Erv Hurd: Insight Into The Life And Career of Chip Fields’s Husband

Real Name:Ervin D. Hurd Jr.
Net Worth$2 million
Height:178 cm
Occupation:American Technical Director, Cameraman, Husband of Chip Fields

Erv Hurd is renowned in the television industry primarily for his work as a technical director. His expertise has been showcased on multiple TV shows, including the likes of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The $10,000 Pyramid.”

Erv has carved out a respectable position for himself behind the scenes of television production, contributing significantly to the smooth operation and technical success of these shows.

In addition to his professional achievements, Erv Hurd is intimately connected to the entertainment industry through his family. He became the stepfather of actress Kim Fields, known for her role as Tootie on “The Facts of Life”, when he married Chip Fields in 1994.

This familial tie extends to Alexis Fields as well, marking the Hurd family as one with deep roots in the American entertainment landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Erv Hurd has established a career as a technical director for prominent TV shows.
  • He is part of a family with strong connections to the American entertainment industry.
  • His marriage to actress Chip Fields connects him with TV series personalities Kim and Alexis Fields.

Early Life and Background

Erv Hurd’s beginnings are deeply rooted in California, where his early years were shaped by a budding passion for the film industry and nurturing family ties that influenced his future endeavors and relationships.

Childhood Influences

Raised in California, Erv Hurd, born in 1953, was drawn to the magic of filmmaking from an early age.

Hurd’s interest wasn’t just casual fandom; it was a keen fascination with the technical side of movies that led him to dream about a career behind the scenes.

He grew up in a time and place where the allure of Hollywood was tangible, feeding his aspirations to one day leave his own mark in this dazzling world.

Family Dynamics

Hurd’s personal life reflects the complexity of family relationships. While he is commonly recognized as the father of actress Kim Fields, born on May 12, 1969, he is actually her stepfather; her biological mother is actress and director Lynetta Gordon.

His marriage to Chip Fields—an accomplished actress and director in her own right—blended the family together, and he also became the stepfather to Alexis Fields, Kim’s sister, who pursued acting as well.

This African-American family thrived in the arts, showcasing a dynamic where professional and personal lives intertwine.

Acting and Directing Career

Erv Hurd is not well-known in the public spotlight for an acting career like some of his family members. With that being said, it’s important to discuss the significant figures tied to the career arc this section focuses on.

Actress Kim Fields, Erv Hurd’s stepdaughter, has an impressive career that spans film and television, with notable directorial accomplishments.

Rise to Stardom

Kim Fields became a household name through her role as Tootie on the popular sitcom The Facts of Life.

This breakthrough was pivotal for Fields, helping to solidify her status within the industry. From there, she continued to charm audiences with her performances on Living Single as Regine Hunter, showcasing her range and versatility as an actress.

Her on-screen presence has been felt beyond these roles, with appearances on classic shows like Good Times and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and guest spots on Sister, Sister and Roc.

Transition to Directing

Taking her career behind the camera, Kim Fields expanded her repertoire into directing.

She has directed episodes for a variety of television series, including Kenan & Kel, Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, and House of Payne.

Fields’ directorial ventures extend to youth- and family-oriented series like Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Hannah Montana.

Her proficiency in moving from in front of the camera to behind it highlights a successful transition to directing within the film and television industry. This career move has allowed her to have creative input in an array of productions, contributing to the depth and diversity of her filmography.

Personal Life

Erv Hurd is recognized not only for his technical expertise in the film industry but also for his warm family life.

He finds joy in the strong bonds he shares with both his spouse and children.

Family and Relationships

Erv Hurd’s heart is truly captured by his family, especially by his wife, Chip Fields.

They tied the knot on August 20, 1994, marking the beginning of a partnership filled with mutual support. Their wedding was a gathering of close family and friends, celebrating their union.

Chip Fields is not just Erv Hurd’s other half; she’s an actress and singer, widely known in the entertainment industry.

This power couple’s marriage has stood the test of time, impressing many in Hollywood.

The love between Erv and Chip has blossomed into a family with their daughter, Kim Fields, making a name for herself as an actress and director.

Kim’s journey has also brought joy to Erv’s life in the form of grandchildren: Sebastian Alexander Morgan and Quincy Xavier Morgan.

Each milestone in their lives brings a new reason for celebration within the Hurd household.

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