Brian S. Gordon: Renowned Photographer and Celebrity Spouse

Brian S Gordon is a renowned professional photographer, widely recognized for his work in the entertainment industry. Best known as the husband of American actress Meredith Eaton, Gordon’s impressive career is a testament to his talent and passion for the art of photography. With his keen eye and creative spirit, he has captured memorable moments and successfully contributed to several movie campaigns such as Deadpool, Ice Age, and Trolls.

Aside from his illustrious career in photography, Gordon also has experience working as a voice actor. Despite his former engagement in the field, he now concentrates entirely on his photography career, crafting visually stunning and impactful pictures. His dedication and skill have earned him well-deserved acclaim in the world of professional photography.

Through his marriage to Meredith Eaton, who refers to herself as a “short-stature star,” Brian S. Gordon has been exposed to various acting circles and entertainment niches. As the husband of the first woman with dwarfism to play a regular role on an American prime time show, he supports and shares the limelight with his talented wife.

Early Life and Education

Brian S Gordon was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, United States. He has American parents, and his nationality is American. His ethnicity is Caucasian, which is common in the area where he was born. There is no information available about his siblings or early family life.

Brian S. Gordon showed an interest in the arts from a young age. He pursued his passion for education by enrolling in the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This prestigious institution provides a strong foundation for students looking to excel in various art forms, such as photography and acting.

After completing his education at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Brian S. Gordon continued to expand his knowledge and refine his skills. He attended Syracuse University, another well-renowned educational institution in the United States. His studies at Syracuse further developed his abilities, preparing him for a career in both the arts and the entertainment industry.

As a Libra, Brian Gordon is known for his balanced approach to life and work. This astrological sign often has a natural affinity for aesthetics and the arts, which may have contributed to his success in these fields. Brian S. Gordon’s early life and education provided the foundation upon which he built his career, showcasing his dedication and hard work to achieve his goals.


Acting Career

Brian S. Gordon’s acting career appears to be limited to voice acting roles. While he is famously known for being the husband of American actress Meredith Eaton, it is his wife who has had a more extensive and successful acting career. Meredith has appeared in various popular TV shows such as CBS’s Boston Legal, MacGyver, NYPD Blue, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, and Charmed. She is best known for her role as prosecutor Emily Resnick in the CBS television series Family Law, and as a “short-stature star,” she has proudly represented a more diverse representation of actors in the industry.

Photography Career

Brian Gordon is a professional photographer with a focus on creativity, expressiveness, and attention to detail. His work has earned him recognition in the field, and he has managed to make a name for himself through his artistic and skillful photography projects. Photography seems to be the main focus of his professional life, and it is the career he has chosen to invest most of his time and energy into.

Cartoonist and Comic Art

Apart from photography, Brian S. Gordon has also delved into the world of cartooning and comic art. He has experience in creating comics and has even had his work associated with Hallmark Cards. Some of his known comic works include “Brian’s Brain,” “Frank and Beans,” and “Fowl Language.” This aspect of his career highlights his versatility and ability to use his artistic talents across various media, showcasing his skills in both visual storytelling and humor.

Personal Life

Marriage and Relationships

Brian S. Gordon is an American professional photographer, best known for his marriage to Meredith Eaton, an American actress who considers herself a “short-stature actor.” Meredith is famous for her roles, such as prosecutor Emily Resnick in the CBS television series “Family Law.” Brian and Meredith got married on October 12, 2008. Before her marriage to Brian, Meredith was married to her late husband, Michael Gilden. Michael, also a dwarf like Meredith, tragically committed suicide in 2006.

Family and Parenting

Brian and Meredith have two children together – a daughter named Phoebe Gordon and a son named Max Gordon. The couple seems to cherish their family life and prioritize their roles as parents, providing a loving and supportive environment for their children. As parents, Brian and Meredith ensure that their children grow up with strong values, despite any challenges related to dwarfism.

Rumors and Controversies

In their married life, there have been no significant rumors, controversies, or extramarital affairs involving Brian S. Gordon or Meredith Eaton. The couple maintains a relatively low profile, focusing on their careers, marriage, and raising their children. Their strong and stable relationship reflects the commitment they have made to each other through their wedding vows, and their marital status remains married without any indication of divorce or separation.

Social Media Presence

Brian S. Gordon, a professional photographer and American cartoonist, maintains a presence on several social media platforms. He is best known for his works such as Fowl Language, Frankie Fearless, and Chuck & Beans, and as the husband of American actress Meredith Eaton.

On Facebook, Brian shares updates on his work, engaging with fans who appreciate his humor and art. His account showcases many of his latest cartoons, providing followers with a regular dose of entertainment. Facebook also allows Brian to share his professional journey, sharing insights into his projects and experiences.

His Instagram account showcases a more personal side, offering glimpses into his life with Meredith Eaton, their shared moments, and noteworthy events. Additionally, Instagram allows Brian to showcase his artwork and photography in a visually appealing manner, attracting a broader audience to his work.

Twitter serves as another platform where Brian promotes his work and engages with fans. Considering the nature of the platform, many of his tweets consist of witty remarks, commentary on current events, or interactions with fellow artists and celebrities.

Overall, Brian S. Gordon’s social media presence reflects his talents as both a photographer and cartoonist, serving as a platform to share his professional achievements while also engaging fans and showcasing his personality.

Physical Appearance

Brian S. Gordon, a professional photographer, is known for his work in the industry and for being the husband of American actress Meredith Eaton. He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, which is equivalent to 172 centimeters or 1.72 meters. Brian’s weight is around 60 kg (132 lbs.), giving him a lean appearance.

In terms of hair and eye color, Brian possesses beautiful warm black eyes and black locks, adding to his overall distinguished look. While detailed information about other aspects of his physical appearance, such as chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, or biceps, is not readily available, it is evident that Brian maintains a well-groomed and professional appearance in his life and work.

Net Worth and Earnings

Brian S. Gordon is a talented professional photographer who has made a name for himself both through his work and his marriage to actress Meredith Eaton. As of 2023, estimates indicate that Brian S. Gordon has a net worth of around $500,000.

In terms of earnings, it is mentioned that the photographer’s annual income is approximately $36,337, or $18.63 per hour. This suggests that his salary is in a similar range to other professionals in his industry. It is worth noting that these figures are based on estimates and may vary according to specific projects or contracts Brian undertakes throughout the year.

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