Dylan Starr Williams – Half-Brother Of Serena And Venus Williams

Real Name:Dylan Starr Williams
Birthday:August 2012
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Son of Richard Williams, Half-Brother of Serena and Venus Williams

You only need one celebrity parent in Hollywood to be considered a star. And Dylan Starr Williams has a celebrity father and celebrity sisters. He is the half-brother of tennis players Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

His two half-sisters conquered the world of tennis. Dylan was drawn into the spotlight when his mother married Richard Williams and gave birth to Dylan.

Marrying into a celebrity family is a big thing in Hollywood, and Dylan was put into the spotlight, even more, when his parents decided to get a divorce.

Who Is His Father?

Dylan is the son of Richard Williams, a former American tennis coach, and the father of Venus and Serena Williams.

Born Richard Dove Williams Jr in February 1942, he is the oldest of five children and the only son of Julia Mae and Richard Dove Williams.

His younger sisters include Pat Williams, Barbara Williams, Penny Williams, and Faye Williams. Following his graduation from high school, he moved to Saginaw, Michigan, and eventually to California.

He took tennis lessons from a man known as Old Whiskey. After seeing Virginia Ruzici play tennis on television, he decided that his future daughters would be professional tennis players.

He wrote an 85-page plan and started giving lessons to both Williams sisters. At the time, they were only four years old, and he took them to practice on public tennis courts.

Later in his life, Richard admitted that he took his daughters too soon, and age six would have been more suitable. In 1995, he withdrew them from a tennis academy and decided to coach them himself.

Several years later, they started winning Grand Slam tournaments. Serena won her first title at the US Open in 1991 and Venus took the 2000 Wimbledon title. In total, they have 30 Grand Slam singles titles between the two. Serena is the all-time record holder of 23 Grand Slam titles, while Venus has 7.

As a duo, they have completed the double career Grand Slam in doubles, and they completed the Boxed set, which means winning all four grand slams in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Richard has been married three times. His daughters are actually from his second marriage.

His first marriage was to Betty Johnson, a woman he met after moving to California. They have five children together, Sabrina Williams, Richard III Williams, Ronner Williams, Reluss Williams, and Reneeka Williams. They were raised alongside Betty’s daughter from a previous marriage, Katrina. Richard and Betty filed for a divorce in 1973.

Then, in 1979, he met Oracena Brandy Price. She had three daughters from a previous relationship and gave birth to the two famous Williams sisters, Serena and Venus. Oracena Price and Richard got married in 1980. She is also a tennis coach, known for being the mother and coach of the Williams sisters.

Richard and Oracene lived in Compton, California, before getting a divorce in 2002.

In 2009, Richard met Lakeisha Juanita Graham, the mother of Dylan Starr Williams. They got married in 2010 but filed for a divorce in 2017. More on that divorce later on.

Williams also has a son, Chavoita, from a relationship outside his marriage.

In 2021, the biographical film King Richard starring Will Smith portrayed the life of the famous American tennis coach. Serena and Venus served as executive producers. They were involved in the production to keep it 100% accurate. Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney portrayed them.

Will Smith received critical acclaim for his performance and won the 2022 Academy Award for Best Actor.

Tennis player Venus Williams said that the movie was not just to pay tribute to their dad, but to the bond the sisters share. Beyonce was inspired by their bond and wrote the song Be Alive, especially for the King Richard movie.

Richard is currently living in Atlanta and has poor health. In 2016 he suffered a stroke, and then two more in 2022.

Quick Bio

Who is Dylan Starr Williams? Born in August 2012 in the United States, he is the son of Richard Williams and Lakeisha Graham. He belongs to the afro American culture and has an American nationality. What do we know of his early life?

Dylan is the half-brother of famous tennis players, the Williams sisters. As of January 2023, he is beginning his education.

But there is no information about the school he goes to or anything else. As far as we know, his relationship with the Williams sisters is not shiny. After all, his mother wanted to divorce their father. And things got feisty.

Dylan is a renowned celebrity kid without work experience. He is famous for being the son of Richard Williams, and nothing more.

Truth be told, his parents were in the media quite a lot.

His Parents’ Marriage

Lakeisha and Richard had a tumultuous relationship. When the two met, she was a grocery store owner. Soon, she became Richard’s third wife.

There was a large age difference between the two, yet, they eventually got married. But that marriage was gradually deteriorating, leading to them filing for a divorce.

They filed for divorce seven years into their marriage in 2017. Both of them made allegations and accusations against each other.

For example, Richard accused his wife of forging his signature on his social security card and abandoning him in favor of another man. She accused him of being abusive, keeping a large arsenal of firearms, and said she and her son could be harmed. In one report, she showed she had three fractured ribs on the left sight.

After they divorced in 2017, Richard claimed she had married him because of money, irrespective of the age gap.

Lakeisha Wants To Stop The Divorce

In March 2022, just when you thought things have finished between Richard and Lakeisha Graham, we had a new plot twist.

She was trying to stop the divorce from 80-year-old Richard. She insisted that she and Richard who suffered several strokes by then are enjoying a sizzling sex life.

Lakeisha Graham believed that the parties have reconciled and have engaged in an active marital life including weekly sexual relations. Her attorney, Sara Lawrence, wrote that they had sexual activity on January 9, 2022.

Lakeisha asked a judge in Palm Beach, Florida, to halt the divorce. She claimed she doesn’t believe the marriage is irretrievably broken.

She also admitted money is an issue. In her filing, she said, “The husband is the father of Venus and Serena Williams and the financial condition of the parties’ finances are quite complicated regarding income earned and/or receipt/payment of regular support income from Serena and/or Venus Williams for their father”.

Lakeisha says they are back together since August 2019 and they are raising their son Dylan Starr Williams together.

It is worth noting that Williams bought a 10-acre property in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1995 to use it as a training camp. Lakeisha moved in there with him when they got married.

Williams claimed his name came off the property records in 2017 when he accused his wife of forging his signature. The property might be worth millions nowadays, but according to the Miami Herald, the façade has fallen off. While Lakeisha gained it, it appears to be abandoned.

Lakeisha is trying to stop the divorce, but at the same time, fighting for Williams to cover her legal costs because of his superstar daughters.

She wrote, “The wife has a need for her husband to pay these fees as he has a superior ability to pay from the regular and steady reimbursement of his expenses by his famous and very rich daughters, Serena Jameka Williams and Venus Williams”.

The act to stop the divorce comes after a bitter exchange between the parties in 2019. While she admitted to forging his signature, she also stated he asked her to do everything for him because of his declining health.

For example, she forged his signature to sell the 1999 Bluebird Wanderlodge Motor Coach to buy food for herself and their son.

Lakeisha stated, “I was broke by my husband who did not help me. It was my son and I not getting any money, so I had to sell it to buy food”.

Net Worth

As you can see by now, Dylan Starr Williams’s net worth is not something spectacular. His mother has to sell stuff and forge signatures just to make ends meet.

The fun part is his biological father, Richard Williams, has a net worth of more than $25 million. And his half-sisters are even richer.

But the tension between Richard and Lakeisha has put the celebrity child into a challenging situation. He is in a way, a broke celebrity.

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