Huntsville AL Own Barbara Stokes is Making an Impact with Her Philanthropic Endeavors

Green Structure Homes of Alabama recently announced a significant donation to the Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. Over $100,000 in building supplies were given to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County in hopes that it will contribute to their efforts of eliminating poverty driven housing issues in Madison County. Habitat for Humanity is known for their grassroots gumption when it comes to making the basic necessity of shelter available to those in need. Habitat for Humanity of Madison County not only raises awareness of the need for affordable housing around Huntsville, AL but they also take daily action to bring an end to homelessness. GSH of Alabama is proud to be able to contribute to Habitat for Humanity of Madison County’s efforts.

GSH of Huntsville Alabama

GSH of Alabama is no stranger to combating homelessness but under different circumstances than Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. GSH of Alabama is an innovative Disaster Relief Contractor that is dedicated to rebuilding areas affected by natural disasters. Founded in 2008 by Barbara Stokes, GSH of Alabama uses state-of-the-art in-house designing, engineering, and manufacturing to provide relief after catastrophic events rock the country.

Madison County Needs

Hurricane Harvey largely missed Madison County aside from a significant downpour, although the county still struggles to shelter those in need. Roughly 40% of Madison County families that make less than $48,000 a year pay 50% or more of their annual income on housing. Socio-economic situations such as these show that we are struggling to provide for the weakest amongst us. Habitat for Humanity is proactively addressing these needs and has thus far built 204 houses for Madison County families in need.

Habitat for Humanity

This non-profit organization counts on the donations by the community and thousands of volunteers to achieve their mission of creating affordable housing for those in need. Habitat for Humanity works with clients to provide affordable and stable housing opportunities. The homes are not free but offered to clients at a reduced rate. Clients pay a monthly mortgage at 0% interest to pay for the building costs of the homes. Client’s are also encouraged to contribute to the building of their homes joining countless volunteers in the building process.

GSH of Alabama’s Contribution

Habitat for Humanity of Madison County will be able to offer a reduced rate to their clients for building materials as GSH of Alabama donated over 1,000 sheets of Drywall, a truckload of Hardie Fascia, and over 80,000 square feet of Linoleum flooring. “GSH is thrilled these materials are going to good use,” said Barbara J. Stokes, Chief Executive Officer. “Habitat for Humanity does excellent work here in the Huntsville area, and we are proud to help support their mission.” Habitat for Humanity of Madison County plans on building eight new homes in 2018, and these donated materials are sure to help them achieve this noteworthy goal.

GSH of Alabama’s Culture of Caring

GSH of Alabama was founded by Barbara and Scott Stokes to help address an array of disaster relief needs to government and private sector customers. By utilizing proprietary state-of-the-art design, engineering, and manufacturing techniques, GSH of Alabama is building homes, not houses. Success at GSH of Alabama is not measured in dollars and cents but the impact they have on the communities they serve. Barbara Stokes recently commented, “I believe that family, culture, and friendship all play significant roles in developing a successful person, and I try to support those points both in our culture at GSH and in my own home.”

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