Cookies: What are they and should you always accept collection of your data?

As a webshop owner there are many things you need to be aware of. One of the most important things is of course to be aware that your business is making money by selling your products or services. Even local stores need to have an online webshop to meet the online demand of products and services.

When running a webshop there are one specific important thing that many business owners are not paying attention to – data privacy and Cookie compliance.

Webshops need to be aware of cookie compliance since data privacy law enforcements has been made to protect the users. But what is cookies and why is it so important to inform about the collection of them? And what should a webshop do to comply with the data privacy law enforcement?

In this article we will give you the answer.

What are cookies and why do webshops have to inform about the collection of data?

Many people don’t know what cookies really are and if they should accept them. Therefore, it is very important to know what cookies really are.

Cookies are small text files that is collected by the website you are visiting. Afterwards, these text files are sent to your device, which is why you can see your previous visited websites and browser history.

So, what we know now is that websites are collecting your data when using their website. That comes with a great responsibility since data is very valuable for third parts, who seek to use personal data to commercial purposes.

Therefore, they need to inform the visitors on their website which data they are collecting and who will gain access to the collected data. You must keep in mind that not all cookies are the same. Some cookies are placed by first parties and other are places by third parties – like advertisers.

Therefore, the main purpose of the different data privacy law enforcements is to give the users control over their own data and if they allow the specific website to collect their data.

How can a website comply with the demands of the data privacy law enforcements?

One of the best ways for websites to comply with the data privacy law enforcements if to have an automatic pop up cookie banner on the website. The great thing about an automatic cookie banner it that it pops up on the website as the first thing. Thereby, the user must accept the terms of use end data collection on the website before entering.

It is a very great way to comply with the law enforcement both for the website end the user since the user gets the complete control of weather, they allow the collection of data or not.

Do you have to accept all kinds of cookies?

Now there is only one question left to ask. Do you have to accept all kinds of cookies without hesitating?

The short answer is no. First of all, you have to find out which kind of cookies you have to accept to enter the website and which kind you can leave out.

Websites gives you the option of choosing which kinds of cookies you wish to accept. Here you have the option of leaving out the cookies that you don’t want them to collect.

However, cookies will often benefit you and make your life easier. When websites remember your login information and username it is because of cookies. Also, when your items on your shopping cart on a webshop doesn’t disappear when you leave the page you can thank cookies.

Therefore, there is not an answer whether you should accept all kinds of cookies. You should always read the cookie policy on the website before entering.

Written by Eric

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