How Busy Business Leaders Can Fit Training And Education Into Their Busy Schedules

It can be a real challenge fitting everything into a busy workday. If you run your own business, you will know that your time can get taken up quickly with the various concerns of your business. It is vital to focus on your professional development throughout your life, and this can be even more essential for business owners. Over the years, your business’s success depends on you remaining at the top of your game and bringing the latest developments and innovations to your company.  

You will need to prepare adequately to fit training and education into your schedule. It is a good idea to ensure you designate time each day towards your training. This article will explore some of the best ways to ensure you fit crucial professional development into your schedule.  

Decide On Your Objective 

Having a goal is a critical way to keep yourself motivated. It can give you something tangible to work towards and allow you to track your progress. Your goal could be anything that benefits your business or your professional and personal development.  

For instance, you could make your goal learning to code and build your own website, allowing you to better understand how your business website functions. It is a good idea to make a list of a few different goals, both short and long term, so that you will have plenty to focus on.  

Keep Distractions Minimal 

Distractions can cause issues for even the most dedicated students. As a business leader, you will likely encounter many distractions throughout your day-to-day and many of these will be things that you cannot put off. It may help to let your employees know that you will be studying at a particular time and not to disturb you unless it is urgent. 

If working from home, it is a good idea to ensure that everyone in your home knows when you will be studying and that they should leave you alone during these hours. It is best to work somewhere with no obvious distractions, such as TVs or loud appliances like washing machines nearby. 

Combine Education With Networking 

Combining your education with networking opportunities can be a great way to multitask. You could consider signing up for training courses for business leaders that will allow you to connect with others while learning valuable skills.  

You should make the most of the various seminars and lectures offered when attending conferences. It may be beneficial to create an itinerary and schedule all of the events you want to attend, both networking and educational. 

Schedule Time For Education 

You should ensure that you set specific times for focusing on your studies. It is best to try and set aside at least an hour each day for your development. You can, of course, study for longer if you have the chance. It is essential to be flexible in your study time and take opportunities where you find them. 

Limit Your Social Media Use 

Social media can be a significant source of procrastination. Almost everyone who has studied for a big exam or worked towards turning in an important paper has felt the temptation to take out their phone and start browsing Facebook or Instagram. While social media can be a helpful tool in both business and personal matters, it is vital to ensure that it does not interfere with your study time. 

It may help to download an app that disables your ability to open social media apps during set hours. This can be a great way to keep yourself focused and reduce time spent on social media. 

Take Courses Online 

Online courses can be invaluable for those with busy schedules. Many online courses are self-paced, allowing students to work at their own speed and around their own responsibilities. Many well-respected universities and colleges are now offering courses at their institutions online. For example, Northwestern University offers a wide range of options. For an idea of the options available, take a look at the full range of Northwestern Online Courses that offer certificates for business people.  

Give Yourself Regular Breaks 

It is important not to overwork yourself When juggling studying and running a business. You should ensure that you take regular breaks throughout the day and do things that will help you return to your studies refreshed. You could consider going for a walk, reading a book, or meditating throughout the day. What is important is that you do something you enjoy and reward yourself for your hard work. 

Ask For Help 

We can all use a little help sometimes to manage our workloads. It can be beneficial to talk to the people in your household and ensure that they know when and what you’ll be studying. You could also ask them to help you during study sessions and see if they could pick up some of your slack around the house in the lead up to exams or finals. 

It may also be beneficial to get a tutor who can help you work through any more challenging materials. You should research local tutors who have experience working with businesspeople and a proven track record of results. 

Learn When Your Most Productive Hours Are 

We all work slightly differently throughout the day. It can be beneficial to understand when you are at your most productive. You could keep a diary for a few weeks or a month and note down when you feel most energized, most engaged and absorbed the most knowledge. You can then review your diary to see if you can identify a particular time during which you learn best.  

Some people may find they work best in the early mornings, whereas others might be night owls and work best in the evenings. It is a good idea to try out working at various times to find the right fit. 

Understand Your Learning Style 

Your learning style can make a big difference in how successful your studies will be. Some people learn best by reading, some by making copious notes, and others learn best by doing. Again, it can be beneficial to try out a few different ways of studying and learning to find out which best helps you absorb knowledge. 

Make Use Of Your Commute Time 

If you have a long commute, it may be beneficial to make the most of this time by incorporating study into it. You could consider taking public transport rather than driving so that you can review your notes and prepare for exams and essays. If there is no option for public transport, you could consider downloading some educational podcasts to listen to during your commute.  

The educational podcast community is growing day on day, and you’re sure to find helpful resources that will be invaluable to your studies. It is important to research who created the podcast and ensure that they are a reputable and reliable source of information. 

Create A Home Study Space 

It is vital to have a space where you can study in peace, and that offers the best in productivity. If possible, it is a good idea to convert a spare room in your home into your study area. As mentioned above, this should be free of any distractions such as TVs.  

It is a good idea to keep the space for study alone and avoid associating it with fun activities you do in your free time. You should also ensure that the room is set up to encourage productivity and reduce stress. The space should be uncluttered with plenty of good lighting and relaxing décor. 

Written by Eric

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