Delle Bolton – Where is the Actress Now?

Delle Bolton, the renowned actress, is remembered for her pivotal roles in the movie “Jeremiah Johnson” and the TV series “Monk”. Although she has remained a mystery in the Hollywood scene, Bolton’s performances have left an indelible mark on American cinema.


Born Gloria Delle Bolton, the actress is popularly known by her abbreviated name, Delle Bolton. She was born in November 1948 in New York City, USA. Bolton has always maintained a low profile, making it difficult to find detailed information about her early life and family. However, her remarkable performances and contributions to the film industry have made her an unforgettable figure in the world of cinema.

Early Years

Bolton’s initial years remain a mystery due to her preference for privacy. Although she was born in the lively New York City, not much is known about her childhood experiences, educational background, or early aspirations. What is known is that her passion for acting and modeling was evident early on, leading her to take her first steps into the world of entertainment.

Career Breakthrough

Bolton’s first significant acting role came in 1972 when she portrayed the character of Swan in the film “Jeremiah Johnson”, directed by Robert Redford. Her portrayal of the Indian maiden who becomes Johnson’s wife was praised for its authenticity and depth, making the film a classic and earning it a high rating on IMDb. This acting role marked her entry into the industry and set the stage for her future roles.

Appearance in “Monk”

After a three-decade hiatus from acting, Bolton made a striking comeback in 2002. She appeared in a single episode of the American comedy-drama television series “Monk” where she played the character of Mrs Townsend. Her performance, though brief, was well-received and served as a reminder of her immense talent.

Personal Life

While Bolton’s professional life made headlines, she maintained a tight lid on her personal life. She married actor David Colloff, a renowned screenwriter, during the filming of “Jeremiah Johnson” in 1972. The couple’s relationship has always been kept secret, with no information available about any potential offspring. There are some sources citing two daughters, Anya Delle Colloff and Emily Bolton Colloff. But we have no evidence of that to be true.

She doesn’t have a profile on any social media platform. You can say the former TV series star completely disappeared from the public.

Net Worth

Owing to her successful acting career, Bolton has built a substantial net worth over the years. Although she has not disclosed her financial details, estimates suggest that her net worth is around $1.5 million to $2 million. Her primary income source is speculated to be her acting career. She and her husband, actor and screenwriter David Colloff earned a decent amount from the movie industry.

Disappearance and Rumors

After her appearance in “Monk”, Bolton completely vanished from the public eye. This sudden disappearance sparked several rumors, including speculation about her death. The absence of social media profiles further fueled these rumors. However, contradictory reports suggest that Bolton is alive and enjoying a quiet life away from the limelight.


Although Bolton’s filmography is brief, her impact on American cinema is significant. Her role in “Jeremiah Johnson” continues to be highly regarded, and her performance in “Monk” is fondly remembered. In spite of her disappearance from the public eye, her fans continue to celebrate her work and respect her decision to live a private life.


Here are some lesser-known facts about Delle Bolton:

  • Bolton was originally named Gloria Delle Bolton
  • She started her career as a model before transitioning into acting
  • Her first role was in the movie “Jeremiah Johnson” in 1972, where she played the role of Raven Tribe Swan
  • Bolton is of Red-Indian ethnicity
  • She is rumored to be non-vegetarian
  • Bolton’s hobbies include reading, surfing, learning, and photography
  • She was married to American actor David Colloff


In conclusion, Delle Bolton’s life and career are wrapped in mystery. Despite her limited on-screen appearances, she has made a lasting impact on the audience with her performances. Her decision to lead a private life away from the glare of the media has only added to her enigma. Nonetheless, her contributions to the film industry, particularly her unforgettable performance in “Jeremiah Johnson”, continue to be celebrated. Her story serves as a reminder that fame and public recognition are not the only measures of success and that a fulfilling career can also be built away from the public eye.

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