How to Get Motivated to Write a Research Paper

It would be nice if a necessity to write something would mean that you actually become motivated to do it. In real life, it doesn’t happen this way. Just like you don’t get motivated to workout when you need to lose some weight, you don’t get motivated to write a research paper out of nowhere. The key problem here is that you know that it should be done, you want to be done with it, but you just can’t make yourself start on writing, or, if you did start, you cannot continue and finish that paper. It is not a simple problem, but it is also not a rare problem among students. Let’s start with reasons for it to happen and then see whether we can deal with this issue.

Why Students Get Demotivated When Writing Research Papers

It is important to understand how something breaks if you want to fix it. Motivation is no exception. It is fragile, and students often notice it only when they critically lack it. It is alway more efficient to look for signs of the upcoming problem than to face the consequences, so let’s see how your motivation to write a research paper breaks.

Problem #1. Too many things to do.

Procrastination starts with too many items on your to-do list. You think you are getting motivated just trying to get things done, but in the end you find yourself burnt out or bing watching serial movies you would never be interested in otherwise. We have all been there, this place is called the guilty playground and it is one the worst places out there. You are not doing what you want, and at the same time you don’t enjoy what you are doing, because you always remember about the things that should be done.

  • Possible solution. The only way to get out of this place is to reduce your to-do list to a minimum. It may sound scary, but you need to analyze it, and you will see that most of those points can wait till you actually rest.

Problem #2. Being overconfident or not confident enough.

You may feel like you have plenty of time before the submission date, you are good in writing and you know the topic, you have some drafts to use, and you cannot get yourself started because you don’t feel like it is something urgent. Unfortunately, our brain is not capable of assessing such situations well enough. It uses previous information to extrapolate. For example, previously, you had an experience with last-minute genius ideas or working like hell, pulling the all-nighter and finishing everything on time. Your mind may trick you into thinking it will be just this way forever. Or you have had some problems with academic writing, you are afraid to fail and you cannot start writing or doing research due to this fear.

  • Possible solution. It is hard to deal with this motivational crisis, but at least try to treat every assignment like a separate challenge.

Problem #3. Having too many distractions.

From one point of view, this one is the easiest one to crack. Just turn off the phone, use all the time without internet connection you can to write based on research you made before, etc. Some even recommend blocking social media and unsubscribing from streaming services for some time. Unfortunately, these are measures for people who are already motivated, and want to make their work even more efficient.

  • Possible solution. Realistically, we can only recommend targeting one distraction at a time. For example, block social media, or delete streaming services from your phone for several days. Don’t try to do everything at the same time, it will not last for long and make you even less motivated, as you will end up disappointed in yourself.

Extra Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write a Research Paper

Write in planned periods

Repetitive character of writing helps to fight procrastination. When you think that you need to start writing and keep doing it for hours, your brain just refuses to do it. When you know that you have to write for 20 minutes and you will rest later, it changes the whole game. Read more about Pomodoro technique and use it to decrease your procrastination. If you cannot make yourself start on writing a research paper, start with 5 minute writing, 10 minute resting. Yes, it works. Working on your paper 20 minutes in an hour is much better than not working on it at all. Also, once you start and see the progress, 5 minutes will gradually become 25. Just don’t forget to take brakes.

Ask for help if necessary

You may hit the wall, and it is more than normal. Sometimes you just cannot get yourself to do something, and when you finally get motivated it is too late, because the deadline is too close. If it is the case, don’t hesitate to address professional writing services e.g. WriteMyPaperHub and ask: “I need someone to write my research paper” and a team of experts will help you online. An experienced writer will deal with your assignment, while you deal with other tasks on your to-do list or rest. Choose a quality and affordable service, check the guarantees, and place your order.

Have a daily plan

A general plan for your research paper is not the same thing as your writing plan. Analyze your previous writing experience and count how much time approximately you need for each stage of research paper writing. Plan your writing accordingly, adding about 25% of time to make sure you finish on time. Make sure you count time for proofreading, editing and formatting with citations.

They last but not the least — don’t wait to get motivated. The best advice we can give you is to start writing no matter what, even if it takes too much time. Write in small periods, write only 15 minutes every hour, but don’t wait for inspiration.

Written by Eric

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