Research Gives Dr. Dov Rand the Edge in E.D. and Hormone Treatment

As the pace of medical discoveries in science reaches ever-increasing speeds, effective new treatments for a variety of conditions have emerged. Chief amongst these conditions are erectile dysfunction and hormone disorders. New treatments offer innovative solutions for patients who are seeking to alleviate these conditions that have previously necessitated the prescription of drugs or even surgeries, which carry with them the risk of dangerous side effects. That’s why some of the leading doctors in the field today use emerging research-based medicine to treat patients. To learn more about this trend, we took a look at Dr. Dov Rand, a specialist known for his use of scientific research. Read on to see how he runs his practice and helps to heal a range of disorders.

Private practice

Dr. Dov Rand runs his practice, The Healthy Aging Medical Centers, where he places a large degree of emphasis on preventative medicine and alleviating the root cause of an illness. His practice’s approach is known as a concierge service since it seeks to address the full range of a patient’s issues and provide maximum availability of the doctor’s time. To this end he spends a much higher amount of time with patients than many other practices and even makes himself available after leaving the office via telephone or email.

In addition to a higher degree of availability, the doctor is known for his dedication to studying emerging research in the field of medicine. One of the primary ways he accomplishes this is through reading scientific studies and journals, which will often highlight exciting trends in the field. He also habitually attends conferences and other meetings of scientific minds in order to speak in person to the people conducting the research. This not only gives the doctor a better understanding of discoveries that could be relevant to his practice, but also gives him the ability to engage in direct dialogue with the people who know that information best.

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Treatment of erectile dysfunction

One common disorder that the doctor treats is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection. This condition is extremely widespread as men age, with approximately forty percent of men experiencing it at some point in their lifetime. The disorder is viewed as somewhat difficult to treat at a root level since it can often be caused by a number of different issues. This is due to the nature of how an erection is achieved, with the nervous system, vascular system, and muscular system all playing a role in the process.

Up until recently the treatment of the condition has focused mainly on alleviating the symptoms experienced by patients. This often entailed the prescription of drugs such as Viagra or Cialis that seek to increase the levels of blood flow to the penis. While these medications can often be effective, they also carry with them some side effects that can be quite severe or even dangerous. In addition to side effects, many patients would find that the efficacy of the medication decreased with prolonged usage.

New treatments

In order to more effectively treat the above disorder, the doctor employs a number of treatments at his practice that seek to treat it at its root cause, rather than just treating the symptoms. One key treatment that has emerged in this respect is known as GAINSWave therapy. This new therapy employs the use of shockwaves to a patient’s penis in short sessions conducted many weeks apart. A large number of patients report increased frequency and duration of erections after receiving the treatment. The hardness of a typical erection experienced by patients is also increased.

The benefits experienced by shockwave therapy are due in part to a process known as angiogenesis. Since erections are, among other things, a result of the flow of blood to the penis, the health and number of blood vessels in the male member has a direct effect on erectile success. Shockwave therapy has been shown to increase the capacity and effectiveness of vessels in a manner that creates more voluminous blood flow to the penis. This in turn increases quality of erections for patients who undergo the treatment.

Hormone therapy

Another treatment offered at the practice is that of bioidentical hormone therapy. While hormone therapy has been in use for some time, past uses of the practice have involved synthetic hormones that seek to approximately emulate the hormones found naturally in a person’s body. The treatment has been used to treat a number of issues such as obesity, depression, sexual dysfunction, and more. Though many practitioners have experienced success with such treatments in the past, their efficacy has always been hampered by the degree to which synthetic hormones have been unable to fully mimic the composition of natural hormones.

At The Healthy Aging Medical Centers, the use of bioidentical hormone therapy allows staff to more effectively treat a range of hormonal issues. This method of hormone treatment more closely replicates the hormones naturally found in a patient’s body and has been shown to achieve extremely positive results in many cases. This type of treatment can again be used in the alleviation of erectile dysfunction, as hormonal imbalances have been shown to be the root cause of some forms of the disorder. Men with low testosterone who undergo the treatment often see a marked increase in their ability to achieve and maintain an erection, as well as improvements in other areas of their life.

With scientific research uncovering new and exciting treatments at a regular pace, practitioners of modern medicine have numerous options available to them with which to help heal their patients. Health professionals such as Dr. Dov Rand, who keep themselves abreast of the most recent advances being discovered in the field find themselves increasingly better equipped to do their jobs. Patients and doctors alike who are interested in the most effective treatments that can be offered would do well to undertake practices like the ones highlighted above and dive into research that can help take new approaches to age-old issues.

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