Doreen Dowdall: Famous Because of a High-Profile Marriage

Doreen Dowdall, a name often associated with her high-profile marriage to Irish writer, actor, and producer Brendan OCarroll, has gained considerable attention throughout the years. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Dowdall’s life took an interesting turn when she crossed paths with Brendan during a night out in the city. The couple soon tied the knot in 1977, marking the beginning of a 22-year marriage filled with love and challenges.

As the wife of the famed creator and star of the popular Irish sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys, Doreen’s life was inevitably intertwined with the world of entertainment. Together, they shared four children and became an iconic Irish couple. However, their long-standing marriage came to an end in 1999 when they decided to part ways and pursue their separate paths.

Following the divorce, Doreen Dowdall chose to step away from the limelight by leading a private and discreet life. While much of her current whereabouts remain undisclosed, her past experiences and association with one of Ireland’s most renowned entertainment figures continue to intrigue many.

Personal Life


Doreen Dowdall married the Irish comedian and actor Brendan OCarroll in 1977, after they met in a Dublin club. The couple shared a life together for 22 years, during which Brendan’s career gained momentum.


Doreen and Brendan have four children together: Brendan O’Carroll II, Danny O’Carroll, Eric O’Carroll, and Fiona O’Carroll. Both Danny and Fiona have followed in their father’s footsteps, pursuing careers in acting and currently appearing in the popular TV show, “Mrs. Brown’s Boys.”


In 1999, Doreen Dowdall and Brendan O’Carroll decided to end their marriage after 22 years together. The reasons for their split remain private, but it is worth noting that their separation occurred as Brendan’s career was beginning to take off.

Family and Friends

Doreen Dowdall has maintained a relatively private life post-divorce, and details about her friends, parents, or any new relationships remain scarce. Nevertheless, it is evident that her children, particularly her two acting sons, Danny and Fiona, have been successful in their chosen careers.

Career Journey

Acting Career

Doreen Dowdall is known for her association with her ex-husband, Irish writer, actor, and producer, Brendan O’Carroll. Although not as well-known as Brendan, Doreen has led an interesting career journey in her own right. However, specifics about her acting career are limited, as she has mainly been recognized for her connection to Brendan and his successful projects.

Brendan, on the other hand, has a flourishing acting career and is best known for his work in the popular BBC sitcom, “Mrs. Brown’s Boys”. He not only stars as the main character, Agnes Brown, but also serves as a writer and producer for the show. Brendan has appeared on other TV programs as well, such as “The Graham Norton Show” on BBC One.

Author Career

While there is not much information on Doreen’s career as an author, her ex-husband Brendan O’Carroll has explored this field extensively. Apart from being a successful comedian and actor, Brendan has made a name for himself as an Irish writer. He is known for authoring the “Mrs. Brown” series, which forms the basis of the Mrs. Brown’s Boys sitcom. Additionally, Brendan has an authorized biography titled “The Real Mrs. Brown,” which was published in 2013.

As an acclaimed writer and actor, Brendan O’Carroll has received numerous accolades, including a BAFTA. His unique mix of humor and engaging storytelling has made him a recognized figure in BBC comedy. Both his acting and author careers have been influential in shaping the contemporary comedy landscape on television.

Brendan O’Carroll Relationship

First Marriage

Brendan O’Carroll, an Irish actor and well-known for his role in Mrs. Brown’s Boys, first met Doreen Dowdall on a night out in Dublin, Ireland. They married in 1977 and had four children together: Danny O’Carroll, Fiona O’Carroll, Brendan O’Carroll II, and Eric O’Carroll. Brendan and Doreen’s 22-year-long marriage ended in a divorce in 1999. During this time, Brendan O’Carroll’s net worth was still growing, as his biography would highlight his career success later on. Despite their divorce, Brendan and Doreen’s children, particularly Danny and Fiona, continued to work with their father on the popular TV show, Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

Second Marriage

Brendan O’Carroll found love again with his co-star, Jennifer Gibney, whom he met while working on Mrs. Brown’s Boys. Their love story began as a professional collaboration, which later turned into a personal one. In 2005, Brendan and Jennifer got married in the United States of America, celebrating their love and commitment to one another.

Throughout their marriage, Brendan and Jennifer have remained strong as a couple and as professional partners. They share the limelight, especially in the context of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, where Jennifer plays the role of Cathy Brown, Brendan’s on-screen daughter. Their harmonious partnership has contributed significantly to the success of the show and further increased Brendan O’Carroll’s net worth.

The story of Brendan O’Carroll’s relationships showcases his journey through love, heartache, and eventual stability. With his first wife, Doreen Dowdall, he welcomed four children, built a family, and experienced the pain of divorce. However, through this journey, he found a deeper love and connection with his second wife, Jennifer Gibney, proving that love can emerge from unlikely circumstances.

Social Media Presence

Doreen Dowdall, once married to renowned Irish comedian and actor Brendan O’Carroll, has maintained a low profile since their divorce in 1999. Unlike many celebrity figures, her presence on social media platforms is almost non-existent. This discreet approach to her online persona is in stark contrast to her ex-husband, who remains active in the public eye with his role in the popular BBC series Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

While social media platforms serve as a means for many celebrities to engage with their fans, Doreen has chosen to withdraw from this form of interaction. As a private individual, she opts to steer clear of the limelight and focus on her personal life with little to no public interference.

In today’s digital age, it is uncommon for individuals connected to famous personalities to maintain such a minimal online presence. However, Doreen Dowdall’s decision to refrain from social media usage allows her to maintain her privacy and lead a life away from the glaring scrutiny that often accompanies the world of fame and celebrity.

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