Deanna Brown Thomas: A Dynamic Force in Philanthropy and Music Heritage

Real Name:Deanna Brown Thomas
Birthday:January 2, 1969
Net Worth$2 million
Occupation:American Singer, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Radio & TV Personality, Actress, Writer, Daughter of James Brown

Deanna Brown Thomas is the daughter of legendary singer James Brown and his second wife, Deidre Jenkins. Born into a family rich in musical talent and history, Deanna has made strides in various career paths. These include working as a radio and TV personality, actress, entrepreneur, and humanitarian.

Deanna Brown Thomas married Shawn Thomas, a businessman, with whom she shares a son. Her net worth is estimated at around $2 million, some of which she inherited from her father. Beyond her personal life and career pursuits, Deanna has also been actively involved in continuing the legacy of her father, James Brown.

Deanna has been dedicated to working towards the preservation of her father’s influence in the music industry and beyond. She has participated in events honoring James Brown and has spoken about the impact his music has had on society and culture. Through her efforts, Deanna Brown Thomas has demonstrated a strong commitment to keeping the spirit of her father alive and ensuring that his music remains an essential part of global culture.

Early Life and Education

Deanna Brown was born on January 2, 1969, in Queens, New York, United States. She is the daughter of the legendary musician James Brown, also known as the Godfather of Soul, and Deidre Jenkins. Growing up, Deanna was surrounded by a musically inclined family, which played a significant role in shaping her career.

Influence of James Brown

As the daughter of James Brown, Deanna was exposed to the music industry at a young age. She learned the ins and outs of the industry by working closely with her father and observing his work as a musician and entertainer. This exposure and influence ingrained in her a deep appreciation for music and the importance of giving back to the community. Today, Deanna Brown-Thomas is a radio and TV personality, as well as an entrepreneur and humanitarian.

Deanna’s education played a crucial role in her ability to navigate the entertainment industry and establish a career of her own. While information about her specific schooling is scarce, it is clear that her upbringing in a musically rich environment provided her with the necessary foundation to succeed in the world of entertainment. *Specific details about her education might be garnered through further research.

With the support and guidance of her father, Deanna Brown-Thomas was able to embark on a successful career, following in the footsteps of her iconic father, James Brown. As such, Deanna’s story underscores the lasting impact that a strong family influence and a passion for music can have on one’s life and career.

Career Achievements

Music Industry

Deanna Brown Thomas, the daughter of the legendary James Brown, has been immersed in the music industry from an early age. Growing up around her father, she learned many aspects of the business. As an adult, Deanna continued her involvement in the industry by taking on various roles within James Brown Enterprises.


Deanna Brown-Thomas has built a noteworthy career in the broadcasting world. She has worked as a radio and TV personality, gaining experience and recognition in both mediums. At CBS Affiliate WRDW, Deanna held a position behind the scenes, leveraging her knowledge of the music and entertainment sectors.

She transitioned to radio, working with Radio One to help preserve the legacy of WERD, the first Black-owned radio station in the United States. Deanna also contributed to WAAW, a radio station close to her hometown.


Deanna’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop at James Brown Enterprises. She has ventured into various businesses, showcasing her impressive skills as an entrepreneur. Deanna founded and managed T&T Transportation, a trucking company, and also co-owned Val-U Furniture, a successful furniture store.

Throughout her varied career, Deanna Brown-Thomas has skillfully combined her background in the music industry, her passion for broadcasting, and her talent for entrepreneurship to achieve remarkable successes in each of these arenas.

Philanthropic Endeavors

James Brown Family Foundation

The James Brown Family Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Deanna Brown Thomas. It is dedicated to preserving the legacy of her father, the legendary performer James Brown, and supporting various community initiatives. The foundation’s mission is to positively impact the lives of impoverished families and provide assistance to those in need.

