Dr. Jose Desena – How Much Do You Know About The Infamous Plastic Surgeon?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Desena is known for making modifications to the skin and other areas of the face. He is mostly known for performing facial surgery. And he appeared on the internet at the right time, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the pandemic, there has been an increase in plastic surgery, with more people Googling his name.

Jose Desena professes to be a surgeon, but how good is he? Has he been involved in any incident? Why all the hype about him? Let’s find out.

Women in the past several years have started traveling to other countries outside of the US for plastic surgeries. One of the reasons for that is the price, which is much lower than in the United States. That is why you see places like Brazil and the Dominican Republic excel in tourists for surgeries.

Who Is Dr. Jose Desena?

According to sources, Dr. Jose specialized in liposuction, tummy cosmetic surgery, and other surgeries.

He lives and operates in the Dominican Republic, a popular destination for people looking to get plastic surgery on a budget.

And Dr. Desena had a lot of patients from neighboring countries coming to him for assistance. His experience and knowledge as a plastic surgeon have been discussed often.

Yet, his woes began in 2020 during the pandemic situation. A lady who came to his clinic for surgery died, and the body of the patient was kept due to undisclosed reasons by the clinic.

Jose told relatives that it was a natural death. They, however, sensed foul play and accused Jose Desena of having a hand in the death of the patient.

That situation served as a torch, lighting the way for other patients and people on the social media platform Instagram to draw allegations against the terrible doctor.

One commentator wrote, “If Desena’s operating table has led to burned skin, intense pain, flesh-eating disease, and for some even death. So, can he be held liable for what is happening to his American patients? Should people be going out of the U.S. for plastic surgery?”

Dr. Jose Desena is responsible for all the plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Why Do People Search For Dr. Jose Desena?

Cosmetic surgery can shape your body. The prices for such a procedure in the United States are relatively high, and only celebrities and wealthy people can afford them.

This is why people in the US have started searching for alternatives. The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for cosmetic surgery because of the low cost. The country attracts many visitors from the US for cosmetic surgery.

Sadly, not all of these procedures have gone smoothly. Dr. Jose is a man marketed as a surgeon specializing in liposuction, cosmetic gastric bypass surgery, and many more procedures. He claims to have good experience and deep knowledge as a plastic surgeon.

He is, in fact, a neurologist specializing in his practice in the Dominican Republic. What you might not understand is that the Dominican Republic is one of the largest centers for plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Desena, for example, is famous for creating innovative procedures like Brazilian butt lifts and liposuction tummy tucks. He also performs a variety of other aesthetic treatment procedures.

The Controversy

Jose came into the spotlight during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, a woman died on his table. The woman in question was a 31-year-old Indianapolis citizen who died after a BBL surgery (Brazilian butt lift) in the Dominican Republic.

Sugar Terry did what most women are doing these days. That is going overseas for the famous Brazilian facelift, which also included a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure.

According to sources, Sugarflew out of the country with her childhood friend, Carlesha Williams, who also had surgery. Carlesha said the procedure was performed by Dr. Jose Desena of the San Lucas Institute.

Both she and Sugar experienced a lot of pain and discomfort after the surgery, but Sugar’s pain worsened the next day.

Sugar is not the only patient that has had trouble. Many others have followed, claiming that he is a very careless surgeon.

Crystal Jones was another patient that underwent a cosmetic procedure due to third-degree burns on her body. She filed a complaint because she told the doctor the problem was not serious, yet he mistreated her. What resulted after the procedure was a lot of pain.

Crystal and Sugar are two of the victims of the dangerous doctor. But you can find many more on social media.

Once the backlash began, more and more people confessed their stories and shared their experiences with the infamous doctor.

Dr. Desena can be classified as a dangerous doctor. But the biggest problem was that they kept the details of the operation hidden from the family. And even told them that the woman died of natural death.

It is only logical that people on social media are asking if his surgical procedure can cause skin irritation, burns, severe pain, and even death, should American patients leave the US for plastic surgery?

According to some sources, he is responsible for all plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic. Considering the fact that the Dominican is about 5 hours away by plane, US citizens are still going there for surgical procedures.

The prices there are much lower than in the United States.

Jose Desena On Social Media

Despite the backlash in 2020, Dr. Jose Desena is still active on social media. You can find him on Instagram under the profile Dr. Desena. He has more than 70k followers, and so far, has posted more than 750 times.

Most of the posts are before and after pictures of his patients. His Instagram profile reads, “Jose Desena, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, DR Transformation King”.

Why The Hype?

So, why all the hype about Dr. Deena? The infamous plastic surgeon became a trending figure on the Internet in 2020. Everything changed after a woman who visited his clinic for surgery perished, amid the pandemic.

The clinic kept the patient’s body for unexplained reasons, and after determining the cause of death, Dr. Jose informed the family it was of natural cause.

Yet, the family believed he had something to do with it, and then backlash on social media started.

What happens during the procedure in question? The surgeon slices the organs during the procedure, which may result in permanent harm or even death.

According to some sources, more than 100 people died as a result of the treatments carried out by Dr. Desena.

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