Grace VanderWaal: Charting the Evolution of a Musical Prodigy

Real Name:Grace Avery VanderWaal
Birthday:January 15, 2004
Net Worth:$2 million
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Singer-Songwriter

Grace VanderWaal is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to fame after winning the eleventh season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2016. Born on January 15, 2004, she was recognized for her distinctive vocals and ability to accompany herself on the ukulele during her performances. Her unique sound and heartfelt songwriting quickly garnered a significant following, cementing her place in the entertainment industry at a young age.

Since her auspicious debut, VanderWaal has embarked on various musical endeavors, releasing albums and singles that showcase her evolution as an artist. Her career has expanded beyond music to include acting. She has been cast in a film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, signaling a new chapter in her career that extends her reach into the world of cinema.

VanderWaal maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she engages with millions of followers. As she continues to evolve creatively, her forthcoming projects are eagerly anticipated by fans, hinting at a trajectory that could influence the entertainment industry for years to come.

Early Life and Education

Grace VanderWaal’s formative years laid the groundwork for her ascent in the music industry, marked by a supportive family environment and a self-motivated approach to learning.

Family and Upbringing

Grace Avery VanderWaal was born on January 15, 2004, in Lenexa, Kansas, United States. She is the daughter of Tina and David VanderWaal, the latter having Dutch roots. Her childhood was spent in a nurturing home where creativity was encouraged. The family’s relocation to Suffern, New York, was prompted by her father’s career when he took on the role of vice president of marketing at LG Electronics.


VanderWaal’s education extended beyond the traditional classroom as she pursued music with zeal. She was particularly adept at teaching herself to play the ukulele through online resources such as YouTube tutorials. While specifics about her formal schooling are not highlighted in the search results, it is evident that VanderWaal’s early education played a significant role in cultivating her musical talents.

Musical Career

Grace VanderWaal’s musical career took off after her significant win on “America’s Got Talent,” leading to the release of successful albums and singles and embarking on tours.

Discovery and America’s Got Talent

At the age of 12, Grace VanderWaal captured the national spotlight when she won the eleventh season of “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) in September 2016. Her performances predominantly featured her original songs accompanied by the ukulele. She was awarded the Golden Buzzer during the show, which propelled her directly into the live rounds.

Albums and EPs

Following her victory on AGT, VanderWaal released her debut EP, Perfectly Imperfect, in December 2016. This was followed by her first full-length album, Just the Beginning, in November 2017. Her music showcases a blend of indie-folk influences, candid songwriting, and distinct vocals.

Singles and Music Videos

VanderWaal’s first single, “I Don’t Know My Name,” which she performed on AGT, resonated with audiences for its authenticity and relatable lyrics. Other singles, like “Clearly,” also saw music video releases, further solidifying her presence in the music industry. Her YouTube channel became a crucial platform for sharing music videos and connecting with fans.

Concerts and Tours

She has taken her music on the road with multiple concerts and tours, bringing her songs to live audiences. Notable performances include her own headlining tours as well as opening acts for established artists, showcasing her ability to command the stage at a young age.

Grace VanderWaal has also maintained an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, engaging with her audience and sharing moments from her musical journey.

Transition to Acting

Grace VanderWaal’s shift from music to the film industry marks a significant broadening of her artistic horizons. Her career’s extension into acting showcases her versatility and ability to embrace new challenges within the entertainment sphere.

Debut in ‘Stargirl’

VanderWaal’s acting debut came with the lead role in Disney+‘s original movie Stargirl. The film, based on the novel by Jerry Spinelli, introduced her to a new audience beyond her America’s Got Talent fans. Released in 2020, Stargirl was a pivotal step for VanderWaal, showcasing her acting skills in a coming-of-age narrative that resonates with her musical themes of individuality and self-expression.

Continued Acting Endeavors

Her path in acting did not stop with Stargirl. The sequel, Hollywood Stargirl, provided VanderWaal with another opportunity to delve deeper into her character’s story. The continuation of the franchise indicates both the success of the initial film and VanderWaal’s potent presence on screen. Moreover, reports from Deadline indicated VanderWaal’s collaboration with prominent figures such as Francis Ford Coppola and actors including Adam Driver and Aubrey Plaza, signaling her rising profile in the acting community. The cast she has worked with reflects a trend of young musicians successfully transitioning into respected actors within Hollywood.

Recognition and Achievements

Grace VanderWaal has quickly become a notable figure in the music industry due to her distinct talent and numerous accolades since her appearance on “America’s Got Talent” (AGT).

Awards and Honors

Throughout her burgeoning career, Grace VanderWaal has been the recipient of several prestigious awards and honors:

  • Radio Disney Music Awards:
    • Best New Artist
    • Total of 2 awards
  • Teen Choice Award:
  • Billboard Women in Music:
    • Rising Star Award in 2017
  • MTV Europe Music Award:
    • Best Push Act in 2018

Grace VanderWaal first gained major recognition after her win on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” Season 11. Following her victory at the young age of 12, she earned critical acclaim and a solid fanbase, further securing her position in the music world. Her achievements have underscored her talent and affirmed her influence as a rising music star.