Community Initiatives

Deanna Brown Thomas, through the James Brown Family Foundation, organizes various community initiatives, such as the James Brown Turkey and Toy Giveaways. These events provide Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas toys to families in need, ensuring they can celebrate these holidays in a dignified manner. The foundation also works with other organizations and artists, such as The Deele, Louise Shropshire, and Philippé Wynne, to collaborate on projects that benefit the community.

Educational Support

Investing in education is one of the core values of the James Brown Family Foundation. The foundation offers music scholarships to talented students from low-income backgrounds to empower and inspire young musicians to continue their education with the support they need. Deanna Brown Thomas also established the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils (J.A.M.P), which is aimed at promoting music education and providing opportunities for students to develop their musical talents.

In addition to these efforts, Deanna is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, an organization that heavily supports educational initiatives and offers scholarships to students. Furthermore, the foundation reaches out to other educational entities like the Brown Family Children’s Foundation to further the cause of quality education for children.

Religious and Community Involvement

Church Activities

Deanna Brown Thomas is actively involved in her church, the Carpentersville Baptist Church. She takes part in various religious and social activities, supporting the community’s spiritual growth and wellbeing. As a dedicated member of the church, Deanna serves as a Trustee, which highlights her commitment to the Christian faith and her congregation’s needs.

Local Community Engagement

In addition to her church involvement, Deanna Brown Thomas dedicates her time and energy to local community engagement, focusing primarily on humanitarian causes. Through her participation in The Christian Education Ministry, Deanna actively contributes not only to the spiritual education of children in the community, but also to the overall development and improvement of their lives.

Her various efforts in helping the community include:

  • Partnerships with local organizations: Deanna collaborates with several organizations to provide assistance to those in need, promoting a sense of unity and collective responsibility.
  • Educational initiatives: She supports educational projects that aim to enlighten the younger generation, empowering them to become responsible individuals and inspiring them to give back to their community.
  • Charitable actions: As a compassionate and caring individual, Deanna Brown Thomas engages in various charitable activities, providing direct support and assistance to those less fortunate, reflecting her strong humanitarian values.

Through her religious and community involvement, Deanna Brown Thomas plays an important role in the lives of many, exemplifying the values and principles her father, James Brown, instilled in her.

Advocacy and Legacy Projects

Museum Contributions

Deanna Brown Thomas, daughter of the legendary James Brown, actively preserves her father’s legacy. As the president of the James Brown Family Foundation, she assists underprivileged children and impoverished families in Brown’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Among her various contributions, she played a crucial role in showcasing her father’s memorabilia at the Augusta Museum of History. Her appearances as a TV Personality and Actress help amplify the impact of her advocacy work.

Historical Recognition

Deanna Brown Thomas has not only preserved her father’s legacy through museum contributions but also in their efforts to gain historical recognition. A remarkable achievement was securing James Brown’s induction into the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame. This prestigious honor celebrates Mr. Dynamite for his significant contributions to the music industry, specifically in the genres of funk and soul.

Inductees Notable Achievements
James Brown Mr. Dynamite, King Records, Funk Pioneer

Furthermore, Deanna Brown Thomas was present at the Grand Opening of the Andrew J. Brady Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This event not only commemorated James Brown’s influence on the music scene but also served as a platform to announce the highly anticipated Biopic about the life and career of the Godfather of Soul.

Personal Achievements

Dr. Deanna Brown-Thomas has made a significant impact in various fields, including broadcasting, charity works, and preserving her father’s legacy. Backed by her academic background and unwavering dedication, Deanna has earned numerous accolades along the way.

Education and Recognition

Dr. Deanna Brown-Thomas attended the Columbia School of Broadcasting, where she honed her skills as a media personality. Armed with the knowledge and experience gained from her studies, she has embarked on a successful career in radio and television.

In addition to her role in the media and entertainment industry, Deanna has worked tirelessly to preserve the memory of her father, the legendary funk icon James Brown. She established the James Brown Family Foundation and continues to lead numerous initiatives that further her father’s legacy.

