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How Important is Health & Safety in the Heavy Industries?

Health and safety is paramount no matter what industry you are working in, but in heavy industries like manufacturing, there needs to be extra thought and attention on this area as it can be such a dangerous industry for people to work in. There are many hazards in manufacturing and sadly there are many severe, life-changing injuries and even fatalities each year which often could be avoided if greater focus was placed on health and safety.


Machinery, in particular, is a major hazard in manufacturing so this is always an area that business owners need to address. Moving parts, sharp edges, emissions and faults can all lead to serious injury, which is why it is important to be aware of the potential hazards with each machine, to find ways to manage or eliminate these risks (such as PPE) and to make sure that staff get proper training on how to use each machine. On top of this, preventative maintenance can also be used to keep the machine in good condition.

Identifying Risks 

In addition to machinery, heavy lifting, repetitive strain and slips and falls are a few of the other major hazards in the manufacturing industry. The key to overcoming these is to map out each individual process and to identify what the potential risks are – it is often a good idea to do this with employees as they may be aware of a risk that you had not considered. Once you have all of the hazards and risks, you can then find ways to mitigate or remove these. 

Improving Health & Safety

How you go about mitigating or removing these risks will depend on the process, but there are usually obvious solutions available. This can include using equipment to help with heavy lifting, investing in high-quality manufacturing equipment from a reliable supplier, making sure that staff have access to PPE and staff training. 


On top of this, you also need to make it easy for staff to come forward with any questions, concerns or ideas that they have pertaining to health and safety (or anything else). Communication is hugely important when it comes to health and safety and helps to develop a supportive, positive environment where staff feel valued and looked after.

Health and safety needs to be a priority in manufacturing because it can be dangerous work with many hazards. Hopefully, this post will help you to improve health and safety in your business and prevent any injuries from occurring.

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