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City Girls – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs, Personal Life & Homophobic Controversy

Real Name:City Girls (duo Caresha Romeka Brownlee aka Yung Miami
and Jatavia Shakara Johnson aka JT)
Net Worth:$500,000
Occupation:American Hip Hop Duo


City Girls is an American hip hop duo from Miami, Florida. They are a rare breed in the hip hop world. While there are many successful female hip hop artists, there is no group or duo. Yung Miami and JT want to change that. They describe their group’s name as a derivative from Opa-Locka and Liberty City, two neighborhoods in Miami.

These two girls garnered attention after appearing on Drake’s song, In My Feelings. They also released the platinum-certified single Twerk featuring Cardi B.

In June 2020, the girls released their second studio album, City on Lock.

While Cardi B and Nicki Minaj earned millions, City Girls are still far behind. But they got the chance thanks to Cardi B paving the way for women in modern hip hop. In the genre dominated by men, City Girls’ cash flow is more than $500,000.

They signed with Quality Control Records, a company that made Lil Baby and Lil Yachty stars. For the past few months, JT and Yung Miami are on the Hot 100 charts.

Career Ups and Downs

JT and Yung Miami started their career with a diss track for their ex-boyfriends. Titled Fuck Dat Nigga, the song bashed their boyfriends for not giving them money. Yung Miami promoted the song through social media. They also paid DJs to play the track in clubs. Soon, the track amassed hundreds of thousands of plays.

While the track was a hit, what followed was a step back. JT got arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft after the song’s release. She got sentenced to 24 months in federal prison. She entered prison in July 2018 for credit card fraud charges and got out on October 8, 2019. That is 5 months before her original release date.

During JT’s prison sentence, Yung Miami promoted the group’s music. The two girls signed with Quality Control Music. And since then, they rank as the most popular developing artists.

The song made the Quality Control’s compilation album Control the Streets Volume 1. It peaked at Number 5 on the Billboard 200 and topped the Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop chart.

In May 2018, just before JT went to prison, the girls released their debut mixtape, Period. The album reached No.16 on the Heatseekers Albums. Rolling Stone ranked the album as the 26th best Hip Hop Album in 2018.

In November 2018 City Girls released their debut studio album. JT was in prison for the release. Titled Girl Code, the album featured artists such as Lil Baby, Cardi B, and Jacques. At the same time, JT and Yung Miami contributed guest vocals to Drake’s song, In My Feelings. Yung Miami even made it to the music video.

All of that helped their Girl Code album to debut on Number 63 on the Billboard 200 chart. The single Twerk, featuring Cardi B, peaked at Number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. They followed it up with the single Act Up, reaching Number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In June 2020, their second studio album, City on Lock, leaked in its entirety online. JT said that they planned to release the album at midnight on the same day. Their first single, Jobs, got released hours before the album release alongside a music video. For this album, City Girls collaborated with Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Yo Gotti, and Doja Cat.

Net Worth, Earnings and Income

After a jail stint, a net baby, and some period apart, City Girls are finally back. They have a new music video, new album, and they are ready to prove they are serious stars. JT and Yung Miami are here to stay.

As of June 2020, City Girls net worth is more than $500,000. But that number should go high in the next few years.

These two increased their fee and price significantly. Now, they charge up to $40,000 for a show. And they get more than $15,000 for club appearances.

Some say that JT’s jail sentence helped the duo gain even more popularity. It also kept their fans curious about what will come up next.

This is just the beginning for the two girls. One day, they might match the wealth of female hip hop stars and groups before them.

JT and Yung Miami are best friends since middle school. They grew up in a rough area of Miami. They did everything together. Fun fact: they performed in strip clubs and night clubs when they were 17 years old. Yung Miami loved trap music and slowly brought JT into the mix. At the time, Miami was an Instagram influencer with her fashion line.

Personal Life

JT and Yung Miami grew up in rough areas of Miami. At the age of 17, they performed in strip clubs, block parties, and night clubs. Yung Miami loved trap music. Her little boyfriend took her to school every day, and she listened to trap music in the car.

In June 2019, Yung Miami announced her second child. It was her first with her new boyfriend, the record producer Southside.

JT spent much of the last two years in prison for credit card fraud. During her time in prison, she got out for a day to day work and visit family. JT released a track JT First Day Out to celebrate her release.

Homophobic Controversy

In August 2018, Yung Miami was among several rappers facing criticism over homophobic remarks. Tweets from her past started circulating. In one tweet from 2013, she wrote “she wouldn’t want one of her sons to be gay and would beat him if she found out it”. Considering the LGBTQ community is a big supporter of City Girls, the tweet did harm their image.

Yung Miami apologized, but then found herself in another homophobic controversy. During the radio show The Breakfast Club, she said the tweet had nothing to do with the LGBTQ community. And she even tried to explain it. She said it is the same when your mother says “If you break my table I am going to beat you”.

Many commentators decried her. They said the very line of reasoning is homophobic and the comments were hateful.

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