Chanelle Haynes – Celebrity Child Following Her Father’s Footsteps

Real Name:Chanelle Haynes
Birthday:February 27, 1994
Net Worth:$1million-$5 million
Height:158 cm
Occupation:American Singer and Celebrity Daughter of American Rapper And Businessman, Nelly

Channelle Haynes is another celebrity child in Hollywood. She became famous because of her father’s fame. Her father is rapper Nelly, who became famous in the 2000s with songs like Country Grammar, Dilemma, and Hot in Here.

And now, the young girl is following in her father’s footsteps. She has a close relationship with her father Nelly.

He often says that Chanelle is one of the most important gifts in his life. The two have a great bond and often show it to the whole world via social media. Let’s talk a bit about the young girl and her father.

Who Is Chanelle Haynes?

chanel haynes

The most straightforward answer is the celebrity daughter of American rapper and businessman, Nelly. Her father was born Cornell Iral Haynes, but most people know him as Nelly.

Chanelle was born in February 1994 in the United States. Many in the family call her Nana. The young girl is closing in on her thirties, and all signs indicate that she will follow in her father’s footsteps.

She is of African-American ethnicity and holds American nationality. Chanelle attended Columbia College in Chicago for a Business degree. She is trying to build her business career, but also her music career at the same time.

Born on February 27, she is Pisces in Zodiac.

Chanelle has a brother, Cornell Haynes III. She is a grandchild of Rhonda Mack Cornell Haynes. Born and raised by her father, there is no information about her biological mother.

That is because Nelly decided to keep the identity of the mother of his children private and hidden. Instead, Chanelle grew up with her cousins. That might have been the best decision her father made. Nelly included his half-sister’s children, Sidney and Shawn Jr in his immediate family. He took them in following the death of their mother, Jackie Donahue.

Jackie, Nelly’s sister, battled leukemia but sadly passed away in March 2005. She was only 31 at the time. Nelly took and trained her two children as his own and Chanelle grew up closely with her cousins and her brother.

Relationship With Her Father

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Chanelle is very close with her brother Cornell Haynes aka Tre and her father. Her brother used to be a football player in high school but lost interest in it following graduation. He lives with his family and girlfriend.

Nana has an amazing relationship with her father Nelly. He is most connected to her and often posts photos on Instagram with beautiful captions. Nelly often surprises his daughter Chanelle Haynes for a birthday and other special occasions.

Chanelle often says he is the best role model she could have asked her. Nelly is a single father who raised his children to be humble and kind.

Who Is Chanelle Haynes’s Mother?

As of September 2022, Nelly has yet to mention the biological mother of his children to the media. There is no info on whether it was a one-time fling or a long relationship. In any case, Nelly is a proud single father.

Chanelle doesn’t have an interest in revealing her mother’s truth as well. Instead, she lives a happy life with her father. For a while, that family also included Nelly’s longtime girlfriend Shantel Jackson. But in the summer of 2021, the two split. Actress Shantel Jackson broke the news.

During Chanelle’s childhood, Shantel was the mother figure she needed and wanted. While she is not her biological mother, the young woman loves Shantel. And the two are just 10 years apart in age.

Who Is Her Father?

Let’s say a word or two about Chanelle’s celebrity father. Born in November 1974 as Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., Nelly is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He had Chanelle when he was only 20 years of age.

Nelly began his solo career in 2000 with the debut album Country Grammar. The title track, Ride wit Me hit the top 10 lists.

His second number Nellyville was the one that made him a global star. This album produced hit singles like Hot in Here, Dilemma featuring Kelly Rowland, and Air Force Ones.

During his career, Nelly has won multiple accolades. For example, he won the Grammy Award three times and the Billboard Music Award nine times. In 2005, his popularity helped him land a film role. He starred in the remake film The Longest Yard alongside Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.


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As we said before, Chanelle is following in her father’s footsteps. At her age, Nelly was already an established global star. But she has the time.

Little Nana has a close relationship with her father. And that is how she started her music career as a backup singer for his reality show, Nellyville. Even before her appearance on BET, she was obsessed with becoming a professional dancer.

Chanelle released her first single in July 2020. Her father serves as her mentor and influencer and he often shares her enthusiasm for releasing albums in the future.

Before beginning her career as a performer, Little Nana used to practice dancing. Who knows what the future holds for this young woman?

Her Boyfriend Died After Being Shot

The biggest challenge in her life came when her boyfriend Mario also called Rio was killed in a shooting. At the time the shooting started, she ran towards the crowd looking for her little brother. She didn’t know Mario was down till she saw his body.

That heartbreak was sculpted in her heart.

Net Worth

Her father Nelly is a millionaire celebrity. He has a whooping net worth of more than $60 million as of September 2022.

The American rapper accumulated a hefty amount throughout his professional career. He started rapping in 1993 and hasn’t stopped since.

Chanelle is following in his footsteps, but she is far from being a millionaire. Thanks to her father and his hefty gifts, she has a net worth of between $1 and $5 million. But she is not earning money as much as he is.

It is worth remembering that she is only starting in the entertainment industry. Her first single came in the summer of 2020. In the future, she has plans to release an album. And she might get similar endorsements to her father, who has endorsements with Reebok, Cheetos, VapoRub, Ford Motor, and more.

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