Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME Enters Atlanta Scene

For someone who has worked hard to earn an M. D. and an M. B. A., it is no surprise that Dr. Mark McKenna has tried to find a way to utilize his experiences in the world of medicine and business. This March, McKenna is launching a brand new medical aesthetic business known as OVME.

The Background

Dr. Mark McKenna has had an interest in the medical industry throughout his entire life. It was this love of helping others that motivated him to graduate from Tulane Medical School.

But shortly after graduation, McKenna decided to begin working in the real estate industry. He worked hard and built up one of the more successful real estate firms in Louisiana, but unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina devastated much of what he owned.

Because Dr. McKenna still had an interest in the medical industry, he decided to continue on with his entrepreneurial spirit and begin working on a new company. McKenna’s first medical endeavor was known as ShapeMed. This company quickly accumulated value over time and was eventually purchased by Lifetime Fitness in the year 2015.

Following the successful sale of ShapeMed, McKenna began to recognize his role as industry innovator. He saw no reason to limit himself to only working in the medical field or only working as an entrepreneur. With the spirit of a true American innovator, McKenna sought to be a disruptive source of change.

The organization OVME is one that is truly trying to revolutionize the medical cosmetic industry as a whole. By drawing on his experience with multiple different business endeavors, McKenna hopes to lead the organization into the future.

The Company

There are a wide variety of different things that make OVME a unique organization. Though there are plenty of other organizations who administer various Botox treatments, OVME aspires to provide these treatments in a way that is more customer focused than ever before.

OVME has designed a new mobile app that can be used to find and coordinate meetings with Botox doctors are all around the greater Atlanta area. Instead of having to work around the needs of someone else, the doctors who work with OVME allow the customer to be the one who has the final say.

The best thing about OVME is not only can these meetings with Botox doctors be scheduled via your phone, the doctors will actually come to your home to do the administering. The open market aspect of OVME helps assure you can get the most fairly priced Botox treatments possible and the customer focused aspect assures you will also get the best treatment possible.

There are a lot of different reasons to be excited about the opening of OVME this March. Dr. McKenna has clearly found a way to dramatically improve the industry. But just because he has already positioned himself at the forefront of innovation, that doesn’t mean he is going to stop thinking about new ways to make things better.

The Studio

In addition to the development of the mobile application, OVME has also decided to open a cosmetic service boutique as well. The boutique building is planned to open in Buckhead (North Atlanta) on Thursday, March 1st.

The building will have approximately 1,500 square feet of floor space and will be located at 3167 Peachtree Road NE. Dr. McKenna and his team believe that the development of this unique space will make their organization more accessible and also give individuals an opportunity to receive treatment somewhere other than their own home (if they want to).

The entire OVME experience is designed to be minimally invasive, meaning that trips to the main location in Buckhead will not necessarily require that much of a time commitment. The building includes four rooms that are designated for treatment, a consultation area, and a tastefully designed lobby.

The lobby will showcase a variety of different cosmetic products and give clients a space to relax either before or after their Botox treatments. The space is well-lit with plenty of windows, complete with a sheik exterior and places to sit outside.

 The Strategy

One of the reasons that many people believe OVME is going to be so exceptionally successful is the amount of effort they have put into designing the entire organization. Dr. Mark McKenna and has team have sought to deeply understand every single component of the medical aesthetic consumer experience.

Every element of the company has been designed to benefit the customers in some way. For example, McKenna recognized the pain points that many consumers were experiencing (hassle, inconvenience, lack of choice), and sought to improve the way that Botox services could be delivered.

If you are new to the Botox scene, you have nothing to worry about. The knowledgeable staff you will find at OVME can help educated you, find workable solutions, and recommend the brands and treatment types they believe will leave you the most satisfied. Putting the customer first in every element of a business is something that may require a little more work, but it is something that is undeniably going to pay off as time goes on.

The Future

The reason why those who live in Buckhead—and every part of Atlanta, for that matter—certainly have a lot to be excited about. We are rapidly moving into a new era of consumer experiences where the consumer is made the top priority.

Dr. McKenna and his experienced and well-trained staff cannot wait for OVME to open this March. Each element of the company offers consumers a unique source of value. The app enables consumers to have choice and control over their cosmetic experience. The studio enables consumers to receive treatments in a well-crafted and accessible environment.

But though the app and the studio are certainly things worth getting excited about, the thing that clearly positions OVME above and beyond the competition is the innovative team that makes it all possible. Led by Dr. McKenna, this team has clearly demonstrated that the aesthetic cosmetic industry is changing for the better.

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