985), starring John Candy. Born and raised in the United States, she made her mark in Hollywood with her memorable performance in the Paramount Pictures film, which was penned by Jeremy Stevens and Mark Reisman. Aubrey Jene’s acting career garnered attention and appreciation from both critics and audiences alike for her talent and dedication.

In addition to her acting career, Aubrey Jene has also ventured into the world of music, showcasing her talents as a singer, songwriter, and producer. She released her debut album after moving to Los Angeles, establishing her as a multitalented artist in the entertainment industry. Hailing from a family of creative individuals, Aubrey was exposed to various artistic forms while growing up, developing a passion for both acting and music.

Throughout her career, Aubrey Jene has remained an intriguing figure in the world of entertainment, with her contributions spanning across the acting and music industries. Her work continues to showcase her versatility and talent, leaving a lasting impression on those who have discovered and admired her many skills and accomplishments.

Early Life and Family

Aubrey Jene was born and raised in California, United States. Although her exact date of birth remains unrevealed, we can estimate that she was possibly born around 1985. Not much is known about Aubrey’s childhood and education, but she began her career as a theatre dancer before entering the world of acting.


Aubrey Jene’s parents played a significant role in her upbringing. However, their names and personal details have not been disclosed to the public. To the best of our knowledge, Aubrey’s parents remain supportive of her career choices and have nurtured her passion for performing arts.


There is currently no information available about Aubrey Jene having any siblings. This might be due to her personal decision to keep her family life private or the lack of public information on this aspect of her life.

Throughout her journey, Aubrey Jene has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, with her noteworthy acting skills and dedication to her craft. Despite the limited information about her early life and family, Aubrey’s professional achievements and impact on the screen are undeniably remarkable.


Aubrey Jene’s educational background remains largely undisclosed. While there is no information available about the specific schools or universities she attended, it is known that she was born in California and spent her formative years there. Given her successful acting career, it can be assumed that she pursued her education diligently, though the details of her academic journey remain a mystery.

Engaging in reading and expanding her knowledge base could have contributed to Aubrey Jene’s expertise as an actress. As she has a background in theatre dancing, it is possible that she also received training in dance and performing arts. This experience would have likely complemented her education and played a significant role in her development as a talented and versatile actress.

In conclusion, although specific details about her educational background are unknown, it can be surmised that Aubrey Jene has leveraged her education and training in the performing arts to establish a successful acting career.


Breakthrough with ‘Summer Rental’

Aubrey Jene, an American actress, started her career as a theatre dancer before making her way into the world of acting. Her breakthrough role came in the 1985 romantic comedy movie, “Summer Rental,” where she was cast as Laurie Chester. The film starred John Candy and was directed by Carl Reiner. In “Summer Rental,” Aubrey Jene showcased her talent as a young actress alongside seasoned performers in a lighthearted comedy movie. The film was produced by Paramount Pictures and remains a memorable performance in Aubrey Jene’s career.

Later Works

Aubrey Jene has had a relatively private acting career, with information about her later works being scarce. However, it can be noted that she continued pursuing her passion for acting in various roles, both in movies and on television. Some of her works can be found in the IMDb and TV Guide lists, which showcase her versatility as an actress in different genres.

Personal Life

Relationship Status

Aubrey Jene, the American actress known for her role in the 1985 comedy film ‘Summer Rental,’ has managed to keep her personal life quite private. As a result, her current relationship status remains a mystery. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her love life to the public.

Hobbies and Interests

Although detailed information about Aubrey Jene’s hobbies and interests is limited due to her desire to keep her private life out of the spotlight, some sources suggest that she is quite fond of traveling. It is reported that she has enjoyed visiting various destinations, such as Los Angeles, California, and the beautiful beaches of Florida. These travels might indicate a passion for photography as well, capturing memories and stunning scenery during her adventures.

Aubrey has managed to keep much of her life, including her current whereabouts, a secret from her fans. This privacy strongly mirrors her role as the protagonist in ‘Summer Rental,’ where she portrayed Laurie Chester, a character also yearning for personal growth and exploration.

Public Image and Social Media Presence


Aubrey Jene’s Instagram presence is relatively discreet as she maintains a low profile. Despite her limited sharing of personal information, her Instagram feed showcases her beauty and talent in various posts. Known for her work in the film “Summer Rental,” Aubrey manages to engage her followers with a mix of professional and personal content, including elegant photos and glimpses of her life outside of showbiz. Her Instagram following is modest, reflecting her preference to maintain some privacy in her public image.

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