Notable achievements related to James Brown’s legacy preservation include:

  • The inauguration of the James Brown Academy of Musik Pupils (JAMP), a year-round program that nurtures young musicians through her father’s music and vision.
  • The spearheading of the annual James Brown Turkey Giveaway, which provides holiday meals to underserved families in Augusta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas.
  • The promotion and celebration of her father’s influences in music, art, and culture.

Throughout her career, Dr. Deanna Brown-Thomas has received various recognitions and honors due to her outstanding achievements. Among these distinctions are:

  • Her appointment as an ambassador for the Afro-Latin Arts & Cultural Icons: A Global Exchange exhibition in 2021.
  • Her advocacy for the establishment of the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame, which honors Black musicians and artists, including James Brown.

Dr. Deanna Brown-Thomas’ accomplishments undoubtedly illustrate her commitment to her father’s legacy, the promotion of music education, and the betterment of her community. With a confident and knowledgeable demeanor, she continues to forge a path marked by success in her personal and professional pursuits.

Business Ventures

Deanna Brown Thomas, daughter of the legendary James Brown, has followed in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps by establishing various business ventures. This section highlights her accomplishments in media ownership and furniture and transport services.

Media Ownership

Deanna, along with her husband Shawn Thomas, have ventured into the media industry by managing a number of radio stations. These stations are a part of the James Brown Enterprises, continuing the legacy left by her father. James Brown was known to have had a significant impact in the broadcasting sphere, having established several radio stations during his lifetime. Deanna and Shawn work together to preserve and expand this essential aspect of her father’s legacy.

Furniture and Transport Services

In addition to media ownership, Deanna Brown Thomas and Shawn Thomas have also diversified their business portfolio with ventures in furniture and transportation services. Their joint efforts have led to the establishment of the Val-U Furniture and T&T Transportation companies.

Val-U Furniture offers a wide range of furniture items to meet the diverse needs of customers, combining both quality and value.

T&T Transportation, on the other hand, provides reliable transportation services to the community. It aims to offer convenience and comfort to its clients through its well-maintained fleet of vehicles and competent drivers. This company reflects Deanna’s commitment to giving back to the community her father cherished.

These business ventures demonstrate Deanna Brown Thomas’ drive to preserve her father’s legacy while also carving out her path in the world of entrepreneurship. With her husband Shawn as a supportive partner, Deanna continues to make her mark in various industries and contribute to the community that her family holds dear.

Community Programs and Services

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Deanna Brown-Thomas is actively engaged in promoting health and wellness initiatives in the Augusta, Georgia area. Through the James Brown Family Foundation (JBFF), she collaborates with the Richmond County Health Department to create health awareness programs in the community. These programs aim to educate citizens on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking preventative measures, and seeking early intervention when needed.

The JBFF organizes charitable fundraisers to provide essential resources for these outreach programs as well as partners with local health organizations. In doing so, the foundation plays a crucial role in enhancing the health and well-being of Augusta residents.

Youth and Family Support

Recognizing the importance of nurturing the family unit and supporting the next generation, Deanna Brown-Thomas has been instrumental in establishing youth centers throughout Augusta. These centers offer a safe, positive environment for young people to grow and learn. They provide various resources and services such as:

  • Educational Assistance: Tutoring, mentorship, and after-school programs to help youths excel in their studies.
  • Social Engagement: Activities and events that encourage community participation, socializing, and networking with their peers.
  • Recreational Facilities: Sports courts, fitness centers, and game rooms for youths to engage in physical activities, stimulating their physical and mental well-being.

Through her work with the JBFF and as a dedicated member of the Carpentersville Baptist Church, Deanna Brown-Thomas strives to enable families to thrive by offering support and guidance. In doing so, she helps to strengthen the community in Augusta, Georgia, and continues the legacy of her father, James Brown.

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