Edwin Lee Nix – Invented The Line-a-Bed And Married June Carter Cash

Real Name:Edwin Lee Nix
Birthday:March 14, 1933 - February 1, 2014
Net Worth:$1 million - $5million
Occupation:American Football Player, Police Officer, Racecar Driver, Inventor, Ex-Husband of June Carter Cash

Edwin Lee Nix was an American football player, police officer, racecar driver, and inventor. But he is most famous as the man who was married to author June Carter Cash.

He was also the person to invent the Line-a-Bed, which was patented in Madison in the early 1970s. Do you want to know more about Lee Nix and the untold story about the former husband of June Carter Cash? Read on.

Quick Bio


Born in March 1933 in Madison, Davidson County, Tennessee, in the United States, Edwin was a former American football player, racecar driver, and police officer. He was also the former spouse of the late June Carter Cash.

He would be close to 90 years nowadays, but he passed away.

There is not much information about his family background. After all, he lived at a time there were no social media sites and news waere not as popular as today. Many sources claim he was not the only child and that he was raised together with his siblings in Orange County. Their parents raised them with lots of love and care and helped them grow in a friendly environment.

Edwin Lee Nix had a Caucasian ethnic background and was American by nationality. During his childhood, he attended Isaac Litton High School in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated there in 1953. Fun fact: later in life, he served as deputy for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department in Nashville.

Following his graduation from Isaac Litton public high school, he attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

During his life, he earned higher education and was a well-educated and qualified person. He played football at the University of Tennessee.


Now let’s talk about the career of Edwin Lee Nix. Following high school, he enrolled at the University of Tennessee. There, he started his semi-professional career, playing football for the team.

There is not much information about his football activities, so we cannot say for certain how successful was he in this journey.

But we do know he began his career journey in the sports field. At one point, he was also an owner of the Nix Construction Company.

During his time at the Nix Construction Company, he was the inventor of the Line-a-Bed in the early 1970s. That project was patented in Madison.

He also had a career as a racing driver and served as a deputy for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department.

Death and Legacy


Edwin Lee Nix lived quite a long and prosperous life. He passed away at the age of 80, in February 2014. Lee Nix passed away at Skyline Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

During his life, he was considered a healthy man who didn’t suffer from any kind of disease. His death remains a mystery, but it is most likely that he died of natural causes. He passed away surrounded by his friends, family, and relatives.

Now, regarding his legacy, most people nowadays recognize him as the ex-husband of June Carter. His late ex-wife was a singer, songwriter, and actress as well.

June had two sisters. She and her sister Anita Carter and sister Helen Carter began singing on the radio in 1939. Later on, they were part of Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters.

Before getting married, they were in a relationship for a long period. The couple exchanged their vows on November 11, 1957. At the time, she was known only as June Carter.

She and Edwin were married from 1957 to 1966. Then, she got married to American singer Johnny Cash, hence the Cash in her name. She and her future husband Johnny Cash got married in 1968 and remained married until her eventual death in 2003.

June and Edwin had a happy marriage and became parents of a little daughter in 1958. Her daughter, Rosie Nix Adams was born on July 13, 1958. She is a famous singer and songwriter.

Following his divorce in June, Edwin Nix decided to marry another woman, exchanging vows with Ira Pilkinton in 1985. They were still together at the time of Edwin’s death.

You can say that Edwin remains popular and famous because of his first marriage. His first wife June Carter Cash was a famous American singer and actress, with albums like Appalachian Pride, Wildwood Flower, Keep on the Sunny Side, Press On, It’s all in the family, and more.

The country music star also had albums with Jonny Cash. Some of her best singles include, Grandma, Told me So, Root Hog, You Flopped When You Got Me Home, Tennessee Mambo, Left Over Mambo, and more.

Net Worth at Time of Death


So, how much was Edwin Lee Nix worth at the time of his death? As we said before, he passed away in 2014. During his life and career, he didn’t have a successful business or a successful career in music and movies.

That was his first wife. Well, he was earning a good amount of money still. There is no information at the time of his death, but some sources claim he had a net worth of between $1 and $5 million.

He earned his money through his career as an American football player, police officer, and racecar driver. Not to mention, he had a patented invention, so he might have earned some money from that as well.

During his life, Edwin Nix never once revealed anything about his net income. As always, he preferred to keep things in low life. Just for comparison, at the time of her death, his wife June Carter Cash had a net worth of $20 million. But she was a successful singer, actress, dancer, and author.

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