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Emma Sugiyama – Net Worth, Early & Personal Life And Ex-Husband Trey Parker

Real Name:Emma Sugiyama
Birthday:October 9, 1970
Net Worth:N/A
Height:152 cm
Occupation:Japanese-American Socialite, Celebrity Spouse, Ex-wife of Trey Parker

Like so many people in Hollywood, their fame has come from their relationship or association with someone already famous, and as a result, their lives have been overshadowed by the successes of the other party. That is the case with Emma Sugiyama.

Although she didn’t get popular for her own work, she was placed in the spotlight for being the wife of the Grammy Award-winning actor, writer, and producer, Trey Parker. As a result of her marriage to one of the most successful actors in the United States, Emma became a celebrity, but the marriage, unfortunately, ended after two years.

Emma Sugiyama leads a very private life, and there is little to no information available about her available, but stick with us, and we will be telling you all there is to know about her.

Early & Personal Life

Emma Sugiyama was born on October 9, 1970, in Yokohama, Japan. Emma holds Japanese and American nationality, and she belongs to the Asian ethnic group. There is no information available about her early life, family, and even education. She has also never offered details or information into her life on social media or through interviews.

Emma was in a very romantic relationship with Trey Parker, and they were usually seen together at several events like the White House Correspondents’ Dinner at the Washington Hotel on April 30, 2005, in Washington, D.C., and Jimmy Fallon’s birthday party in September 2005, as couples. They kept most of their relationship away from the media and got engaged at George Clooney’s Lake Como mansion located in Laglio, Italy. They finally got married in 2006 in Hawaii. The ceremony was officiated by the famous television writer and producer, Norman Milton Lear. Trey Parker even serenaded his wife and guests.

However, they could not deal with the relationship, and after citing irreconcilable differences, they parted ways in 2008. Although Trey Parker got married after his divorce with Emma, she has remained single since then, and there is no information or rumor about her being in a relationship. It is always a sad thing to see people fall in love and get married, only to end up divorcing over irreconcilable differences. However, she is going on with life, and we hope she is also happy. Seeing as Emma’s fame is because of her marriage to Trey Parker, it’s only fair that we tell you a bit about her ex-husband.

Ex-Husband Trey Parker

Trey Parker was born Randolph “Trey” Parker III in Conifer, Colorado, on October 19, 1969, to Randy Parker, a geologist, and Saron Parker. He is an American actor, animator, voice actor, producer, director, and composer. He is famed for co-creating South Park since 1997 and co-developing The Book of Mormon in 2011 along with his creative partner Matt Stone. Some of his television and film projects are South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Basketball, Terror Firmer, Run Ronnie Run, Orgazmon, The Aristocrats, Team America: World Police, and Despicable Me 3.

After his divorce from Emma Sugiyama, Trey started dating Boogie Tillmon, and they got married in 2014. Their relationship was moving well, and they had a daughter together named Betty Boogie Parker. Sadly, Trey split with his second wife in 2019. He filed for joint custody of their daughter. Interestingly, Parker’s daughter, Betty, is also making her mark in Hollywood, voicing several characters on the TV series, South Park and in the South Park video games, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and South Park: Phone Destroyer.


There is no information available about the career of Emma Sugiyama. She has never disclosed her line of work or her source of income. However, information available suggests that she is a socialite. During her marriage, she must have gotten connected to other famous personalities and might be well-known within that field.

Net Worth

It isn’t easy to estimate Emma Sugiyama’s earnings and wealth because there is not much information about her profession and career. But as the ex-wife of such a very successful actor in the entertainment industry, she must have a fair amount of money. If she is successful in whatever line of work she’s in, then she must be earning reasonably to live comfortably.

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, is a multi-millionaire. Trey Parker is ranked among the most talented and wealthiest celebrities in the entertainment industry. Trey is estimated to have a fortune of about $500 million. The Book of Mormon, which was co-created with Matt Stone, grossed over $500 million worldwide, and in 2008, South Park, the TV series, was already earning $34 million each season in advertising, with its syndication rights going for $100 million in 2004. He also owns several properties in the real estate world.

His property transactions have placed his name in the headlines many times. In August 2013, Trey Parker paid over $13.89 million for a seven-bedroom mansion in LA, which grabbed more media attention.


Emma Sugiyama is the famous ex-wife of a successful star in Hollywood, but beyond that, there is only very little that is known about the beautiful woman. She has maintained a low profile and isn’t even active on social media, but we have been able to provide you with all of the information that is available at the moment.

Here’s all we’ve talked about so far:

Emma Sugiyama’s marriage to a famous American actor, animator, and director, Trey Parker. Before her marriage, nothing was known about her, and although she got famous, she has not shared many details about herself. The couple was married for two years before getting a divorce in 2009. They didn’t have any children together.

Her ex-husband has had a very successful career with several works and awards to his name.

Her forune and income are unknown, but Emma is estimated to be worth enough to live a comfortable life. And her ex, Trey Parker, is estimated to be worth about $500 million.

Although this is all we know about Emma Sugiyama at the moment, we will keep you updated as long as there’s new information available.


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