Personal Life

Grace VanderWaal is a multifaceted individual with diverse hobbies and interests that reflect her creativity and artistic spirit. With a personal style that is ever-evolving, she has gone through transformations such as her noticeable adoption of a pixie haircut, signifying her willingness to experiment with her self-expression.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Music: Besides her primary career in music, her personal life also revolves around exploring different aspects of her artistic abilities, including songwriting and playing the ukulele
  • Photography: VanderWaal has an interest in photography, which allows her another medium of expression and a way to capture moments in a perspective uniquely her own
  • Clay Sculpting: She enjoys working with clay, engaging in the tactile art form of sculpting, which serves as another outlet for her creativity

Grace VanderWaal’s personal interests not only demonstrate her artistic nature but also provide a glimpse into the life of a young artist balancing professional demands with personal passions.

Public Image and Influence

Grace VanderWaal has established a significant presence on social media and is recognized for her acts of philanthropy. Her public image is further characterized by her active engagement with fans and charitable endeavors.

Social Media Presence

Grace VanderWaal is an active participant on major social media platforms, utilizing them to connect with her audience and share her music. Her Instagram page is testament to her influence, often sharing personal milestones, creative endeavors, and moments from her career with a substantial following.

  • YouTube: VanderWaal’s YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, and personal vlogs that provide insight into her artistic process
  • Facebook: While not as prevalent as Instagram, her Facebook page serves as a platform to disseminate information about new releases and concert dates

Her social media strategy is not erratic but carefully curated, showcasing her journey and evolution as an artist while maintaining a personable connection with her fans.


Grace VanderWaal’s philanthropic activities are a notable aspect of her public persona. She has utilized her platform to draw attention to causes she is passionate about, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community.

  • Charity Concerts: Participates in events to raise funds for various charitable causes
  • Donations: Pledges support through monetary donations and encourages her fanbase to contribute to worthwhile organizations

Her philanthropic efforts are often documented and promoted through her social media accounts, further aligning her public image with altruistic values.


Grace VanderWaal’s discography comprises studio albums, extended plays (EPs), and singles that showcase her distinctive vocals and songwriting abilities. She gained recognition with her ukulele-led music following her win on America’s Got Talent.

Studio Albums

  • Just the Beginning (2017): Grace VanderWaal’s first full-length album released on November 3, 2017, featuring 12 tracks including popular songs like “Moonlight” and “So Much More Than This”

Extended Plays

  • Perfectly Imperfect (2016): VanderWaal’s debut EP released on December 2, 2016, soon after her America’s Got Talent win. This EP includes the hit “I Don’t Know My Name”
  • Letters Vol. 1 (2019): A follow-up EP launched on November 22, 2019, showcasing growth in her musical endeavors with a variety of new sounds and lyrics


VanderWaal has released a series of singles that have resonated with her audience. Notable singles include:

  • “I Don’t Know My Name” (2016)
  • “Moonlight” (2017)
  • “Clearly” (2018)

Her work extends to music videos for many of her popular tracks, enhancing the storytelling of her music through visual artistry.


Grace VanderWaal has taken her talents to the screen, debuting as an actress in Disney+ original films where she leads the cast in a coming-of-age story.


  • Stargirl (2020)
    In this Disney+ original movie, Grace VanderWaal portrays the titular character, Stargirl Caraway, marking her acting debut. The film explores themes of nonconformity and self-expression
  • Hollywood Stargirl (2022)
    The sequel to her debut film, VanderWaal reprises her role in Hollywood Stargirl. The story follows Stargirl’s journey from the small town of Mica to a broader world filled with music, dreams, and opportunities


Grace VanderWaal has carved a unique niche in the music industry with her distinctive indie-folk sound and soulful vocals. Her capabilities as both a singer and songwriter are reflected in her artistry, where original songs and song covers showcase her talent.

Musical Style and Influences

VanderWaal’s musical style is a distinct blend of indie-folk underscored by her signature ukulele accompaniment. Her influences stem from a range of genres, with a particular nod to soulful music, which is evident in her emotive songwriting. Grace’s repertoire consists not only of original compositions but also covers that she renders with personal flair. Her ability to infuse a timeless quality into her music appeals to a broad audience across age groups.

  • Original Songs: VanderWaal’s songwriting often deals with introspective themes, delivered with a maturity that belies her age
  • Covers: She reinterprets songs with a unique twist, making them her own while respecting the original piece

Vocals and Performance

Her vocals are notable for their clarity and the soulful depth she brings to each performance, whether live or recorded. Grace’s voice carries a distinctive timbre that blends innocence with an old soul’s resonance, a combination that enchants listeners.

  • Live Performances: On stage, Grace’s confidence and natural charm engage the audience, creating an intimate experience
  • Recording Sessions: In the studio, her vocals are pure and unadorned, letting the emotional weight of her songs speak for itself

Through her vocals and performance, VanderWaal communicates with her audience on a profound level, forging a connection that is both compelling and heartfelt.

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