New Research, by Dr. Dov Rand, Shows How Bioidentical Hormone Imbalances Can Affect Aging

Dr. Dov Johanan Rand has been President of Healthy Aging Medical Centers since 2010. He uses an integrative and regenerative approach to treating his patients with medical issues related to aging. In his practice, he creates individualized therapies that prevent disease and restore the health and vitality that his patients had in their younger years.

At Healthy Aging Medical Centers, the staff focuses on exercise, nutrition and hormone levels for the treatment of aging.

Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Dov Rand explains that everyone has good hormones and bad hormones. The amount of bad hormones in people’s bloodstreams increases as they age, but their levels of good hormones will decrease at the same time. Some examples of bad hormones are the insulin that stores fat and the stress hormone cortisol. The good hormones include DHEA, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, progesterone and human growth hormone.

When Dr. Dov Rand restores a balance between these hormones, his patients have more energy, strength, and stamina (YouTube). In addition, they are not suffering from depression as often. These patients also receive other health benefits, such as a reduction in the incidences of cancer. Their cholesterol levels go down, and they are not as susceptible to heart disease.

Dr. Dov Rand treats patients who are complaining of several aging-related conditions, including vaginal dryness, poor memory, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, fatigue, muscle atrophy, weight gain, mental fogginess, hot flashes, low libido, andropause symptoms, menopause symptoms, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, depression and anxiety.

Dr. Dov Rand’s Solution

Dr. Dov Rand brings the patient’s good hormones back to the upper quartile of the range, and his or her health is improved significantly. He does this by administering bioidentical hormones to the patient. There are synthetic hormones on the market right now, but these are inferior to the bioidentical hormones that Dr. Rand promotes.

The problem with synthetic hormones is that research has shown that these substances are dangerous to human beings. A direct correlation has been discovered between synthetic hormones and significant health problems. Bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, have been determined to be “safe and effective.”

The other part of Dr. Dov Rand’s solution is “exercise.” He suggests that his patients engage in cardiovascular exercises to increase lung capacity. He also stresses the fact that strength training is also necessary because a human being needs to increase his or her lean body mass. An increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat will work to prevent diseases such as metabolic-related problems and diabetes.

IV Therapy Protocols

The staff at Healthy Aging Medical Centers employs IV Nutrient Therapy to bring patients’ hormone levels to their highest levels. It is part of a comprehensive wellness program that all patients are welcome to take advantage of when they visit the center.

In order for the staff to know exactly what a patient needs, he or she will need to undergo a blood test. After the analysis has been done, the staff can introduce the patient to a better diet and also suggest an exercise program. Since everyone’s body is different, the staff will need to perform a full assessment so that they can find the perfect solution for each individual person.

Also included in the blood testing is genetic testing. The blood will be examined for the markers that indicate that a patient is susceptible to conditions like heart disease, obesity, and cancer. The blood can also be checked for vitamin deficiencies. In the event that a deficiency is found, the patient will be offered an IV treatment option.

HCG Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Dov Rand believes that the HCG diet will help people who have a significant amount of weight to lose. It would also be an excellent choice for those who have stubborn fat that they have not been able to lose in any other way. Specifically, it is for those who are not losing any weight by dieting and exercising alone.

The problem has been that a majority of the diets don’t work, or they are extremely dangerous. Rather than work with the body, these dangerous diets work against it, and that isn’t a good thing. The HCG diet is different because it isn’t working against the body, and the results have staying power. A British physician developed the diet in 1954, so it cannot be described as a “fad diet.”

HCG Explained

HCG stands for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin,” and it is a hormone that the body creates when a woman is expecting a child. This hormone helps the embryo develop after it has been conceived, and research has shown that this very same hormone stops the muscles from deteriorating when someone is on a diet.

The HCG diet has a very positive attribute that causes many people to favor it. The fact is that this diet works very quickly. In most cases, each participant in the diet loses half a pound or even 1 pound each day that he or she follows the diet. Some dieters have even lost more weight. This diet only allows dieters to take in a minimal amount of calories, but the dieters were surprised that they didn’t feel as hungry as they expected to feel even though this was the case. The truth is that the HCG supplement also helps to suppress patients’ appetite so that they do not have any difficulty consuming fewer calories.

The HCG diet provides several benefits for the people who use it, and they include lower insulin levels, a boost in self-confidence, more energy, better health, a reconstituted metabolism, better-eating habits and accelerated weight loss.

Men’s Needs

Dr. Dov Rand also addresses the needs that men have where aging is concerned, and he has solutions for them. Along with andropause treatment, men can also receive male hormone optimization therapy and take part in men’s health and wellness programs. Both genders may participate in anti-aging and age management services as well as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Dr. Dov Rand attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he earned his Doctor of Medicine. He has been certified by the Antiaging Medical Board in Anti-Aging Medicine.

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