Diane Addonizio: Unveiling Howie Long’s Unsung Partner

Real Name:Diane Addonizio
Birthday:March 16, 1962
Net Worth$1 million - $14 million
Height:176 cm
Occupation:American Businesswoman, Lawyer, Wife of Howie Long

Diane Addonizio may not be a household name, but her life story interweaves with the fabric of American football and legal background.

Hailing from Red Bank, New Jersey, Addonizio carved a niche for herself first by pursuing a degree in classical studies at Villanova University, where she met her future husband, Howie Long.

Her academic journey did not end at Villanova; she furthered her education in law at the University of Southern California, equipping her with the skills that she would later apply in her career as a lawyer in Los Angeles.

Her marriage to Howie Long, an NFL legend and icon in the sport’s broadcasting landscape, positioned her in the spotlight, but Diane Addonizio has cultivated a distinct identity that transcends her association as Howie’s wife.

Throughout the years, her dedication as a supporting spouse and mother has been evident.

The couple’s marriage, since 1982, stands as a testament to their strong relationship, a notable feat in any circle but especially in the world of sports and entertainment where such bonds are often scrutinized.

Key Takeaways

  • Diane Addonizio has a rich educational background in classical studies and law.
  • She has established her own identity while also being recognized for her marriage to Howie Long.
  • Addonizio is known for her long-term marriage and role as a mother within a well-known football family.

Early Life and Education

Diane Addonizio’s formative years, set in the modest town of Red Bank, New Jersey, laid a resilient foundation for her future accomplishments.

Her pursuit of education reflects a deep commitment to classical studies, a passion that shaped her academic journey.

Childhood and Family Background

Diane Addonizio was born into a closely-knit Catholic family in 1962 in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Her father, Frank Addonizio, served his country with valor before joining the ranks of civil service. Diane and her sibling, brother James Addonizio, were raised in an environment that cherished family values and community spirit.

  • Father: Frank Addonizio
  • Brother: James Addonizio (Lawyer)
  • Hometown: Red Bank, New Jersey
  • Religious Upbringing: Catholic

Her early life in Monmouth County was marked by robust family support, which undoubtedly influenced her moral compass and commitment to personal goals.

Academic Pursuits

Diane’s educational journey began in the hallways of academia in Red Bank.

It was at Villanova University where she first delved into the intellectual rigor of classical studies, a field that demands precision and analytical thought.

Her dedication to her studies was evident, and she earned a degree that testified to her disciplined approach to learning.

  • Undergraduate Education: Villanova University
  • Major: Classical Studies

After her undergraduate success, Diane furthered her education at one of the country’s prestigious law institutions.

The University of Southern California School of Law became her academic home where she honed her legal acumen.

  • Law School: University of Southern California
  • Field of Study: Law

Diane Addonizio’s formative years, painted with the warm hues of family and the bright tones of scholarship, embody a narrative that underscores the importance of a solid early foundation in one’s life trajectory.

Personal Life and Family

Diane Addonizio’s personal life is closely intertwined with her long-standing marriage, her role as a mother, and the family’s preference for privacy despite their public status. In this section, we will explore the familial bonds that form the bedrock of her life.

Marriage to Howie Long

Diane Addonizio has been the life companion of Howie Long since June 27, 1982.

They exchanged vows when both were relatively young, with Howie’s NFL career ahead of him.

The bond they share is not just as husband and wife but also as professional confidants; Howie appreciated her legal background, which proved beneficial in handling contractual matters throughout his career.

They now reside in a home away from the hustle of Los Angeles, finding solace in their Virginia mansion.


Addonizio and Long have welcomed three sons into their family — Kyle Long, Chris Long, and Howie Long Jr.

Each has crafted his path, with Chris following in his father’s athletic footsteps into football.

Motherhood for Diane has been about nurturing their children’s individual strengths while instilling family values rooted in their Christian faith.

Private Life

Despite her family’s public prominence, Addonizio places high value on maintaining their privacy.

Away from the media’s reach, the family enjoys a calm lifestyle centered on togetherness.

Diane’s approach to life has been essential in keeping their family grounded through the years amidst the changing tides of fame and fortune.

Written by Tasha