Eric Jude Crewe – Extramarital Son Of American Star And Pop Pioneer Ricky Nelson

Real Name:Eric Jude Crewe
Birthday:February 14, 1981
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Son of Ricky Nelson. and Georgeann Crewe

Eric’s father might be long gone. But Eric continues to be famous as a celebrity child in Hollywood thanks to the huge fame of his father. Eric Jude Crewe is the son of American Rock and Roll star, pop pioneer, musician, and singer, Ricky Nelson.

His father is famous for his radio and television series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, but also for his amazing songs. How much do you know about Ricky? How about Eric? Let’s find out.

Who Was His Father?

Born Eric Hilliard Nelson in May 1940, Ricky Nelson passed away in December 1985. He was an American musician, songwriter, and actor.

Ricky started his career early on, starring alongside his family in the radio and television series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. His father Ozzie Nelson and his mother Harriet Nelson were in the main roles.

Then, in 1957, Ricky began a long and successful career as a recording artist. He was among the first musicians in the United States to be named a teen idol.

His fame as a recording artist and television star helped him get roles in movies alongside John Wayne, Dean Martin, Angie Dickinson, Walter Brennan, and many more.

Throughout his music career, Ricky had 54 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. His song, Poor Little Fool, released in 1958, was the first Number 1 song on the newly created Hot 100 chart.

In January 1987, Ricky was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, two years after his demise.

He was married once to Sharon Kristin Harmon from 1963 until their divorce in 1982. Ricky and Sharon had four children together, actress Tracy Nelson, twin sons and musicians Gunnar Eric Nelson and Matthew Nelson, and actor Sam Nelson.

In 1980, he met Helen Blair, who was a part-time model and an exotic-animal trainer. The two met in Las Vegas, and within months, she became his road companion. While Helen Blair lived with him, the two never got married. The part-time model passed away with him in the same airplane crash.

His son Eric Jude Crewe comes from his relationship with Georgeann Crewe. More on that later on.

American pop singer Ricky died during the attempted crash-landing of his band’s aircraft on December 31, 1985. Their plane was brought down by a fire that rapidly spread from a suspected faulty in-cabin heater.

Who Was His Mother?

As we said before, singer Ricky Nelson was married once and he has four children from his marriage to Sharon Kristin Nelson. But none of them is named Eric.

In fact, Eric is his extramarital child. Ricky had him with Georgeann Crewe. The two met at the playboy Gorge Resort in New Jersey.

According to reports, Ricky and Georgeann dated from May to September 1980. They broke up and after that, she gave birth to Eric, born on February 14, 1981.

In the beginning, Ricky refused to accept the child as his own until substantial evidence was provided.

After a DNA test result proved Ricky was indeed the father, he agreed to pay a $400 child support fee. He paid it for a while and then stopped paying.

Quick Bio

As mentioned before, Eric Jude Crewe was born in February 1981. He is the child and son of the late American Rock and Roll star Ricky Nelson.

Born in the United States, Eric is now in his 40s. He is of mixed ethnic background with American nationality.

While his mother was pregnant, she tried to call his father several times. Yet, she couldn’t reach him and inform him of the pregnancy. When she gave birth to Eric, Ricky refused to accept him as his son.

But a DNA test proved Ricky is indeed the father. That means Eric has four stepsiblings, Tracy Nelson, Sam Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, and Matthew Nelson. Those are the children Ricky had with his only wife, Sharon Kristin Harmon.

There is not much information about the educational background, early life, and professional career of Eric Jude Crewe.

We do know he is a young man in his 40s, who is tall and has an athletic body figure. His father had blue eyes and short black hair, features that Eric might have inherited.

Also, there is not much information about his career. He is a celebrity son who has shied away from the spotlight, especially when his stepsiblings are also celebrities.

His parents dated only for a few months and separated. But one good thing came out of that short-lived relationship.

In the beginning, Eric’s father paid child support of $400 per month. Yet, he stopped paying it after a while. And following his demise in 1985, there was no one to pay for child support.

Relationship With His Nelson Family

Eric is the son of Ricky Nelson, but unlike his stepsiblings, he has managed to stay away from the public. Whether that is his choice or it is for the lack of talent, we do not know.

The interesting aspect is that all other Nelson children are celebrities. For example, Gunnar Nelson is also an American singer and musician. He and his twin brother Matthew Nelson formed the American rock band Nelson. They have several albums, including After the Rain, Because They Can, Peace Out, Lighting Strikes Twice, and more.

Tracy Nelson, his step-sister is an American actress. Born in Santa Monica, California, she has appeared in movies like Yours, Mine and Ours, The Perfect Nanny, My Stepbrother is a Vampire, The Perfect Tenant, and several more.

Last, but not least, Sam Nelson is an American singer and actor. He is part of a music band called H is Orange.

As you can see, everyone in the Nelson family is a celebrity, albeit a small one. According to reports, the Nelson family does not communicate with Eric or his mother.

Is He On Social Media?

As we said before, Eric is quite secretive and mysterious. One might even ask whether he really exists. In the age of social media, he is nowhere to be found on the Internet.

He doesn’t have an account on any social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else.

Net Worth

The career of Eric Crewe is a mystery. Because we do not know anything about his career, we cannot talk about his earnings or net worth. He hasn’t revealed anything about his salary and income.

We do know that he received $400 as child support when he was a little baby. That is how he and his mother managed to survive.

Eric’s father might have been a celebrity, but not a very rich one. According to sources, Ricky had a net worth of $500,000 at the time of his passing. That doesn’t scream millionaire, right?

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