Compassionate Care and Holistic Cure at ORO House Malibu Rehab

Compassion and empathy are important qualities for caregivers while dealing with victims of substance abuse. This is according to the ORO House Malibu Rehab philosophy, whose aim is to help individuals return to their normal, active life after going through the customized treatment process.

All patients at the center are treated with dignity to help them regain their confidence and self-respect. Besides, participating in several activities helps them to stay off from distractions. They are also entrusted with helping others to recover.

An important step is the identification of the cause of addiction and a prescription treatment based on the same. They may be separate reasons for different individuals to get addicted to alcohol or drugs, and the treatment needs to be customized to suit each one instead of generic treatment.

What is Different at Oro House Malibu Rehab

The amenities are designed in such a way that the in-house patients do not miss the comfort of their homes. There are some additional features also which include:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Organic meals available throughout the week
  • Barbeque area outside the rooms
  • Housekeeping services
  • Gym facilities
  • TVs inside rooms

There are a variety of wellness programs like Reiki, massage, yoga, meditation, horse riding, swimming, and hiking expeditions, among others.

Drug testing and monitoring is a crucial part of the treatment process, which is conducted regularly to check the level of improvement and the physical and mental status of the patients. This also ensures a safe and supportive environment at the center.

The center also provides support for patients dealing with mental health problems. Treatment for substance abuse and mental disorders requires long-term monitoring as relapses and re-occurrences happen frequently. They have a Dual Diagnosis Treatment which addresses addiction and mental disorder at the same time.

The treatment program is named SMART Recovery, which is the short form of “Self-Management and Recovery Training.” Based on the requirement of individual patients, one can choose from the following packages:

  • A luxury treatment package consisting of high-end amenities for professionals.
  • A treatment program for young adults who need lots of care and nurturing to face challenges and become addiction-free.

Community-based program

Much emphasis is placed on a community-based system where everybody is involved starting from the doctors, patients, staff, and the management. This is because self-isolation leads to an aggravation of the problem of addiction and mental disorder.

The patients are encouraged to interact freely, share their experiences and also participate in voluntary or social activities in nearby locations. An Alumni program is conducted periodically where patients who have recovered and returned to their normal life get a chance to catch up with their peers. This has a positive effect on individuals currently undergoing treatment.

As part of the treatment process, ORO house collaborates with the victim’s family or close ones. They work together towards sorting out the problems that led to addiction and provide treatment for de-addiction. It also includes the rebuilding of a relationship or helps the victim to work on the problem areas in his or her career or deal with stress.

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