Cindra Ladd – How Much Do You Know About Bill Cosby’s Victim?

Cindra Ladd is a former entertainment executive in the film business. She is famous for a couple of things. For one, she was of the victims of abuse by Bill Cosby, and she openly talked about it. She is also the former wife of Alan Ladd Jr., a film producer whose work includes Blade Runner, The Right Stuff, Braveheart, and Chariots of Fire.

Her husband served as the president of Twentieth Century Fox at one point.

Who was her famous husband?

As we said before, one of the reasons the name Cindra Ladd makes it to the media is because of her husband. Born Alan Walbridge Ladd Jr. in October 1937, he passed away in March 2022. He was an American film industry executive and producer. From 1976 to 1979, he served as president of 20th Century Fox. Fun fact: During that period, he approved the production of Star Wars.

Born in Los Angeles, California, he was the only child of Alan Ladd and Marjorie Jane. His parents divorced when he was only two years old, and initially stayed with his mother. Yet, after a while, he went on to live with his father.

At the end of the 1960s, he relocated to London and began working as an independent producer. There, he established a film venture with Jay Kanter and Jerry Gershwin. Yet, in 1973, he returned to the United States and became a vice president of creative affairs at 20th Century Fox. Three years later, he was promoted to president of Fox’s film division.

He was the one to come to Fox President Gordon Stulberg and request consideration for making George Lucas’s Star Wars. Stulberg approved the production, and the two of them remained as Lucas’s support when the board wanted to shut down production.

During his tenure there, Star Wars and Alien were some of the big hits produced. He stepped down in 1979 and left the company.

After that, he founded his own production company, The Ladd Company, with Kanter and Gareth Wigan. Their company produced several successful movies, including Chariots of Fire, Outland, Night Shift, Blade Runner, The Right Stuff, Gone Baby Gone, and many more. Chariots of Fire won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1982.

Speaking of his personal life, he was married two times. The first time was with Patricia Ann Beazley in September 1959. They met while studying at the University of Southern California and had three children together. He divorced her in 1983, and then married his second wife, Cindra Pincock in 1985.

Cindra later became known as Cindra Ladd, and the two have one child, Chelsea Ladd. They separated in 2015, and he passed away from kidney failure in March 2022 at the age of 84.

Quick Bio

Now let’s talk about Cindra, the former wife of Alan. She is a philanthropist. Born in the United States, she is known because of her marriage to the former movie executive.

There is no information about her exact birthdate. But many people speculate she is in the mid-70s or late 70s.

The celebrity spouse has managed to stay away from the public following her divorce from the famous film executive. There is also no information about her early life, educational background, and professional career.

She had one child with Alan, Chelsea Ladd. Sadly, she passed away before her father in March 2021.

One of Bill Cosby’s Victims

Cindra is also known as one of Bill Cosby’s victims. According to the reports, she met Cosby while working for a film producer in New York City. They became friends, and they would hang out at her apartment or watch television together.

Yet, one they, they had plans to go to a movie, but Cosby wanted to meet her at his friend’s apartment list. She told him she had a headache, and he offered pills that according to him, were “a miracle cure”.

Cindra trusted him, but she remembers waking up naked in bed. A mirror hung above her on the ceiling. He wore a bathrobe. Cindra gathered her things, made small talk, and left. She kept the incident a secret for 36 years.

It wasn’t until January 2015 that she wrote about the incident. The reason she trusted him is the Cosby Show was watched in her house. Her daughter and husband loved it.

Speaking about the incident, she wrote, “In 1969 I met Bill Cosby while working in New York for the late film producer Ray Stark. I was a 21-year-old single woman in the world’s most exciting city. He was a 32-year-old internationally known comedian and television star, one of the most likable and popular entertainers in the business. He asked for my number and I gave it to him”.

From there, they began hanging out, watching television, eating pizza, and more. Bill was married to his current wife at the time and acted like a perfect gentleman.

Then, per Cindra, “One night we were going out to a movie. We agreed to meet at an apartment that he said belonged to a friend of his. I had a terrible headache but didn’t want to cancel the evening. He told me he had a miracle cure his doctor had given him that would get rid of the headache. He went into another room and came back with a capsule. I asked a couple of times what it was. Each time he reassured me, asking, “Don’t you trust me?” Of course, I did. This was Bill Cosby”.

Cindra tried to recall what happened that night. For her, it remains a blur. She has a vague recollection of feelings.

Yet, she says, “What I do recall, vividly and clearly, is waking up the next morning nude in the bed of his friend’s apartment and seeing Cosby wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe and acting as if there was nothing unusual. It was obvious to me that he had had sex with me. I was horrified, embarrassed, and ashamed. There was a mirror above the bed, which shocked me further”.

Once she made some small talk, she escaped as fast as she could. And once she was in the elevator, she broke down crying and continued as she walked into her apartment.

She says, “It never occurred to me to go to the police. It was a different time, and “date rape” was a concept that didn’t exist. I just kept asking myself over and over in disbelief why this had happened to me. Other than my roommate, I did not discuss that night with anyone for 36 years”.

Cindra also wrote, “Those who suffer from these types of assaults know the prison of shame, bewilderment, and disbelief. Like so many victims, my way of coping was to shove the memory into the back of my mind. I only revealed nine years ago, to my husband of nearly 30 years, what happened that night, after another woman went public with similar allegations and sued Cosby. I always thought I was the only one. I couldn’t believe he had done this to others. I told my story to our attorney, who is also a good friend, because I was considering going public then, but eventually chose not to because the case was settled”.

She also said, “Having come of age in the late 1960s and early 1970s before marrying in the mid-1980s, at 37, I certainly have a history. The difference is that any other relationships were consensual … my encounter with Bill Cosby was most certainly not”.

Since that incident, they have crossed paths only once, when her husband, introduced her to Bill. She was shaking, wondering if he would recognize her. But his reaction was different.

According to Cindra, “To Bill Cosby, I was just another stranger”.

Net worth

Cindra divorced Alan before his death. Because of that, she didn’t inherit any of his wealth. At the time of his passing, Alan Ladd Jr. had a net worth of more than $75 million.

There is no information about the net worth of CIndra in 2023.

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