How To Get The Best ROI For Pandemic Home Improvement Projects

One of the few good things to come from the COVID-19 pandemic was the number of home renovation projects done by homeowners on summer lockdowns. As the silver lining to an otherwise horrible situation, hundreds of thousands of homeowners were beginning to turn toward their own homes in search of things to do. Some of these things included household renovations, redecorations, and refreshments.

This now-older trend of DIY ‘pandemic projects’ is starting to become more and more relevant with today’s current events. With the nation’s interest rates lower than they have been in decades, millions of people are incentivized to move up to a larger home or to a less expensive geography where they can afford a more luxurious lifestyle. If homeowners are looking to sell their homes for higher amounts of cash, renovations will be necessary, unless they decide to sell off market with companies like Sundae.

Even though the pandemic is slowly beginning to ease up on a tired America, one thing is certain: pandemic projects have certainly not gone out of style. Between a booming real estate industry and more time to spend at home, renovation projects are still an important part of life in 2021.

Most home renovations take time to complete, usually involving several months’ worth of time. But what steps can you take today to get quick, easy, and measurable returns on your investment?

Here are some easy tips for increasing your property’s ROI through home renovations — all during the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Home Improvement ROI — 10 Quick And Easy Tips

Boosting your home’s equity through a few afternoon projects is entirely possible. It is important that you first focus on these areas.

Upgrade The Kitchen

Look to add some updated appliances to your kitchen. New stovetops, cabinets, and countertops are usually the most important investments. For a quick and easy afternoon project, redo the backsplash to lighten up the room.

Tune Up Your Bathroom

Goodbye bathtubs, hello showers! Update your bathrooms with new toilets, tubs, and shower appliances. The fancier your shower area is, the faster it will sell on the open market. If you are planning on selling your home, you will likely only need to spruce up the most egregious of outdated spaces. If there are any pink sinks or countertops, you might want to address them right away.

Remodeling in the bathroom can provide even more ROI from your home improvement projects.  Upgrading fixtures, such as sinks, countertops, and showers, can add significant value and give your bathroom a fresh and attractive look that will impress potential buyers.

Increase Your Primary Bedroom

You may not be able to add size to your primary bedroom, but you may be able to add additional light, color, and comfort without spending too much money. “Begin by changing up your darker or outdated paint colors with something more agreeable. If possible, look for ways to create custom closet spaces and maximize storage areas,” says Erik Bildman, VP & General Manager for Sundae, a marketplace for selling houses in  “as-is” condition. Browsing through reviews, many people decided to take an easier route by not updating or repairing their houses before selling.

Create A Home Gym

Not every home has a gym inside, but in a post-COVID world, custom at-home gyms are quickly becoming a priceless commodity. Home gyms can be easily constructed with a spare room, some equipment, and a few mats for padding. Contrary to popular belief, home gyms do not need to be expensive. You just have to be imaginative and resourceful in the things you have around in your house. With the help of Hypertherm plasma cutters and some tutorials from social media platforms, it will surely help you customize your home gym and acquire new skills simultaneously.

Build A Home Office

For the work from home life, build a home office inside an unused closet, side room, or dining area. These are important rooms for more business minded homeowners, and will rack up points for buyers when time to sell your home.

Invest In A Library

If books are more your style, try creating a library out of the spare rooms in your home. Libraries could also double as a home office if spacing permits. For additional ROI, consider purchasing some built-in shelving in dark colors.

Add Outdoor Fencing

Any kind of privacy screen between yourself and the neighbors will add some considerable equity to your home. Go the extra mile by investing in a rot-proof, pest-free vinyl fence.

Renovate The Patio

If you have a patio or deck space, consider adding some extra TLC. More rugs, additional furniture, and landscaped areas are a must-have.

Add More Plants

Landscaping makes all the difference in modern homes. Invest in the plants that matter!

Address Your Curb Appeal

Spruce up your mailbox, sidewalk, and front door.

Once you have addressed your home with some DIY projects of your very own, you can start looking into new ways to sell your now-updated property. While realtors and other home agencies will always be around, another method of getting serious bang for your buck is selling your home by owner. Some companies, including Sundae, connect sellers who want to sell their homes without much fuss to vetted investors who compete to buy their house. Homeowners can sell their properties as-is — no updates, repairs, or showings — and get the highest price possible.

Even if you have already updated your home, selling your property as-is could be a great way to get fast cash for your equity, and avoid the costs of realtors and staging companies.

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