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CJ So Cool – Net Worth, Career Summary, Earnings and Income & Personal Life

Real Name:Cordero James Brady
Birthday:March 29, 1989
Net Worth:$4.5 million
Height:181 cm
Occupation:American YouTube Personality, Rapper

CJ So Cool is the YouTube name for Cordero James Brady. He runs a YouTube channel by the name CJ So Cool. Cordero is one of the more famous YouTube personalities. He runs a channel with content revolving around reaction videos and popular viral videos. He often posts pranks, challenges, and try not to laugh challenges.

The American YouTube personality has amassed quite some wealth over the years. Thanks to reaction and viral videos, CJ So Cool cash flow is over $4.5 million.

Career Summary

Before starting a YouTube career, CJ So Cool worked as a blackjack and craps dealer. He is also a US Navy Veteran. After starting his YouTube career, his wealth took off. As of June 2020, CJ So Cool fortune is more than $4.5 million.

He started posting reaction videos and viral videos. Now, he also posts challenges, try not to laugh challenges, pranks, and more. Over the years, he received a lot of criticism for stealing the videos. That criticism reached its peak in 2015. YouTubers blamed him for stealing the videos he was reacting to.

One of his most famous videos is the Laxative prank. On May 18, 2016, he went to a local drug store and bought Laxative. Then, he put it into his children’s food, ice cream, and filmed them in pain. He proceeded to laugh at them while they used the restroom. The video received a lot of criticism from other YouTubers for child abuse.

In February 2016, he announced on Twitter that someone hacked his YouTube channel. He wrote on the channel description “My page got hacked and they deleted everything, now I must start from the bottom again”. He said it is not the first time his account got hacked.

Following the hack, he uploaded three videos in addition to his three hack response videos. One week later, YouTube re-uploaded 700 of the 1,033 videos deleted. CJ proceeded uploading videos.

CJ started his channel in December 2014. Since then, he amassed millions of subscribers. He refers to his fans as the Wolfpack. In his reaction videos, he starts with the catchphrase “What’s happening Wolfpack”.

Net Worth, Earnings and Income

You can say a YouTube career is more profitable than a blackjack dealer career. CJ So Cool wealth is $4.5 million as of June 2020.

He started his YouTube channel in December 2014. Since then, he amassed more than 8 million subscribers. He gets more than 2,000 subscribers per day. So far, he accumulated more than 2 billion views on his videos.

CJ So Cool’s videos get an average of 1.2 million views per day and generate more than $6,000 per day from ads.

CJ earns money in the same way as other YouTube personalities. He gets between $2 and $7 per monetized ads. The price depends on the device, location of the viewer, ad inventory, and amount of ads in the video.

YouTube also runs a Google Preferred program. This program allows deep-pocketed companies to target the top 5% most popular content. Rates there are higher, and sometimes, CJ’s videos fall into the category.

He earns extra money from sponsored videos. CJ has a deal with various companies, including Seat Geek. Sometimes, he streams on Twitch where he has more than 100,000 followers.

His channel ranks 1,573 by the video views, 930th by the subscribers, and 307th by entertainment. CJ So Cool’s channel is the 306th most popular channel in the United States.

Personal Life

Born in Gary, Indiana, Cordero worked as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer. Fun fact: He is also a US Navy Veteran. He fathered one child, but he has three more children with his girlfriend. Charlene Young has three children from another man, but Cordero doesn’t mind.

He loves shoes and has an expensive shoe collection. Cordero has 7 tears in his back muscles. He has to smoke medical cannabis to reduce the pain. He refers to his subscribers and fans as Wolfpack and Cool Kids.

CJ has a brother with a YouTube channel as well. His brother is the YouTube phenomenon Anthony Jinx Brady. Sometimes, CJ features his wife and Jinx in his brother in the videos. And he is also friends with other YouTube personalities, including RiceGum.

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