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Belle Delphine – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs, Social Media Hiatus And Personal Life

Real Name:Mary-Belle Kirschner
Birthday:October 23, 1999
Net Worth:$500,000
Height:168 cm
Occupation:South African-born Internet Personality, Model, YouTuber

Belle Delphine was one of the most popular internet personalities a few years ago. She got famous for selling her bathwater. But in the past few years, she is not active on social media. Many of her fans forgot about her. Some ask where she is. Well, today, Belle Delphine cash flow is a little more than $500,000.

She earned most of her money through Snapchat premium subscribers, Patreon, and YouTube. Belle charged fans $50 for a photo or video.

In 2019, Instagram shut down her account. At the time, the model had more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram. The social media said Belle violated the rules.

Belle got famous for selling bathwater and creating a PornHub account. The last thing we know about Delphine is that she got arrested. Why? Because she spray-painted the car of the person who stole her hamster.

Career Ups and Downs

Her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner. Born in 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa, she moved to the United Kingdom when she was young. She opened her first Instagram account in 2015. The next year, she registered a YouTube account.

In the beginning, Belle uploaded makeup tutorial videos on social media. Her first video was about a cat-eye makeup tutorial.

In 2018, she switched from makeup tutorials to modeling on Instagram and YouTube. She took on a “weird elf kitty girl” personality and aesthetic. With accessories like pink wigs, thigh-high stockings, cat ears, and similar, she completely changed her personality.

Sometimes, she produced cosplay-related content. For example, she dressed up as Harley Quinn and D.Va. In March 2018, she opened a Patreon account. There, supporters could pay a monthly fee to gain access to “lewd” photosets. At one point, she had more than 4,400 supporters on Patreon.

Some of them paid extra money. For example, one fan paid $2,500 for a personal Skype conversation.

In September 2018, she uploaded a new video on YouTube, this time a tour of her pastel pink room. She wore fake braces and thigh-high stockings.

Once she adopted the new character and aesthetic, her Instagram account surged. Overnight, she went from 850,000 followers to more than 4 million followers. Belle also changed the content of her social media. She went to ahegao facial expressions. These are “exaggerated, eyes-rolled back expressions” that signify an orgasm. You can find them in adult anime.

Kirschner even uploaded photos of her eating a raw egg with shell and everything. She played with a dead octopus and other controversial photos.

In June 2019, she took her internet personality to another level. Belle announced that if she gets 1 million likes on a post, she will open a PornHub account. Of course, the post got 1.8 million likes.

Miss Delphine uploaded a total of 12 videos on her PornHub account. A few of them include masturbating. She even got a nomination for a Pornhub Award. In 2019, she was the most searched celebrity account.

Using her popularity, she opened an online store. And her first product was her remaining bathwater. With a price tag of $30, Belle sold out the products in three days. The product became an internet meme.

Kirschner only used the idea fans gave to her. Many of them said they would drink her bathwater. Marketing her product, she said “the water is not for drinking, you should only use for sentimental purposes”. Belle was so famous, many tried to copy her products. There were many knock-off products and parodies of the Bathwater.

Trying “gamer girl bathwater” for “thirsty gamer boys” might be gross for some people. But some people paid money for her bathwater. After all, she sold out her first line in just three days.

Social Media Hiatus

On July 19, 2019, Instagram banned her account. The social media said Belle violated the community guidelines. Instagram did not cite a specific post or reason. At the time of the ban, she had more than 4.5 million followers.

After the Instagram ban, she moved to Twitter to communicate with fans and followers. In October 2019, she tweeted an image looking like her mugshot. She said she got arrested. Her last video on YouTube dates from November 4, 2019.

Belle explained why she got arrested a few days later. Delphine said that a woman came to her party and stole her hamster. So, she spray-painted her car and got arrested. At least she got her hamster back.

How she earned money?

Belle earned quite a lot of money during her heydays. Today, Belle Delphine’s cash flow is little over $500,000.

But her followers paid a lot of money for private sessions and photos. At her height, she had more than 4.400 followers on Patreon. There are six levels of support, with the most expensive $2,500 per month. For $25 per month, you get access to her lewd photo sessions. For $50, you get private access to the Premium Snapchat account, where she shares bath and shower selfies and panty shots.

Nowadays, she has a little over 1.000 followers on Patreon.

Personal Life

Belle Delphine doesn’t date anyone. She broke up with Goran Vigurs a few years ago. She describes herself as “Top Rated E-Thot”. On her Patreon profile, Belle put a “Lesbian” description.

Earlier in her life, she dated Hanna. The relationship lasted for two years, from 2013 to 2015. Now, she is single.

Belle doesn’t share her relationship status with others, even with her Patreon followers.

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