Cindy Millican -Net Worth, Marriage, Career, Ailment, and Advocacy

Real Name:Cindy Millican a.k.a. Cindy Millican Frey a.k.a. Cindy Frey
Net Worth:$70 million
Occupation:American Actress, Dancer, Widow of Glenn Frey

Cindy Frey, nee Millican was born in the United States in 1967. Her exact birth date is not known. Cindy retains an American nationality. She is an American dance choreographer and actress. She came to limelight following her marriage to the legendary musician, actor, rock singer, songwriter, and the Eagles Ring co-founder, Glenn Frey. The Eagles make an average net profit of $3.5 million per show.

There is very limited information about her early life, upbringing, academic achievements, and family background. While growing up, at a younger age, she received dance lessons, and was celebrated as a performer in the 1980s, and became a choreographer subsequently.

She made a cinematic appearance in 1987 in Paul Michael’s Glaser filmThe Running Man’. This film script was authored by Steven E. de Souza, starring Maria Conchita Alonso, Richard Dawson, Jesse Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Yaphet Kotto. She was hired to play the role of a dancer, a skill she performed creditably well.

Cindy lives in Manhattan, New York, but maintains a plethora of houses in different high brow locations in the United States including Colorado, La Quinta, New York City to mention but a few. She has been described by various sources as being stupendously wealthy.

In 2017, she sold their mansion in Los Angeles for $14 million. She is a proud mother of three. She has an alluring and charming beauty that naturally attracts people to her. She sparingly hangs out with family, and close friends.


Cindy and her husband, Glenn met in one of his video shoots. They started dating and subsequently got married on June 30, 1990. It appeared everything was built to last long before tragedy struck in the center of their life, which had already produced three amazing children. Glenn’s death left Cindy completely devastated, and pitifully lonely.

She became a widow following this unfortunate departure of her husband, who passed on January 18, 2016, due to complications arising from rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, and acute ulcerative colitis. She had severally confirmed that the death of her husband was one of the worst things that have happened to her. She misses him every day. Presently, as a widow, Cindy is living only with her three children, a beautiful daughter and two sons – Taylor, Deacon, and Otis. There have been rumors that she had been with some other guys after her husband’s demise. This rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Prior to their marriage, Glenn was formerly married to Janie Beggs, an artist for five years between, 1983 to 1988. Glenn is a Detroit, Michigan native. He was a good-looking, easy-going, and personable personality. He was loved by friends, fans, and family. His unforeseen death received lots of media sympathy.

He started his musical pursuit at a tender age of 5 in Royal Oak. Glenn began his career with learning piano and then took up guitar later. Glenn together with other members of The Eagles .Joe Walshland, Timothy Schmidt, and Don Henley received an honorary doctorate of Music from the prestigious Berkley College of Music.

He is considered to be one of the greatest songwriters that have ever walked on the surface of the earth. He left an enviable legacy in the musical industry. He is always celebrated by tens of thousands of admirers.


After her husband’s death, Cindy sued the hospital and the doctor that treated Glenn for ‘wrongful death’. She claimed that the doctor, Steven Itzkowitz, and the hospital Mount Sinai Hospital failed to ‘promptly and properly treat Glenn’s respiratory complications’.

As a result of this act of negligence, Glenn was sick, lame, and disabled, incurred expenses thereof, was compelled to seek medical care elsewhere, suffered injuries, and died afterward. Furthermore, Cindy claimed $12 million in damages.

Dr Steven Itzkowitz and the hospital denied all allegations, and made frantic moves to dismiss the lawsuits, claiming that the injuries Glenn suffered were in part or whole out of the culpable negligence of Cindy. Today, as the legally married wife, Cindy is both the heir and executor of Glenn’s fortune. She obtained legal documents to this effect.


Career, Ailment, and Advocacy

A few years ago, Cindy was diagnosed with lupus, a systemic autoimmune disorder that affected her body systems including the tissues, organs, the blood vessels, the skin, the mind, the kidneys, the heart, and the joints.

This has motivated her to be deeply involved with creating awareness for the disease. Together with her late husband, she has over the years donated both money and time to the cause. She has hosted myriads of shows and events in favor of Lupus LA, a charity founded by her physician, who has been treating her for years with great success, Daniel Wallace. Lupus LA is a Colorado-based charity.

Today, Cindy is an unrepentant advocate of lupus. She has never failed to acknowledge and celebrate Daniel Wallace for helping her to navigate through this devastating ailment. Cindy has held a fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Donald Kara luncheon where she has helped Lupus LA to raise more than $15,000 in total.

Net Worth

The fortune Cindy Frey earned during her active career as an actress and dancer is not know, However being that she hasn’t been active from the early 90s, whatever money she earned from back then would be negligible for her current estimated assets. Little is know of her current cash flow, but her fortune is estimated to be $70 million largely due to her late husband Glenn Frey, who left a great amount of his wealth to her in his will.


Cindy Millican is a consummate American dancer and actress, a proud mother of three, and widow to the legendary songwriter, and actor Glenn Frey. There is scanty information about her early life, education, growing up, and religious backgrounds. However, she is a gentle, soft-spoken, and someone who derives maximum pleasure in giving her time, talent, and treasures for a cause she believes in.

In recent times, she has been actively involved with creating awareness for lupus, having been diagnosed with lupus a few years before Glenn’s demise. She started the advocacy with her husband. She is living with her three awesome children in Manhattan, New York, and happily managing her husband’s fortunes.

Cindy is both the heir and executor of Glenn’s will. Marrying Glenn was one of the most beautiful experiences she had, and losing him to death in 2016 was one of her worst experiences of life.

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