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Brittanya Razavi – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs, Earnings & Personal Life


Real Name:Brittanya O'Campo
Birthday:June 2, 1985
Net Worth:$8 million
Height:158 cm
Occupation:American Television Personality, Instagram Model, Actor, Entrepreneur

Many people know her as Brittanya O-Campo Razavi. She now lives in Southern California. Brittanya is a highly recognized television and adult star. She is sweet and provocatively enticing, but not so innocent. We all recognize her by the deadly smile and signature dimple piercing. Some people refer to her as a Reality Legend.

Showing exotic confidence, Brittanya is unique in her own way. And she definitely knows how to flaunt it. Razavi is the co-owner of 187inc, a company with 500 stores worldwide. As of June 2020, Brittanya Razavi fortune is over $8 million.

Career Ups and Downs

She first came to the public’s attention after debuting in the Rock of Love bus reality show. Debuting on the cable station VH1, the show allowed contestants to compete for the attention of rock star Bret Michaels.

Brittanya appeared in season 3 in 2009, with the show running from January to April. Razavi made it all the way to the Final 6, appearing in a total of 9 episodes.

She returned as a contestant in Season 4 of I Love Money, running on VH1 from September to December in 2010. Razavi was a member of the Gold Team and lasted until episode 11. Again, she finished sixth overall.

Following her stint as a reality TV star, she started her career as a model. Brittanya appeared on the cover for magazines such as MMA Sports Magazine, Tattoo Energy, Savage Tattoo, Spire Magazine, and more.

In 2010, she got the nickname Black Widow of VH1. Brittanya broke all Hollywood’s rules in 2010. Since then, she took over the world.

Net Worth

Brittanya Razavi wealth is over $8 million. How does she earn her money? Well, Razavi is the co-owner of the successful online store 187 Avenue. The company has stores in Japan, Australia, and many more. In total, they have more than 500 stores worldwide. They sell a variety of products, including clothing and wallets. Recently, they launched a new line of phone cases.

They also have plans for 187 heels and a baby line and a tattoo shop in the future. On her Instagram, Brittanya has a tagline reading “Highest Paid Web-Entertainer”. And the final line on her Instagram info points to her adult website.

This is where her money comes from. She markets herself as an adult online personality. The website is an adult-themed. It encourages visitors to pay for the privilege of watching pictures and videos of naked Brittanya.

Pictures on her Instagram account also highlight her figure. And Razavi often poses in revealing clothing. The Reality Widow managed to turn her past roles in the spotlight into a full-time money-making venture.

Thanks to her successful online empire, Brittanya Razavi assets are estimated at $8 million.

Personal Life

Brittanya’s life remains a mystery. She does not talk much about her past. What we know is her birth date. Born on June 2, 1985, in Oxnard, California, Brittanya is the youngest of five children. Her birth name is Brittanya O’Campo.

She currently lives in Murrieta, California. While many people think she has a unique ethnicity, Razavi is a white American. She often dyes her hair red or blonde.

As a young child, Brittanya attended a private school in California. But her father got imprisoned when she was 15. That is why she had to go and work to support her mother and siblings. And when she was just 16 years old, Brittanya gave birth to her first child. Her grandfather raised her first child. This allowed Razavi to complete her education and get a college degree.

She had an on and off relationship with Moe Razavi. The two are together now and have children together. But the exact number is a mystery, as they do not disclose it. They show two children on their social media account, but some rumors suggest they have a total of four kids together.

Is that true? We do not know. What we know is Brittanya Razavi fortune is over $8 million. And she managed to earn her money by turning her reality TV popularity into a successful business.

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