How to Increase Your Chances of Avoiding Bacteria

Bacteria and viruses – two words that scare all people nowadays like never before. Indeed, viruses can be very contagious and make us ill. No one likes to be sick, or stay isolated for weeks. Considering the pandemic that put all of us in dangerous situations, like getting infected with the coronavirus, we must take precaution before it’s too late.

Generally, respiratory infections affect the throat, nose, and lungs, making people feel ill. The bacteria that causes these infections can spread from one person to another. If you notice that someone is sick, make sure you keep distance and avoid touching them. To help stop spreading a virus, you must learn how to practice good health manners. Therefore, here are some simple tips to follow and keep respiratory infections away.

Wash your hands frequently

Hand hygiene is the number one method to prevent the spread of infection. How germs spread? Germs can spread from persons or surfaces:

  • Prepare food and eat it with dirty hands
  • Touch your face with dirty hands
  • Touch contaminated surfaces or objects
  • Cough, sneeze, or blow your nose in your hands and then shake hands with others, or touch common objects

So, to keep yourself and others you love safe and healthy, you must frequently wash your hands for 20 seconds. Also, help others stay healthy by encouraging them to wash their hands as often as possible. It is wise to also use a sanitizer after washing your hands, or anytime you feel they’re dirty. Be sure to supervise kids when washing hands or sanitize their hands. Alcohol-based products can be swallowed easily by children, causing poisoning. Store the containers somewhere safe.

Another way to stay healthy is to avoid touching your phone too many times without disinfecting it. Adopting these habits play a major role in keeping yourself and others you love healthy.

Cover your mouth with a mask

When we first experienced the outbreak of the coronavirus flu, everyone was skeptical about wearing a mask or not to reduce the spread of the virus. According to recent studies, the vaccines are limited this year, so people must continue protecting themselves to stop the transmission of the virus. How to protect yourself from infections? By wearing an organic cotton face mask.

Now that the recent news about the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 sounds alarming, people are again looking for surgical face masks to protect themselves from getting infected. But does wearing a cotton mask really keep you safe from the flu? What do experts say?

In case of outbreaks like the coronavirus, experts recommend that all people should wear a face mask or something to cover their mouth and nose, especially in crowded public places. It is a health measure that all of use should take to reduce or even stop the spreading of the virus. It’s also important to practice social distancing and frequent handwashing.

Sanitize your surroundings

Always make sure you sanitize your surroundings using cleaning products that contain at least 70% alcohol. It’s the best method to kill viruses and bacteria that could live on surfaces around you. Viruses can remain on a surface, such as a door, knob, TV, remote, elevator, cellphone, pen, buttons, and so on, for up to 24 hours. Now, you might think how many times you’ve touched infected surfaces without even knowing? Whatever the case, it’s not worth the drama now, or suffer a panic attack thinking about how many times you’ve probably got in contact with bacteria.

Also, don’t think about becoming a germaphobe, it’s the last thing you want right now. From now on, you should consider this advice and encourage others to do the same as you. Therefore, sanitize any surface around you, such as your desk, cellphone, pens, cup, chair, and other objects you use often. Also, make sure you don’t pass different objects from one person to another without disinfecting it first.

Do not sneeze in public places

You sneezed at the workplace – now, what? First of all, do not panic. And also, politely ignore remarks like “If you’re going to sneeze or cough, please leave the room.” We’re experiencing a pandemic, it’s normal that people get a bit precautious when someone sneezes around them. You should ignore such reactions and ensure that you always keep at your reach tissues.

So, next time when you sneeze or cough, quickly grab a tissue to cough in it. If, unfortunately, you don’t have a tissue, then you should cough or sneeze in your bent elbow. This way, you’ll avoid spreading the germs to others around you. Also, don’t forget to always wear a face mask, especially at the office. Ventilate the room every 20-30 minutes to help stop the spread of germs.

Stay home if you feel unwell

Obviously, staying home when you are ill is the best method to help stop the spread of viruses. You can get a cold by simply touching an area or an object that has been touched by an infected person. Also, use these cleaning tips to prevent the spread of bacteria in your home:

  • Wash your clothes at 90 degrees, and disinfect them regularly
  • Clean your toilet, sink, and bathtub each day
  • Disinfect your bathroom if someone used it
  • Keep kitchen surfaces clean and disinfected before preparing food
  • Clean floors with hot water and detergent regularly
  • Steam cleaning is very effective against bacteria
  • Always wash your hands after touching animals, their food, toys, or litter
  • Always wash your hands after handling trash

Don’t touch your face with dirty hands

Last, but not least, keep your hands away from your face if they’re not washed and disinfected. You might not realize how many times you actually touch your mouth, nose, or eyes per day with dirty hands. It’s the main reason why people get germs into their bodies. Therefore, make sure that you properly wash your hands for 20 seconds, with warm water and soap.

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