Can you Watch Beastly in the United States? Understanding the Laws and Confusion

Beastly, often confused with bestiality, refers to extreme violence and cruelty towards animals, which can include activities such as forcing animals to fight or beating them for entertainment purposes. This article will delve into the intricate details of the law surrounding beastly and its offshoots, particularly focusing on the legality of watching beastly in the US.

So, is watching Beastly illegal in US?

What Constitutes Beastly?

Beastly is an extreme form of animal cruelty that involves subjecting animals to physical and mental abuse. This can range from forcing animals to fight to killing them for entertainment purposes. Beastly is illegal in most countries, including the US. Animal fighting is prohibited in similar fashion like extreme pornography. Sometimes, it is a form of animal porn.

The Legal Perspective on Beastly

In the United States, bestiality is considered a misdemeanor under California Penal Code 286.5 (PC), which is part of the state’s broader animal abuse laws. Anyone accused of this crime should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney.

Is Bestiality a Felony?

Contrary to popular belief, bestiality is not a felony but a misdemeanor, punishable under California’s animal abuse laws. If someone sexually assaults an animal for sexual arousal or gratification, they can face up to six months in jail. Additional charges of animal abuse may increase the penalty.

Bestiality Convictions and Sex Offender Registration

Bestiality is considered a subsection of California’s animal abuse statutes and is not technically a sex crime. Therefore, a conviction does not require registration as a sex offender.

Fighting Bestiality Charges

Defending against charges like animal cruelty or bestiality can be challenging due to societal love for animals and the difficulty in maintaining an unbiased jury. A defense lawyer plays a crucial role in reminding the jury about their duty of impartiality, irrespective of their personal feelings about the crime.

Is Watching Beastly Illegal in California?

Interestingly, it is not illegal to watch pornography depicting bestiality in California and under federal law. The only US state to have a law against watching pornography depicting sex acts with an animal is Oregon. However, the production of such animal porn content must adhere to other laws, meaning all human participants must be over 18 years of age.

Legal Consequences of Watching Beastly

There are severe legal repercussions for those caught watching or participating in beastly activities. Penalties vary by country but can include jail time, fines, and even community service. In some jurisdictions, watching beastly can lead to a lifetime ban from owning or working with animals.

Public Reaction to Beastly Activities

In addition to legal penalties, those involved in beastly activities may face public shaming and social ostracism from the humane society. Animal rights activists and other organizations may also boycott individuals found guilty of beastly.

Beastly and the Link to Violence

Recent research has shown a potential link between beastly and interpersonal violence, known as the Link. This concept has served as a major motivation for new legislation criminalizing bestiality, modernizing old state statutes, and expanding penalties for individuals convicted of having sex with animals. Pornographic material depicting animals is considered an extreme pornographic image.

The Current State of Bestiality Law in the US

As of now, all states except New Mexico and West Virginia have statutes imposing sanctions for sexual acts with animals. Twenty-three states impose a misdemeanor, 25 impose a felony, and many states now have felony enhancements for specific sexual acts.

The Misunderstanding of the Term

Beastly is a 2011 American romantic fantasy drama loosely based on Alex Flinn’s 2007 novel of the same name. It is a fairy tale of sorts.

The plot says, “When Kyle, an arrogant student, humiliates Kendra, she puts a curse on him, which transforms him into a beast. To revert to his human Form, Kyle needs to find his true love within a year”. It is somewhat similar to the Disney tale of The Beauty and the Beast.

The movie is available for purchase on AMC on Demand, Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, and more.

So, while there are Bestiality laws in the United States, the movie is available for watching.


Watching beastly is illegal in many countries, including the US, and can have severe consequences. It’s crucial to remember that animal cruelty is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. If you are aware of any beastly activities, it is important to report them to the authorities.

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